Eating once a day... Why I do it, and what I eat.

Eating once a day… Why I do it, and what I eat.

what's up everybody good boy Mike Rasheed and what I wanted to do today is to let y'all deeper into my reasoning a while eating one meal a day and also show you how what I'm actually eating okay last time I showed you just like some of my trifecta meals that's when I'm in a hurry and I haven't had enough time to prepare some food so today I got a little bit of time so what I got I always get pretty much every other day I go pick up a whole bunch of fresh vegetables I try to mix it up when I can um one day of shopping will last me for two days typically so I'll show you what I got Oh first of all let me tell you why I'm doing this um mostly it's for health reasons uh I felt like I was too heavy I've already lost 20 pounds I was 240 I'm not 220 well almost twenty pounds I'm around to 22 to 23 uh so basically I was too heavy I didn't feel good I didn't feel healthy um you know 240 pounds I'm 5 foot 11 that's a lot of muscle it's a lot of mass on on my friend and there's people shorter than me that way the same or more and ultimately is not that healthy you know your organs are only but so big they don't grow with your muscles you know our hearts we take for granted all of the work that are hard to do our hearts never stop it don't take a timeout or breather and if you do it's a wrap so we got to be conscious of that also our livers um you know your livers under a lot of stress all of us we train a lot um and we all eat a lot of protein and that's very stressful on your liver your livers is task is to metabolize the things that you put in your body so like unfortunately the lactic acid from our workouts is passing through as well so that's an additional stress anything you eat whatever is going through the through the liver and they get stressed out so and where people eating five six seven times a day that's constant work constant work another thing is our you know our digestive system our intestinal intestinal health our gut health you know it's compromised when you're eating a lot you understand part of you have so many different stage of the digestion the first stage is chewing and in saliva then it goes in foreign to the epiglottis and then your stomach produces acids and toxins to break down that food to liquefy it because that's what our body absorbs is liquid right and then the rest is waste now when you're constantly eating you're constantly producing those toxins that's why people are sick all the time right so and also you know what a lot of heavy meats a lot of processed food our body is not natural to our body so our body's not breaking it down fast like like fruits and vegetables right so what happens is you have food in your intestines that you probably had there for a week and you don't know it the food you're passing out today is five point three or four days ago and that's not healthy and it also uses up a lot of your body's resources from doing other things and it compromises your immune system because that's why I'm you system rests in our intestine and the intestinal area so you know is this for me it's health health reasons why I'm doing once a day I'm also for Discipline you know around 2014 I feel like I lost a lot of discipline with my eating arm I got I got a lot bigger and honestly it's because of house eating um eating whatever I wanted I was taking advantage of the fact that I got fairly decent genetics but guess what that shit slows down your metabolism still slows down over time you know what I mean so I was taking that for granted and eating whatever I wanted eating junk food you know and I'll blame it on my kids my kids our house you know Pizza and whatever they don't finish out eat you know I'm saying and it's not cool it's not disciplined so I'm trying to regain that discipline with what am i eating and it's difficult to do but I like to take on difficult tasks and this is the task that I'm taking on right now and I feel like this is one of my most beneficial tasks because the long-term effects are great right so a lot of people may think oh it's not healthy but I beg to differ you know it's extremely healthy it's giving your body a chance to reset it's giving like a lot of people are doing like ketogenic diets and stuff like that and allowing a lot of time doing faster cardio and stuff like that which is great they're allowing their body time to really deal with the food that you just ate right you need are the nine ten eleven hours and between meals to really pass through what you are taking in and every time you eat your your your your body is producing more insulin your body is producing more inflammation and you know the more inflammation you have it start to lead to other problems so it's a lot of different reasons I'm not going to get into the science of all of that because you guys can google and do your own research I'll prefer you to do that don't take my word for do your own research to see what's healthy and what's not and I'm not knocking however any I want to eat how you want to eat is fine by me as long as you happy um how I'm eating I've said it before I'm not prescribing it to you guys um this is just what I'm doing right I like to share because I think it's pretty good it's pretty healthy and uh you know I'm dropping body fat like crazy so I get a little hungry um today I got lightheaded um after my workout because when I when I typically eat is after my workout but