Eating During Labor! Why they say you can’t and why you can!

Eating During Labor! Why they say you can’t and why you can!

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In one of our videos, we talked about all of the reasons why
someone might choose a home birth because we had done a study up here or
put it here or put it there. We had asked everybody in our group, we
have an amazing Facebook group of moms, Called Well Rounded Mommas and we
had done a study asking why they, if they chose home birth, why they chose a home birth and being
able to eat was like one of the top on the list on the list. I thought we’d start by talking
about why do women want to eat labor. Cause it’s exhausting to give
birth and you need energy. Yeah, right. So they did a study where they measured
what the caloric output was of a woman who went through an average labor
and they said the caloric output was equivalent to a 50 mile hike. I’ve never hiked 50 miles in my
life, but I have given birth at home. So that’s got to count. I can’t imagine being in
labor and not wanting it. And so it’s not like as midwives
we like forced him in to eat, but if they eat we’re like eat and it’s
not like they want a full meal,. No, it’s not like people are like, I’m
going to go eat Thanksgiving dinner, mid labor. Like nobody wants
that. Like last week. Like what? What are they going to do? So that’s
why women want to get, and laborers, because sometimes they get hella hungry,
hella hungry. And in the hospitals, a lot of times they let them have
ice chips and they’ll be like, you can have ice chips. And I’m like, well they want a glass of water and
they’ll be like ice chips. I’m like, so basic science class,
ice dissolves into water, when it reaches body temperature. So if I take ice chips and I set them
on the table for a little while and it turns into water, can they no longer
drinking. I’ve had nurses be like, I’ll get you to more ice
chips. Oh my gosh, stop. Tori, tell us why hospitals don’t
allow women to eat in labor. So there is a very, very, very minimal risk that you would
need a general anesthesia C-section. So most women who need a Csection get a
spinal or their epidural is dosed with the proper amount of medication to
get them through a C-section. However, in very rare circumstances, A mom might need to be put to sleep with
general anesthesia and then there is an extremely minimal risk that a
mom could possibly aspirate. In that situation, I have numbers. What had happened, Tori went and looked it up so we’re not
giving you false information. However, she found some information. we will links some stuff in
the comments below somewhere. Somebody’s going to link something for us. In 2015 during the
anesthesiology conference, they came out and stated that for mostly
healthy women they can skip fasting and in fact would benefit from
eating a light meal during labor. And that the research being presented
during this conference supports that we should maybe listen to anesthesiologist
who are in charge of putting women to sleep. But AGOC has a
different opinion. AGOC, uh, recommends that low risk people
avoid eating food and drink during labor, um, and should be
confined to clear liquids. However they do state that they should
be allowed to drink water, sports, drinks, black coffee, tea and soda. That’s all considered clear liquids. Oh, so you can drink soda according to ACOG. And I think it does get really confusing
as to the difference between hospital policy, a doctors policy, the anesthesiologists policy. And so they all work
under different entities, kind of like they all have their own
things that their own boundaries, they set things they are willing
to do or aren’t willing to do. And I feel like it’s hard when you’re
in a hospital because I feel like each entity kind of blamed the other
entity for why it’s not happening. So it’s really hard to get a
clear and concise answer. Um, it drives me a little crazy because, um, the terms hospital policy
get thrown around a lot
whereas there’s actually not a lot of hospital policy. It’s a lot of like nurses knowing what
a physician prefers or doesn’t prefer. And so, um, I think you can ask to
see policy. In this particular case, the reason this policy was implemented
is was an anesthesiologist policy. Um, it was certain things that they requested
and I asked recently cause I serve on one of the boards and one of the hospitals
here in the last meeting that we did, that was a question that I asked because
this hospital wants to see more natural birthing moms and um, one of their policies is currently still
that they don’t allow women to eat in labor. When I asked the
head of the unit, uh, what her thoughts were on why that wasn’t
happening at this hospital and other places in the Valley, she’s like, well, doctors just like doing things
the way that they’ve always done. It’s just always the way
that things have been done. And she felt like there were
bigger fights to be had. Right. So if it was in the skin that that was
more important than eating in labor. However, I personally believe that the number one
reason we see women not have a natural childbirth, whether in the
hospital, at home is fatigue. I would say it’s the number
one reason we have a transport. It’s the number one reason
we have a stalled labor. And a lot of times if I can
get a woman to eat something, even if she doesn’t feel like eating, if I can go make her some toast or cut
up some food or even like a spoonful of honey, even like, yeah, it goes a long way because your glucose
drops to a very dangerously low point. At some point in your body, your contractions will stop and you’ll
just be too tired to have strong enough contractions that are actually doing
something to create dilation or effacement or wherever you are in your labor. And so I think eating and labor is so
crucial because you’re keeping that glucose index in a place that’s
healthy. And as far as like hydration, when you go to a hospital, that’s
where you’re hooked up to an Iv. But the nurses where I’m like, my mom
just wants to see it. And they were like, well we can just give her
electrolytes by IV. And I’m like, or we could just let her eat because
the same thing you’re ingesting in your mouth, it’s the same thing
you’d have in an IV bag. It’s the same and so so long as you have
women in labor drinking and not getting dehydrated because dehydration causes
those same effects that I talked about when it comes to not eating. Like
if you don’t eat, you get fatigued. If you don’t drink, you get dehydrated and your body
doesn’t function properly either. And so staying hydrated is extremely
important and then keeping some kind of semblance of glucose in your body, especially if you’re in labor
for long periods of time. Um, and so if you are desiring
food, eating small amounts, it’s not like women want an entire
meal. At home its Why we let women eat, we follow evidence-based information, which is really important to us and
the evidence supports women eating, drinking in labor. If thats something that you choose to do
and evidence based birth is where I got from some of these studies
and statistics to um, as well as directly from ACOG and the
anesthesiologist conference links, evidence based birth has some really
great information about how we got to having NPO. No food by mouth. Why we
did it back then, anesthesiologists, um, the anesthesia we were
using was a lot less safe now. Well they were doing like the Twilight
sleep. Yeah, exactly. Yep. Exactly. Moving forward. We have
a lot better science. We have a lot better medications our
anesthesiologists know what to do. Honestly in the event of an aspiration.
Like they would save your life. Like they know how to treat aspirations
well and that’s I think our biggest argument is a lot of times where like
a woman come come on off the street and you would have to take care of her and
she could have just had like steak, steak, dinner and you would, you would
care for her. Can you eat and labor. Yeah. If someone tells you you can’t, maybe you should further that topic
of conversation and find out why. You should be able to
eat whatever you want. So thanks for joining us.
Hopefully you found that helpful. Hopefully you go annoy some people now
with this desire to eat and labor and we will hear all about it
in your comments below. We want to hear your story of how you
are able to get them to let you eat in labor. So like subscribe, ring the bell. We look forward to seeing or
hearing from you next week. Duces. Maybe I wanted a Turkey leg. You could
eat a turkey leg, but you didn’t. You threw up one strawberry. I know I
threw up one strawberry in my barf bowl. In your barf bowl. Tori ate some of my plant based queso
and she’s allergic to nuts and there was cashews so my mouth is like swollen and
on fire so don’t mind me while I eat this Benadryl, I could resuscitate her if needs be
though I have an epi pen my birth bag so I’m keep clearing my throat cause
I’m still kinda dying a little bit. My cute client came in today and was like, I watched your video and you
call yourself a Sasquatch. I literally snorted food out my nose. Good job. Okay, got it.

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  1. crazy you would not be allowed to eat during labor if you want to especially since the reasons for not have been solved years ago. ugh

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