Eating Juicy Red Apple – ASMR Dining

Eating Juicy Red Apple – ASMR Dining

hi this is trip welcome to my channel
about people to subscribe and help you’ll watch videos and feel free to
comment to tell us about apples healthy apples you know there’s a saying that
apple a day keeps the doctor away and I think that came from from Wales which is
to the west of england that’s wal yes of course a lot of other sayings come from
my based on that boats you know I go in German I remember do you up for felt an
itch divided falling down twitching I hope I said that correctly I’m sure the
German watchers will let me know please do and that means that in English the
apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree it’s kind of like a you know like
he’s a chip off the old block like father like son
that’s where that comes from I’m trying to time these videos better is this
thing working I have to slam it on the floor bunch of
times to get it started you can hear it right I know it sounds good everything tires mining the clock
forward it’s so broken it didn’t even maybe this is a bad idea
anyhow okay still why am I headed thunders Picaro site learning how how
this works now the the Yeti works and all the apples I think came originally
from Turkey they different eastern Turkey or that’s the center of the of
the genus for the for many of the apples they came to North America by the
colonists in the seventeen maybe the 1700s and apples of course at an
important place in many the histories of of different cultures for instance in in
ancient Norse and Germanic mythology and Greek mythology they found in north and
north ship some years ago at the bottom of the sea which was with with barrels
of of apples so that they were sin taking him maybe to the to the gods or
something I don’t know so apples are also symbolic as the brick
didn’t fruit in the the Christian Bible the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve Eve
offering out him the yeah take it baby it’s alright fuck could possibly go
wrong well of course they were exiled from Eden Aphrodite the apple apples in
ancient Greece were sacred to Aphrodite I guess she’s the God of love and in
ancient Greece if you threw an apple at somebody that was to declare your love
afford them and if they threw the Apple back to you and you caught it that meant
that you accept they accept their gift of love like everything else the
honeybees pollinate the apples and that’s why I concerns me when I when I
hear and read about some of the bees dying dying off we literally oh so much
to them but our very lives so many foods that they do have a part in pollinating
and growing up in a in a rural area I remember some some farmers who actually
rent beekeepers and bees weren’t bees and beekeepers to pet them out by that
eels to pollinate certain crops but I can’t remember which one’s it was this sample actually is produced in the
u.s. about half of the apples come from half of the apples come from China I
don’t have many of those we get better they do produce so many of them so many
wonderful things from the apples like like a apple crumb pie which I first
tasted when I was in you know in England in London one of the little pups apple
crumb pie and I left us so much so when I came back to the States
I mentioned it to my mother and she fixed an apple crumb pie she knew
nothing about it had never even heard of it and she fixed it and it was just so
delicious there’s also other things like apple
pies siders and delicious apple turnovers sometimes I couldn’t to buy a
turnover and an Apple turnover to have it for the way by dining videos but
anyway why do I have so many ice cubes it’s just good ol healthy filtered water
well because I’m also on water restriction as of a few months ago it’s
because see what was it this time my potassium is too too high you know so
that doctor said trip this can kill you you can have a stroke if your potassium
gets too high and then a month later and after another blood test drip your
sodium is too low it can kill you if it’s too low I thought it was always
good for sodium to be low and not high but I was wrong
thing thank God that we have doctors there’s so much about all of this but
sometimes in this game kind of confusing as you know it’s good to stay
something’s bad the next day good the next the next year bad the next year this is a good Apple see that clip on it
from my head mr. Apple head there’s the little seed in the middle
honor isn’t an amazing or how life is I’m a very slow eater okay so juicy
Apple how to eat he’ll my healthy mouth half the time dr. customers I like smaller pieces show
you those a hatred outside of the setting that United States maybe they
have them at the North I don’t know I wish you were here to enjoy this with me it was a bunch of money but the computer
was seven years old anyway bit my tongue Apple your help all set up put a lot of ice into the
glass the ice takes takes longer to melt which kind of forces me to deprive
myself of of water you know I was drinking a lot of water to be healthy
and for many many years until just with you and that’s ago I found out that one
way to keep your sodium talent is to get this return glass of water
I can’t even no order I want isn’t that sad you know you’ve got issues when you
can’t even drink all the water that you want thank goodness I’m still not working on
the farm in the heat to work outside that’s one thing we get to a certain age
like will you can be a little silly then not working I need to get used to not
wearing days but it sounds so good to wear them my your headphones are a
little big maybe I should get some maybe I’ll get something smaller like a little
earbud things right the little headsets that I see that is just where existing working still such a good juicy
Apple how life is
you’re just a delicious beautiful fruit that’s enclosed with a little skin
hydrated skin I think I’ve kind of dude I had bones on I’ve used to kind of a
security blanket it’s very psychological I’ve kept you long enough
yep you’ll go out and find a nice delicious apple it’s so juicy and red
and sweet you can enjoy it just like this one I’ll finish the servin there’s
such a beautiful daya I think maybe I need to go outside and cut the grass or
do some edging or something so this is trip I hope you’ll subscribe watch
videos feel free to comment and I wish you peace again

26 thoughts on “Eating Juicy Red Apple – ASMR Dining

  1. Hey Trippe! I love apples too! Just bought a bag of Honeycrisp apples today. Those are my favorite. I live in North Carolina and we have apple festivals in the mountains in the fall every year. I am a Christian and I love hearing you talk about the Bible and make references to Christian stories. I enjoy your channel so much! You should get a PO Box so we could send you fan mail and gifts! 💙Megan

  2. Hello again I comment a lot you made me hungry for a green apple 🍏 now I went to the kroger store just for one apple

  3. it was nearly perfect, it’s “Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm.” (‘stamm’ is the trunk of the tree and ‘baum’ is the tree itself) 🌳🍎 🙂

  4. thank you for all the great consistent uploads!!! its really helping me with all the tests ive had lately!!!

  5. Hello again Trippe! Love apples. Some of my favorite fruit, next to bananas. 😄 Also when the timer went off, I laughed way too hard. 😆 Thanks for the laugh and the ASMR! Amazing video.

  6. Great video Trippe! Maybe you could get a small desk clock so you can still keep track of the time – but wouldn't have to worry about the timer ringing? Just a thought.
    Keep on making videos!

  7. hey trippe you could invest in a mic stand of some sort so you wouldn’t have to worry about bumping it on your table or moving food around to make room for everything

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