today after my workout I also sat in a sauna and a hot tub and I was sweating so much but nothing in me I felt a little light-headed but I you know I drank some water put some water on my head and I felt fine so you know it's just the body getting adjusted to it getting used to it so um we're gonna get into what I got right here what we're gonna eat today alright every day is a little bit different but I kind of have a base of what I really like so I one of those people that and Stan's salads right so and greens don't taste that good however I figure out a way that I like to eat them a way to cook them to where I enjoy it so I always have jalapenos because that's going to be my main source of flavor or seasoning so one chopped up jalapenos I got asparagus and do yourself a favor when you're going to buy vegetables arm try to buy organic because it costs a little more but you know what you're investing in yourself and your health and what's more important than that don't cut corners with with your health but if you can't afford it you can't afford it just give regular spirit asparagus is still pretty good for you all right so we got these guys here I got red kale I don't know the difference between this is also organic I don't know the difference between red and regular kale it just looks different looks cool you don't mean I doubt they're as much of a nutritional difference but um you know I did want to diversify the colors of my veggies a little bit so it has a red or purplish stem and we'll be using that today broccoli I always do a lot of broccoli on cauliflower – I didn't pick up any today and Brussels sprouts which I've learnt to fucking love I used to think they were disgusting when I was a kid but I like I like them now so and then we got some some green onions okay I love the taste of these so what I do is actually I bake my veggies so I cut them up season it with a little bit of sea salt boom stay with from table salt and if I have to I throw some time I throw a little soy sauce on it this is low-sodium soy sauce just a bomb-ass flavor and I go to town now with asparagus I don't know I'm weird with asparagus I don't like this part so I cut about right here so I just eat the spears so good chop these bad boys up and I don't know I feel like the top the spirit was where the flowers I could be wrong but I feel like that's what most of the nutrients are that's what a nutrition is so you know and I just want mine I want what I eat to be efficient efficient meaning giving me as much nutrient the more bang for my buck per calorie not that as much calories in this and for those I'm sure a lot of you already know asparagus is a bomb-ass natural diuretic so that's that's pretty cool so with jalapenos that yeah as running to the toilet snotting Quine sweating all of that but I cannot eat food without some kind of hot spicy I love jalapenos I even eat I cook what habaneros as well so that's fucking amazing so I know what you're thinking oh yeah I like all these fucking vegetables where the protein is micro sheet of beading I don't see no meat the answer to your question is I'm not a vegan not knocking that style of that lifestyle of eating you know I don't like the judgement of like how some vegans are really judgments or people you know you got to understand some people just don't know they're not educated on your movement so it's best to you know come to people and you know and be empathetic and inform them versus demonizing them and pushing them further away from you know the movement because ultimately you want to get as many people on board it's possible and I push people away alright so um so what I do for protein I do various different things and I'll get into that and one second arm just chop the bad way up so when I cut my jalapenos a lot of times I'll chop them again so they go all over the place it was like I got more than what I really have so and if y'all cutting out jalapenos if y'all like the kick like I do just keep in mind the kick is in the seeds so make sure you get those all those good seeds that's what the spiciness is that hot shit baby but if you can't hang you can't hand you know it's all good I'm gonna judge you but jalapenos is not even hot to me it's a lot of an evening shirts there are they just I like the flavor talk about high I had some shit one time some chips I'm always looking for a challenge and there was ghost pepper chips yo they were fucking delicious imagine you know how people you like the Rito's what I like about the Rito's is like the texture are so these have a better texture in my opinion than Doritos the taste is the flavor is amazing but you know they are so fucking hot is ridiculous like it gave you like the runs or or the shits that some people like it so eloquently put it so shout out to whoever the fuck made those chips cuz that shit is hot ghost pepper chips check it out if you want everything you can handle hot shit okay I know it sounds weird baking of baking vegetables but it's really good and apparently a lot of people do it I had no idea so so I chopped up my tail I used to do kale by itself and have like kale chips um shoutout to a net there that also my ex she she kind of showed me that little little trick I was pretty built what's up and that how you doing but yeah so I just mix it all together but back to the protein stuff the majority of what I've been eating lately is is this plant base is not poaching but I am doing poaching in there and I know people are