[Kill’em FTW] – Yo, it’s
your boy, Kill’em FTW, I always come for the win, and you’re watching me, Kill’em FTW! Whoo! (laughs) This thing is crazy,
I cannot believe this. I can’t just show it you, you gotta see how it were made, let’s
go back to the beginning. Oh, so I’m on my way
to the shop right now, I’ve got an awesome idea for a challenge. I’m not going to say what it is yet, but all I know, is i need
to buy a lot of Babybel, Babybel, let’s go! (upbeat, chill music) Ahh. Ooh! Oops, we’ve spilt!
We spilt, we spilt. Uh-oh. Oh, no, no, no. (laughs) (upbeat, chill music) I’ve got my Babybel cheese,
let’s go home and do this thing! What I plan to do, is eat
all of the Babybel cheese, of course, get the wax coatings from them, and then mold them on to my face, melt the worlds largest gummy bear, into the molding of my face, let it dry, and then I should have a nice big jelly replica Kill’em
FTW face to eat! (laughs) I don’t know where the
hell I think of this stuff! I’m going, I’m going, gotta
go, we’re low batter, bye! (chill, upbeat music) It’s the sound a train going past! (train whirs) Really fast! (laughs) Jesus, where’s my sunglasses gone? What the hell, where did they go? Look at that, stream! (chill, upbeat music) So I’m thinking about starting my own gaming channel, I’ve already got a second channel,
but I just don’t use it, have not used it for months, it’s just sat there, not doing anything, it’s got 30,000 subscribers on there. I used to do vlogs on there, but I moved vlogs onto this main channel now, so I’m thinking of just
turning that into a gaming one! What do you think? Let me
know in the comments below. If you wanna see Kill’em FTW gamin’, put it in the comments below. I wanna see gaming. (laughs) (chill, upbeat music) (bag unzips) If this works, I will be amazed. Let’s start opening some Babybel. (heavy metal rock music) Ahhh! A bowl full of cheese,
a bowl full of rubbish, and a bowl full of wax. So I now have to just,
crush all this together, make like a ball or wax, and then just start putting it all over my face, to make like, a template! (chill, upbeat music) So the wax is really thick, so we’re going to melt the wax, and then I think it’s best to
just pour it on my face, let it completely dry, and then hopefully peel it off, all in one, so we’ve got like a shell of my face, made out of wax! (wax thuds) (chill upbeat music) (laughter) I’m gonna lay down flat on the floor, pour the wax on my face,
and this’ll catch it, and then it will set, hopefully! I don’t know if it’s gonna work. The wax finally melted, took awhile. Look what we’ve got there. Gotta be quick before
this sets again, lets go! (dramatic choral music) I’m ready! (hip hop music) [Woman] – I think it can work, but I need way more candle wax, and you need to stay like this, and then I need to organize some more wax now. – (muffled) Okay. (breathing through funnel) [Woman] – Is it too warm? – Yeah. (farting noise) Ohhh! [Woman] – No! Oh, God! – Uhhh! So that was the
biggest fail, in history. I’m so tired. I’ve just found out that it is impossible to get wel, welted max? What the hell. Melted wax off of everything,
pots, pans, cookery, me. So anyway, I’m going to call around now, I’ve got another idea for tomorrow, gonna go to the shop, uhhh! I’m not calling that the end yet. I’m not going to fail this challenge! This is gonna be the best challenge ever! (laughs) So I’ll see you tomorrow.
Bedtime! Night-night. Okay, it’s the next morning. (groans) Let’s go buy some stuff. Bye! (fast paced techno music) (cashier speaks in foreign language) (groans) So, ooh, and that’s a bit close! So, I’ve got these things,
it’s like a plaster! You unroll it, put it on
your face, and then it sets. I got three rolls, I’m
not sure if that’s enough, so I got the girlfriend
going in to get one more. Yeah! Let’s plaster my face! If this doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas. (laughs) It’s a lovely day, though
we’d do this outside. What the? (breathes) You remember when I said my girlfriend went in for one more? She got three more. We got six now. Have we got plenty! Let’s put this stuff on my face, and go! I’ve got my little straws so I can breath, doing it this way, this time. Now I look cool. – Let’s go!
– It’s go time! Okay. Ooh! Ahh! (laughter) (face paced music) [Girlfriend] – Oh, it looks awesome! – (muffled) Hiiii! (laughs) (makes counting grunts) [Girlfriend] – Be really careful. (techno music) (groans loudly) (groans frustratedly) – It’s just there now! (laughs painfully) (plaster rips) (cries out) Ahhh! – (laughs) That’s awesome! (laughs) Ooh! It pulled that out! Isn’t it? [Girlfriend] – Oh, that looks awesome! – Gotta melt the worlds
largest gummy worm now. (groans) Let’s go. So here we’ve got the
world’s largest gummy worm! I haven’t opened this
yet, I’ve not seen it! I’ve had this for like a week! Woah! (laughs crazily) Woah! (makes gunshot sound) Woah! That’s insane! Look at that! See, I’m going to cut
this up into tiny pieces, and then I’m gonna melt it. (upbeat, chill music) (groans) Whoo-hoo-hoo! Look at that! It’s gone
like a purple color. Ahh, let’s go and party quick,
before it starts setting. Let’s go, go, go! So here’s the plastic face mask, we’ve got some cardboard on the
sides, to keep it upright, we’ve got a back plate
there, so it don’t pour over, we’ve got clingfilm, and we’re about to pour this, into that! Let’s go! (chill, upbeat music) So this is going to be three pounds of Kill’em FTW face to eat. (laughs) So we’re going to leave
it here, let it cool down, and then when it’s like, room temperature, it’s going in the fridge,
probably all night! And I’ll be eatin’ this tomorrow! (sighs) I’ll see ya soon! (sighs) It is time, ladies
and gentlemen. (laughs) The time has come. It’s ready.
And it looks scary as hell. (laughter) (dramatic, suspenseful music) What in the hell? Look at that! It’s like comin’ out of
the plate! (laughter) It’s my twin! That is insane!
I can’t believe it worked! So this is a three pound,
worlds largest gummy worm, transformed into a three
pound, Kill’em FTW face. Three pounds, 1.4 kilo,
let’s eat this bad boy! Three, two, one. (groans) Gahhh! That tastes good! (laughter) (heavy metal rock music) (groans) Not messing around, no cuts, let’s just beast this thing, go! (heavy metal rock music) (groans) (heavy metal rock music) I wanna bite that nose off. (laughter) (groans) (rock music) (groans) (rock music) (mumbles) So exciting. (rock music) (groans) (groans louder) (rock music) Finally! The last bit. This is so sicklin’. My jaw is killin’! Three, two, one. (mumbles) I got it! (chokes) (rock music) (groans) Ahh! I’ve eaten my entire face! (laughter) I can’t believe it! (laughs) I’m gonna go, can I get a? I’ll be back in a minute. (groans) Yes. Whoo! I’m all cleaned up! Washed my face, and my hands, that thing was stick as hell! (sighs) Can’t believe I did it! I’ve eaten the whole three
pound Kill’em FTW face. Worlds largest gummy worm! (laughter) Can’t believe how much
it stuck to the plate, that were crazy! Anyway, I hope you’ve
enjoyed that challenge, that was just, weirdly unique? (laughs) That’s one thing you can call it, anyway. If you have enjoyed it,
I’d really appreciate it if you’d give me a nice, big thumbs up. Thank you very much for watchin’, please comment, thumbs up, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your family there, let everyone know about me, Kill’em FTW, stay awesome. Eww, need to brush my teeth! Purple.

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