Easy THANKSGIVING DINNER Recipes // How to COOK Thanksgiving Dinner

Easy THANKSGIVING DINNER Recipes // How to COOK Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we are making Thanksgiving dinner I am so excited I love Thanksgiving dinner it is
so delicious so I wanted to show you all of my recipes it’s pretty much homemade I guess semi-homemade as it would be so I like laying out all of my recipes and
grabbing all of my ingredients and setting them all out so I can just boom
boom boom boom boom get it done while the turkey is going so last night I went ahead and got the turkey all marinated and everything so let me show you all the ingredients I use for that I actually use this recipe from a long
long time ago I probably got it out of a newspaper I don’t know like 10-15 years
ago really and anyway I’ve been using it it’s really really good it keeps the turkey nice and moist this is just the recipe that I have always used well
except for a few years ago I tried a new recipe if you missed that video I will
link that down below you can check that out so I also like to line up everything
that I need to do in order so obviously before we start making the turkey we got
to make the stuffing so we’re gonna do that first and then things that need to
be cold like the pie or the cranberry sauce and all of that you know just do
it in order and make your life a little bit easier so I hope you enjoy our
Thanksgiving dinner recipes go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the
links down below be sure to share this video with all of your friends let’s make Thanksgiving dinner today I like using chicken broth with my stuffing instead of water because it just adds that extra bit of flavor and I got Kerry gold the good butter I actually have a story about why I use stovetop because I had a friend who made her own homemade stuffing and it was so delicious but
guess what? it was a lot of work and it tasted just like stovetop so I just stick with stovetop so I got my turkey out from last night and I’m just gonna
transfer it into a new bag and it’s kind of nice because those oven bags come
with two so it’s just perfect and we’re just gonna baste a little bit of this guy and put the stuffing in there I also use my roaster instead of my oven and there’s an actual good reason for that because you’re gonna need your oven you need your oven space you can’t just have that
turkey taking up all the space in there so we’re gonna set this to 325 for
whatever pounds you get just find your time on the package we also like making deviled eggs so I’m gonna get those all boiled up so they can cool off in the fridge and I got my pie crust here so this is obviously not homemade but it makes it a lot easier so we’re just gonna press it into our pie pan we’re gonna do a little egg wash on it
so that it gets a good crust so the pie filling doesn’t get it all soggy so for the pie we need one that can of pumpkin puree one can of condensed milk
2 eggs and some pumpkin pie spice very simple so just throw that all together
and mix it on up throw your pie crust in the oven
according to the directions for whatever kind you get and then we’re gonna pour
in our pie filling and we’re gonna put it in the oven at 425 for 15 minutes and then 350 for another 40 to 45 minutes don’t forget to baste your bird I like cutting a little hole in the bag so I can get my baster in there and then put all the nice juices all over this baby I got about a 13 pound turkey this year
since it was just the four of us so it worked out really nice we’re making our own cranberry sauce we
need cranberries honey orange juice and some cinnamon and a little bit of sugar we’re just gonna throw this in the instant pot actually so that again we can keep
our stove and our oven clear I love my sliding measuring cup this thing is so
awesome with baking for like honey and peanut butter and any of those sticky things that are just so hard to get out of measuring cups so this is actually a new recipe for me I have not made my own cranberry sauce especially in the instant
pot because that’s actually kind of new but we’re gonna set this that pressure cook for eight minutes and we’re gonna let it slowly release itself now I’m just kind of mixing it up and I want to squish my cranberries I don’t like it to be too chunky but you don’t have to if you like it chunky monkey that’s fine so this actually did come out a little bit runnier than I was hoping it’s supposed to thicken up as it cools but it didn’t totally so I think maybe next time I might add some cornstarch to get it to thicken up a little bit more I’m just gonna throw this in the fridge and let it cool off don’t forget to baste again I like to baste every like 15-20 minutes to get it nice and juicy alright our pie is ready I’m just gonna stick a knife in here just to make sure and as long as your knife comes out
clean then you are ready we’re making our own buns this year so we need some
milk flour some yeast honey sugar and some butter and a little bit of salt one cup of milk and heat it up in the microwave to about 100 degrees and so I just did 30 seconds and we’re gonna throw our yeast in here cover it up and let it bubble up for you while we’re waiting on the yeast
activate let’s get some dishes done now we’re gonna make the green bean
casserole I like putting asparagus in there too it gives it a good flavor but I don’t know if you know this trick or not but if you grab the asparagus and just snap it where it snaps that is exactly where it is ripe so then you
