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  1. I'm glad most of your animations are still in black and white. Adding color ruins the whole feel of it for me. Great choice of music!

  2. I played the game got up into the 70s and got stuck on a hard level I’ve replayed it loads of times and have come to the conclusion you can’t beat it unless you use power ups. Now I understand you wish to make lots of money so making players need to buy things works out for you but I’d happily watch adverts to earn them like I can when I run out of lives but as I can’t I’ll never get passed this level as I won’t spend real money on a virtual item that will vanish in seconds. Also the wait timers on playing for keys is ridiculous as you actually have me stopping playing the game for six hours before I can progress I honestly don’t understand as I would have thought the more I’m playing and seeing ads the more money you’d get. Anyway I’ve now uninstalled the game which is a shame because I enjoyed playing it but as I can’t play anymore I’m not going to keep it

  3. My cat learned that we refill her dry food bowl whenever we can see the bottom of the bowl, so she shifts her food around so you can see the bottom while it's still mostly full. She also acts like no one gave her dinner so that anyone who didn't feed her thinks she's still hungry. She's really good at it we need to get a sign to put up when she's been fed. Oh and she goes in and out of the house multiple times but only at night because she knows she gets a treat when she comes in for the night.

  4. Hello, I'm from Russia, but I really like Simon's cat. I write this with the help of a Google translator, because I do not know much English, but I adore you in Sayman. I wish you success

  5. I got a kitten for Christmas and I'm just now starting to get him to eat cat food but I can't get him to stop climbing up my leg when I'm Making myself food

  6. I would have thought the kitten was the messy eater from all the skits where he gets good on his face! Or at least the clumsy one lol

  7. Hmm. One of my cats sits at the kibble bowl, and refuses to eat until you pet her. If you stop, she stops, until she's had sufficient pettings to continue to eat solo.

    I'm not sure if it's a request for permission to eat, or eating is uncomfortable, and she needs a distraction. We're told she has sensitive teeth.

    The other will eat anything, except wet cat food. He'll lick the gravy, or jelly off, and spits out the meat. If we don't let him do that, he doesn't drink enough fluid, and gets blood in his pee from dehydration. Such a wasteful cat. 🙁 The new cat soups are good, but expensive, and he still tends to leave the solid bits. <sigh>

  8. I remember our year four teacher showing us your animations when we were good. You're still one of my favourite youtubers!


    I havent tried it but my mom got an ad for it on her phone and i was like: "OMG, MOOOOM!! THAT CAT IS FAMOUS!!" Hehe… Yeah, im dramatic sometimes…

  10. Eyyy Simon, i have a idea! You should add this, when open the captions, you can see the engsub of the cat. Like: i open the captions, then when the cat Said "meow!" It will engsub to "feed me!" Isn't it cool?

  11. How come we never get to see Jazz, Maisy, Rumble, etc. in Simon’s Cat? I’ve seen The Kitten, Chloe, and Simon’s Cat.

  12. There is a feeding ritual: Lucas and YumYum eat from one dish on the floor. Kissy eats from her own plate because she's the little one and, if she didn't eat separately, her brother and sister would push her away. There are fish cookies available for all.

  13. Is there anyone that can explain the scoring system of this game? Are there any strategies that one can suggest? I’m at level 53 and having difficulty.

  14. Eating Stereotypes********************************************************************************** also im way too in r/woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

  15. Please be informative and turn that bag of dried cat food around to look at the ingredients. The front is marketed to the humans, not to cats. Cats are obligate carnivores and all dry food has very little animal protein in it. The big pet food companies want you to think they have protein, but if you research each ingredient you will learn the truth. If you can, only feed quality canned food, but any canned is better than dry. It looks like Simon only feed's canned, which I applaud him. Thanks Simon!

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