like well what about your muscle you're going to lose muscle mass that's something that I am aware of and that's something that I'm okay with now why because you know I just want to be more functional I don't want to lose my net not have a neck and honestly like I've been lifting literally all my life and I probably will lift all my life so I started when I was like 12 13 years old that's a long time right so you got to think I put on I may not be the biggest guy in the world but I have my whole body is muscle I put on a lot of muscle over the years now I don't ever want to get to the point to where I don't realize how I look I just keep going going in quickly and crazier and freakier and not realizing that I don't have a neck anymore and look like a freak you don't and so I think a lot of people do that when they're lifting weights they're getting in shape they don't think about how they look they just want to keep building and it never looks weird you never look weird to yourself and that's kind of weird so I don't ever want to be in that situation but you know if I if I have to lose a few pounds of muscle I might with that I'm strong so it's all good and I like to wear normal clothes I like for my shit to fit properly but for those who are who know that I designed pants for motherfuckers that'll live to be alpha we were out of stock sold out immediately but we back in stock I'll put the link down below for people that live and want to still look good cargo pants they have a nice little stretch to it so you could squatting them sprinting them kick somebody icing them through whatever you got to do none of me or you could just put on some fly shit with it and wear it out to dinner or service or whatever you know saying taking your lady out and ladies you gotta learn to look good on your – so super comfortable elastic waist and it just dope quality is not regular cargo pants say that right now quality is on point that's what it's about so the only thing I really season was the Brussels sprouts and I put like I said I put sea salt on it and some pepper that's pretty much it and the rest of the seasoning is the jalapeno that's the seasoning that I I prefer I like to taste others so and listen y'all vegetables man you gotta eat your vegetables vegetables you're eating like live enzymes you know that's something to think about there's something like I was I you know years ago I was a vegetarian I wasn't eating I was a vegetarian and my father me and my father we always my father always had me on like like brought fruit juices and vegetables and stuff like that since I was a kid we had a thing called the juice man it was just intense looking man with these big fucking fiery eyebrows he was like oldest fuck but so vibrant and full of life he was all about fruit juicing juicing juicing fruit juice and uh you know we had his uh his blender it was like a juice makers called the juice man yeah I look at y'all see it and I've been on that since I was a kid you know going to the market in New York on a Sunnydale getting all of em in my grandpa's getting on plums and nectarines and you know that's why I'm addicted to food now you know but on but it's crazy Khiladi i know i used to eat like two bags of grapes at night but I don't anymore so I kind of replaced it with more greens more vegetables because you know there's less sugar but um anyway this is what it looks like before right and then I'm going to show you how to after after this is done I'm gonna talk about posting give me a minute looks amazing I got it you know I get snatched out of that that do it for snappers in the grinder that shit looks amazing like they're so pretty phone but save it close it it's too many you know snapchat Instagram either saying so I took a snap and I save it and post it on Instagram sometimes we're going to get its own load though phone follow your boy on snapchat Instagram micro cheat that's it all right so protein this is what I'm doing today today I'm going to have a protein shake on now sometimes I'll make turkey bacon or beef bacon or ground turkey or salmon my my source of protein if it's animal protein is my BA my choice is satting I love salmon there's a lot of vitamins in it um you know it's just I just love the taste the texture all of that it's easier to digest in beef but what I'm going to do today is I want to do a shake and this is a alpha vegan you link below check it out it is a plant-based protein it tastes fucking good um I've had a lot of different plant-based proteins and they taste like like dirt which is to be expected because it's natural is you know and I'm alright with that a lot of people or not I'm okay with it takes not being that great if I know it's healthy you know but a lot of people aren't you got bc double a's in here a lot of digestive enzymes glutamine so this is like what I'll be doing today alpha vegan on sometimes I'll have I'm trying to do I still eat meat but not a lot I try to do as little meat as possible on will I fall off a meat altogether at some point you never know my thing is longevity my thing is not trying to impress people on Instagram but how I look my thing is longevity and being around not just being around for my kids but being around and being active for my kids because if I have to fuck one of them up I still be able to get busy with them you know I'm saying I'll never be one of those fat dads out there but go son go but you can't go with them now I'm a ratio attitude so that's what I'm