just break up to the rest of them now I now I got fresh green beans here so we’re just
gonna snip the ends and break them up into good sized pieces rinse off all your veggies and we’re
gonna throw them here in my steamer pot I love this thing I don’t even know
where I got I’ve had it for years we’re not gonna steam the vegetables for very
long because I like them to be a little bit crisper and plus they will be absorbing some of the yummy goodness that we put in it so I don’t want them to be all soggy and while that’s going we’re gonna baste again okay looks like my yeast is all bubbly
so we’re going to complete our buns just combine all of your ingredients and throw it in your mixer with the hook attachment and let the mixer do its job I’ll link all the tools that I use down below so you can check them out and get one for yourself we’re going to start off a little bit low so the flour
doesn’t go flying everywhere but we’re gonna work our way up to medium speed you’ll know your dough is ready when it
pretty much cleans the bowl off for you okay that didn’t take very long I’m just
gonna poke these guys here and see how tender they are and yeah that’s about
right after that nice bright green just work your dough a little bit on
your countertop and we’re going to fold it into a nice rectangle so we can cut this into twelve pieces roll up into little balls try to keep
them around the same size so I’m like picking bits off or putting extra bits
on to make them the same size so they all bake evenly this is actually a new recipe for me this year I’m really excited because we’re actually going to bake them in the crock pot again leaving our oven ready for anything that I need to put in there get some parchment paper and line your crock pot and then throw all your buns in there just not touching a little bit because they’re gonna rise a little bit we’re gonna set our crock-pot on high for 90 minutes here’s all the goo for the green bean casserole so I have the two cream of bacons because we don’t do mushrooms and I got some buttermilk
ranch dip mix some cheddar cheese bacon and these crispy fried onions we’re just gonna mix it all together in this big ol bowl and throw it in our casserole dish I am just prepping this right now so I’m
not gonna put the fried onions on top because I don’t want them to get all soggy so I’m just gonna throw the lid on here and throw it in the fridge until it’s time to bake I do like to clean the edges of my casserole dishes so it makes for kind of easier cleanup without all that thin yuckiness just burning on there baste the bird this is my cheesy potato casserole we’re
gonna use the bag of hashbrowns a bag of shredded cheddar two cans of cream of chicken one tub of sour cream and a little bit of diced green chilies we’re just gonna throw this all together little salt and pepper in there and put it in our casserole dish whoo these buns are looking good so obviously it’s not going to get brown on top since it was in the crock-pot but we’re gonna butter the tops and throw this in the oven on broil for about 1 or 2 minutes until it gets a little bit golden brown on top now we’re gonna put the potato casserole in that is gonna be for one hour so while that’s going I’m going to cook up the sausage I like putting sausage in my stuffing while that’s going we’re gonna baste the
bird it’s looking golden brown now guys I’m gonna do more dishes hubby just got home so he can start
helping out I’m so excited that he can help but a lot of it got done anyway he’s gonna make the deviled eggs he’s really good at it they may not be the most gorgeous things but they’re delicious I got those fried onions on
the green bean casserole because I’m gonna put that in here soon but with the eggs he put mustard mayonnaise some pesto and some bacon bits so super yummy very flavorful I just put the green bean casserole in so
that’ll go in for 30 minutes we left some of the eggs just plain for
the kids so they’ll actually eat some and here’s my second round of stuffing I do like to make two packages of stuffing I have one in the bird and we’re gonna
make another one mix it with the sausage and we’re gonna mix them all together because the stuffing in the bird obviously is a lot more moist so I like to mix together too to make it kind of even itself out I suppose oh look at that turkey it’s all ready it’s always a team effort to get the
turkey out but it looks really really good scoop out the stuffing here so I can mix it with my new stuffing and the sausage what a feast I am so excited everything smells amazing looks amazing came out just like I thought I love it alright guys we made Thanksgiving everything looks so amazing everything smells amazing I can’t wait to dive in and make a plate yeah that was a long day of cooking but it’s all worth it so I hope you enjoyed all of these recipes I will link them and or type them if
they’re one of my recipes down below and you can give them a try and let me know if you try these recipes this Thanksgiving and yeah I have been using
these recipes for a long time some of them are new some of them were not but ah yeah now we get to feast so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below be sure to check out those
videos I picked out just for you Happy Thanksgiving and I will see you
next time

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