Eating PIG FISH + HUMMUS with Fishermen in Ancient Tyre! | Amazing Mediterranean Food!

Eating PIG FISH + HUMMUS with Fishermen in Ancient Tyre! | Amazing Mediterranean Food!

– Hey everyone, hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. We just arrived to a city called Tyre, which locally is known as Sour, which is an ancient Phoenician city on the coast of southern Lebanon. This city is famous for
being a fishing port. It’s been inhabited
for thousands of years, and today, well, we’re getting
started this afternoon. We’re gonna go to a famous
sandwich restaurant, and then we’re gonna
meet up with a fisherman. We’re gonna discuss with him
about what we’re gonna do because we’re gonna go fishing. And then we want to somehow
eat the fish that we catch, if we catch fish. We’re gonna arrange it all, but let’s go first to the sandwich place, meet him, we’re gonna talk about it. And then the fishing experience
will probably be later, like way late tonight or early tomorrow morning and tomorrow. Okay, hope that all made sense. We’re on our way now. (upbeat music) – This sign says (speaks
in foreign language) Mahfouz mean lucky, who is at Mahfouz. (speaking in foreign language) So, you’re lucky if you get
the chance to eat at Mahfouz. Let’s go and see. – We’re lucky to be here,
and because we’re in Tyre, we’re in Sour, we had to include this. And they’ve got all the
different meats up here that they fill into the sandwiches. All, there’s like probably half a dozen, six or seven or eight different meats. He just like flies through that line. Whatever one you order,
gets it in the bread, sprinkles on some salt and
I believe it’s allspice and some chili powder. Then he has the tahini in
a jug, which is awesome. He sprinkles that on, sprays that on. Tomatoes and pickles, that’s it. Wraps them up. They’re small sandwiches,
focusing on the meat. That smells really good. We’re starting with the
(speaking in foreign language) which is their flagship,
their signature sandwich. A minced meat. Cheers. (restaurant patrons chattering) And the flavor just keeps on coming. – [Male Voice] That’s liver. – Liver? – [Male Voice] Cheers. – So very good. I love liver. – [Male Voice] Okay, this one is kidney. – Mm. Good, it’s wonderful. – It’s just great. – Like liver, but more firm. Not as creamy. And then the spices they use, really heavy on the allspice, which is a mix of spices. You really taste the nutmeg. Maybe the clove in there, too. Like that sweet mix of spices. Scoop up some of that chili. This is the (speaks in foreign language). – [Male Voice] I’m not doing that anymore. – Final bite. To eat one more bite of sandwich, which he made special for us, which is– – Off menu. – Off menu. – Just for Mark. – This should be on their menu, though. It’s a combination of sujuk and brains. (restaurant patrons talking loudly) – I tried it. – It’s like the brains is just the butter. These are a masterpiece
of Lebanese sliders. What a spot. People will just order like, they order like five at a time, you know? – Is it true what they have
written there on the window? – Lucky to be here? Very lucky. (upbeat music) We’re still talking with the fishermen, and arranging for tomorrow. But he’s just shown us his boat. This is the boat we’ll be
going out in the morning. There it is. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, because it’s so– – [Interpreter] He knows
from looking at the sky. (speaks in foreign language) He doesn’t need google,
he doesn’t need anything. So just 24 hours before
going into the sea, he looks up, he looks at the sky, he feels the wind around and he knows that sea is going to be cold. – So from here, I didn’t
know we were walking, but from the port we’re
walking down this lane, which is known as the, or this area where we gonna get to is called the Christian Quarter It is the Christian Quarter of Tyre. (upbeat music) Just emerged from the alley
of the Christian Quarter and opened up into the
sea that is an ancient, I don’t know what it is,
but like a structure. This is just gorgeous here in the evening. The water is so clear, just sloshing around these rocks, in this observation tower. The sun going down. A few people are fishing. But just the lapping waves
and that clear water. Oh. Whoa. Almost got my shoe wet. I’m just anticipating the
fishing experience tomorrow. Soaking in the sea breeze, the mist, the water, the sunshine in the evening. Beautiful. Oh, they’re having a small barbecue. Just fish and a type of shell. They might have harvested it right off these rocks right here, right? Right here on these rocks, so it’s as fresh as possible. They just offering to taste
it right off the grill. Mm. That is incredible. You taste the sea. Oh, that’s delicious. The freshness of it, it’s a
little bit chewy like squid. It’s so good. This almost tastes like abalone to me, but like in a very small form. And he just said an
abalone is really hard, it clenches onto the rocks. He said it’s really hard to harvest because you have to dig it off the rock. An amazing man and family and now he’s giving us
