Eating birthday cake off a conveyor belt

Eating birthday cake off a conveyor belt

it’s birthday I’m 28 it was just such a great number because it’s the atomic mass of silicon the number of dominoes in a standard Domino set 28 days is curing time of concrete and also the length of the average menstrual cycle so I’m really excited about that I feel like I’ve made period jokes in every video recently we need to put an end to it period we have some expired birthday cakes and a conveyor belt and also I accidentally fried the circuit of the conveyor belt so I’m just gonna show you it it’s run by a drill so yeah we’re just gonna eat some birthday cake on a conveyor belt it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be glorious I’m taking the day off and this is how I’m treating myself also I feel like I should get my phone out of this because it’s gonna be messy maybe should I plop down I want to be like cake height I’m sitting on a box of Lucroy this is actually nice and some because it makes me feel more like a birthday kid because you’re always like short let’s just do it oh oh so gross and I think we need to put it closer to the edge I kind of scrape my chin on that of this would stand [Music] [Music] I wore beautiful on me it’s our last cake okay cool oh no I did the mistake of lighting the candles closest to your first kind of fun oh it’s not [Music] phooey can I eat the berries no they’ve been on the floor only a little bit by the way thanks everybody who have supported the everyday calendar on Kickstarter we got funded in I think 31 minutes which is just crazy and we read like over 1200 percent funded right now the campaign is open until November 22nd also did I mention that it’s my birthday today this might be the only time where you can get somebody a birthday present by buying something for yourself so I’m just saying happy birthday whenever it’s your birthday you’re doing great and I’m proud of you okay bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “Eating birthday cake off a conveyor belt

  1. Wait 'till you're 29… after that you'll always be 29…
    Great video! I love how you always seem to sorta "torture" yourself… makes me smile every time!!!

  2. It's funny,, I was listening to "King of Pain" by the Police while watching this video. Seemed to be a perfect match.

  3. This was confection. Wait until you reach 30, the age at which you gain a new understanding of time, and can have a new existential crisis (according to Camus). The cake is a truth. Happy Birthday!

  4. You are an abolute DORK @Simone Giertz. Honestly? loved this video the most because of how remarkably hilarious it all was. Happy birthday, and merry christmas/happy new year 😛

  5. There are ways to put an end to the period, but for a small variety of reasons it’s just not appropriate to get into it in any level of detail.

  6. I just want to say that your videos bring me so much joy. When i'm stressed or upset or whatever negative emotion i can always smile at this

  7. It would also be cool to line up bite size pieces of cake on the conveyor belt and you eat them one at a time as they go marching by. Happy birthday. I also had a birthday last year.

  8. Too bad you can’t go to mars because the person who will be going to mars is in middle school right now lmao

    Sorry I just ruined your dream dammit

  9. For a minute there I thought we were gonna have an example of having your cake but not eating it too. Glad it worked out.

  10. I actually ran away from my computer laughing when the cake sped up super rapidly the first time. (RAL – like rofl but Running Away Laughing?)

  11. Important public service message: remember NOT to slam anyone's face into their birthday cake because of eye injuries from the candles.

  12. Simone Giertz! Marry Me!!! I am 3 days older than you. 10/30/90. Anyways keep being a bad ass. You inspire me. God bless

  13. Wait, this is all backwards! The cake goes on the stand, and Simone rides the conveyor belt! Simone —-> cake —> Happy Birthday! Brilliant!

  14. Happy late birthday i only started to watch today and you seem extremely nice and goofy a perfect channel in my opinion your just like me goofy and smart but mostly goofy

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