on these days and it is what it is a lot of people are saying oh that's stupid you're gonna lose your games you can't do that you're entitled to your opinion but opinions are like assholes not thinking of the rest so anyways I'm gonna let that cook and then I'm gonna hook this up and then that's it and keep in mind right now it is it's 1:00 p.m. and this will be my first and my only meal today now if I had some bananas I'm all out of fruit sometimes I have snacks from trifecta uh you know healthy snacks I'll beat that as well I'll try to eat as big a meal as possible but this is all I have today I'm gonna make this big-ass shake I'll probably do two two scoops of protein which is about 45 50 grams of protein so I'll do that and on and that'll be it for the day that's it so I'll show y'all with this look like when it's all done I all right so you see the easy quick cleanup um that's a good thing about in a lot of plants so for my protein I'm gonna do a shake now since I'm doing a shake today tomorrow I'm definitely doing protein eating some shit so I'm gonna do and this is a good time for y'all to see the supplements that I'm taking right now arm I'm taking my alpha vegan it's a lot of good shit in here um plant base it tastes good it mixes really smooth and I was going to do to school so I'm gonna do a scoop and a half so that'll be about close to 40 40 grams and that I'm also going to add some superfoods you guys been around long enough you know I feel about my superfoods and the benefits of it so make sure you get that shit I'll link all the supplements down below so you guys I'm not telling you go get it I'm telling you going researchers go and read it and it's specially this one right here overtraining solution okay overtraining solution it speeds the recovery is supercharged of the immune system there is not a product on the market that's fucking with this it's in the lane of its own and I'm going to tell you everything we're doing on ambrosia yuugi the the quality is unmatched don't take my word for it go to the site research it on your own everything is listed Google is your best friends all of our best friends ok so don't you don't have to take my word for it because I know it's a lot of people going to comment already you're right this fucking bullshit that shit don't work read up read up on it and how the fuck do you know you never tried it what got it anyway overtraining solution like I said it speeds up your recovery helps you recover so much faster and it's supercharged is your fucking immune system alright so I'll add goes I'll add a heaping serving of peanut butter not almond butter but peanut butter look at that for the shit tastes amazing I do not like to taste the almond butter get that shit the fuck out of my face right now and if you if you really look at the the macros breakdown put on two scoops yup you saw it if you break down the macros of almond butter and peanut butter is not much of a difference you know I'm saying so what an amazing mmm and I'll mix it with coconut milk I love coconut milk I don't drink cow milk which it's weird to me it's like you're getting breast fed from a callus it's fucking weird I'm coolin out on me I'm cool on that and by the time I'm done blending this my veggies should be def ready quick and easy hey it is fucking good this is bomb so I say I so ready for this come on Trey yeah alright so we ready over here oh yeah that's a beauty and it smells amazing smells really good oh this is what I eat now I'm not eating all of this right now I'll eat a big full plate with my shake and I should fill me up if it doesn't fill me about coming it some more but this relax me today and tomorrow and all of those fucking veggies alright so I just want to show y'all how I'm doing it explain why I'm doing it I'll keep y'all updated when I come up with some I'll do another one when I prepare this when I have some kind of meat like some salmon or whatever yeah I see how I chop it up you know sometimes I do beef bacon or turkey bacon I chop that up and I mix it with the veggies in it Tracy you don't really taste the meat that much but it gives you so much flavor but um this is it this is Mike this is the new Mike receipt this is what I'm doing though you know so this is my journey um maybe to inspire some Yatta you know adapt my healthy methods of eating and my whole thing also is I want to eat to live and not live to eat you know and food is an addiction so and I recognize that and I was addicted to food so I'm weaning off of my addiction myself this is rehab I much love you

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  1. Great great great video. The only reason why I train is to be healthy and still play basketball with my kids when they are 25yrs. We can still go on holidays together and have fun. Still feel healthy and look good for my wife in old age. Can still get on stage and empower people. Those are my reasons so I don’t even take any supplements at all. Tried them but don’t like their taste and can’t keep up taking supplements. So mine is to just eat very healthy and train really hard. Loads loads veggies and fruits. But I do eat fish, pork and beef. I prefer those to supplements. Love fasting as well to keep the digestive system healthy!
    Great video

  2. Every single plant has protein in it. Some more than others. Black beans, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, all loaded with protein.

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