a piece of the fish. Oh, yeah. It’s fresh, just charred on that grill. Little fish are some of the tastiest. – This one’s great. – [Mark] Whoa, thank you. – One more for you, be careful, yes. (speaking in foreign language) – Okay, really nice family. Amazing scene from here. We’re going back to the hotel to rest until tomorrow morning. (easy-going music) We just arrived at, it’s a boutique where we’re staying called (speaking in foreign language) Really nice place, getting checked in now. They also have two huge german shepherds that are beautiful, they’re so graceful. They’re very old. Really nice dogs. We got all checked in. This is a beautiful boutique hotel. It looks like a restored mansion. And we’re here right at sunset. You can see the entire ball of fire overlooking Tyre. And skyline overlooking, I guess they grow a lot
of bananas here, as well. But, gonna get an early night rest, and then 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we’ll be up to go fishing. (birds chirping)
(waves lapping) Okay, good morning. It is 3:56 a.m. We are, this is it, we are on our way to go fishing. Oh. Beautiful, beautiful morning in Tyre. Okay. (easy-going music) Starting off with a little shot of coffee, but they’re still, uh, they’ve already been fishing this morning. And they are, they had a small catch. They’re cleaning out the nets now. Here we go, heading out from the port. There are mending the nets. It’s not the biggest boat. This is a pretty basic boat, too. They said we might go out, like, three to four kilometers into the ocean. We’re on our way. This is an adventure. This is a… I’m loving it. (easy-going music) But you can still see land on this side, but then on this side,
heading out towards the water, it’s just like heading into the unknown. It’s the mist. And in the morning fresh
air it’s fantastic. This is beautiful. (speaker drowned out by engine noise) I’m so dizzy, I don’t even now if we went up or down shore. But, anyway, they said that during this time of year, there’s a lot more fish nearer to the, closer to the rocks. To the shore. So this is gonna be the first spot. Or least what he does,
he jumps into the water with a mask on, just to check the situation
to see if he can see fish. I wonder how he has light. Or he can just, like,
instinctively feel like fish. But he’s checking now. He’s testing the waters to see if we’re gonna cast a net or not. It’s hard to see because the light is not that bright right now. But if you look down at the water it’s just completely clear. Yeah, just completely. Let me shine my light. Yeah, it might have a glare, but that’s just completely
crystal clear water. The sun is coming up. Just the mist over the mountains, and the city of Tyre, this is a moment. This is a moment to remember. (easy-going music) All right, I guess no luck here. We are movin’ on to the next place. Cranking up the engine, we’re on our way. (easy-going music) Yeah, the sun rising
over the city of Tyre. Oh, I’m just vibrating. I am sitting on the engine right now. The ancient city of Tyre. Sunrise. Even if we don’t catch any fish, the sunrise, this experience, this place, this destination, where we are, it was fully worth it. And luckily they did catch some fish on their first cast of the net. But we’ll see, we’re still going. When you’re eating a simple small fish, you have to, I mean, just like all farmers that grow rice, that grow
wheat, that go fishing, that raise animals, that grow vegetables, the amount of effort and
work and how all of us, me, how you, how we should all appreciate even every single bite of food. Could this be the moment? Is this gonna be our day, Freddie? – I really, really hope so. It would be perfect to cast this net, and catch some fish. I’d be so excited. I’d be so happy for ’em. – Yeah, yeah, for sure. Still tracking the fish. But he really is a fisherman, but he’s a master fish tracker. Just tracing them. You don’t wanna cast the nets unless there’s fish there. Otherwise it would just be a waste of time and energy, actually (speaking in foreign language) Net is circling around. This could be… We’re set, clamping the net. The net is in the water. Kind of did a whole
circle dropping the net. He just jumped into the water. Now they just jumped in the water, to maybe push the fish
towards the net or something. We didn’t catch anything
on that toss of the net, so he’s still scouting. I think we might try again. But this is the life of
a fisherman, you know? It’s unpredictable. Sometimes the seasons are up and down. It takes a lot of patience
being a fisherman. And this is exciting,
we’re just cruising along, and then all of a sudden a
fish jumped out of the water and immediately they sprung into action, dropping the net and it’s going out again. We’re just circling around. We’ve made like, I think,
three full circles now with the net, dropping the net. (speaking in foreign language) He just caught a… Ah, just a turtle. For sure we will let him go, but we circled in on a turtle. Magnificent. Beautiful, beautiful turtle. Still reeling in the net. A few small fish, and
there might be some more, a few more, we saw jumping
down the net awhile. I think I’m gonna have to
take a quick swim, as well. It’s getting hot and the
water is just so perfect for swimming right now. This is perfect. The water temperature is so perfect. It couldn’t even be more perfect. It’s clear. We were swimming, treading water out there for awhile and then just
came onto this beach. It’s just a completely
empty, deserted beach. (speaking in foreign language) (laughing) Yeah, we had to put the turtle on the boat for a little while until they finished… Whoa, he just splashed me. (laughing) Until they’ve finished reeling in the net. Otherwise it would get stuck again. So now we’re releasing the turtle. – One, two, oh! – All right.
(clapping) – And that wraps up a fishing trip in the Mediterranean in Tyre, in the ancient city of Tyre, Lebanon. And even thought it
wasn’t a big catch today, I think we learned many things. Number one is just
(speaking in foreign language) how you should appreciate
every fish that you eat, and the work that goes into it. Just the work that fishermen
have to go through. It is not easy. It is not an easy job. It is, it’s a life. (speaking in foreign language) I guess he lives there. He’s going home. It’s so ancient. You feel like we’re
arriving on an ancient, Phoenecian fishing
vessel back to the port. The highlight was, again,
learning the process. Learning a bit about the fisherman’s lives of this coast. Fishing has been done
for thousands of years on this coast. It’s just a slice of the culture here. And then that swim at the end, that was a highlight, as well. I think from here we might go check out the fish market, just to see more of a variety of fish that comes from the Mediterranean. And then we’ll proceed from there. (jazzy music) We’re walking now back to
the old streets of Tyre. Through the… There’s clothes shops. Again this is one of the
(speaking in foreign language) one of the markets where you
can find anything at all. I’m seeing more seafood. I guess this is the seafood section, the fish market section. For more of a variety of fish and a bigger catch, we came to the market. But these are the–
(speaking in foreign language) Captain Nully definitely
knows how to choose fish and then also
(speaking in foreign language) and then, of course,
he knows how to choose fresh fish as well. That’s without a doubt. And we only chose local. They also have some
fish maybe from Turkey, maybe from other waters, but these are only local Lebanese fish. Pork fish. – [Male Voice] It looks like a pork. – [Mark] And look at that pattern. It looks like a pork? It looks like pig, too.
– [Male Voice] I said a little bit. – What’s amazing is we’re doing as the fishermen would do here. They take their fish,
fresh catch, to the bakery, to have it grilled at the bakery. So that’s amazing. (speaking in foreign language) – They do it as a whole. They do not clean it. (speaking in foreign language) He says that you’re going
to have a breakfast, you’re gonna feel and taste the sea. – That’s what I like.
– And they’re saying that used also to have
their fish in the morning. – I’m loving in Lebanon so far. And this is more in this part of the world than I’ve seen it in anywhere else, is taking food to the local baker, to have your food cooked. And we’ve done this like
three or four times now. We’ve done it three or four times now, to bake breakfast, to
bake bread, to bake meat. We got to bake (speaking
in foreign language) And now, bake fish in Tyre. Step into the bakery. (restaurant patrons chattering) Hello. You can see the fire roaring. You can smell the aroma of bread. It smells so good. Oh wow, and they’re like, this is actually like kind of a commercial bakery. They look like they’re
baking for restaurants, baking for masses here. (speaking in foreign language) (clattering) The fish have entered. They’re gonna stay there, they’re gonna hang out in
the oven for 30 minutes, he said. So we’ll just kinda hang
around and wait for them. (speaking in foreign language) – Mark, we have a saying in Lebanon. Let me tell you. (speaking in foreign language) If somebody’s really grumpy, and always, you know, in a bad mood, and he never smiles to anything, we say he doesn’t smile even to a big, juicy loaf of bread. And specially if we do this.
– Wait. No one could keep a straight face for freshly-baked bread like this. He’s gonna take us now to
buy the hummus and ful, which is what he typically
eats with the fish, so we’re on our way to buy that next. (speaking in foreign language) We’re just shopping around town. – He wants you to try the ful. But typically the fishermen, they don’t eat ful with the fish. They only eat hummus with the fish. But he wants you try this ful. There’s competition,
because I told him yesterday we had greatest ful ever. And he says, “No, they don’t even know “how to make ful.” So, let’s have some ful also. (upbeat jazzy music) (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat jazzy music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Male Voice] Look at the
(speaking in foreign language). – How did they even get it
from the oven that fast? Some of the ful and he adds some of the chickpeas on the top of there too. With olive oil on the top. And I’m going pure, pure first bite. Mm. – [Male Voice] Watch. – That’s like the creamiest
ful I’ve ever had. Oh, it’s so creamy. Really simple, but all about that Hector and how he’s so gentle
when he handles the ful. Like stirring it up. He doesn’t want to whip it too hard. This is a ful that would be really good with some of the chili sauce. And I think his style
is when he makes the ful and then you can chase it with different pickles or different herbs or dip it into the chili sauce yourself. What’s unique about here, both a red chili sauce,
and a green chili sauce. Mm. That is the creamiest
ful I’ve ever tasted. (crunching) Oh yeah. Mm. Oh, this one’s kind of spicy. When I took my first bite I
felt the fumes coming out. Oh, I love that. Now that is a full bite. Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah. Chase that with onion, black olive, and (talking with mouth full) It’s all in my mouth at once. That was great ful. We’re now, it’s been about 30 minutes, we’re heading back to the bakery. That was just an impulse bowl of ful. We had to try it, even though mainly what
we came there to get was takeaway hummus, and ful as well. But it was just too good to not have a bowl real fast. And since we’ve been up for so long, I’m getting really hungry. (restaurant patrons chattering) Fish is ready. The skin is blackened, but I bet inside it’s just so juicy, fleshy, good. Ah, then we’ve got one of the boards to just carry the fish out on. Now that’s takeaway. Following the fish. The juices are dripping. That looks so good. Right out of the oven. One of the coolest things ever. Carrying around a tray of cooked fish, fresh fish, around the town of Tyre. – Crab. – And crabs, too. A few little guys. (upbeat jazzy music) This is where it all began. We’re back right where
we started this morning. This is right where Analdi parks his boat and where we had that coffee
earlier in the morning, where we set off. And this is a fisherman hang-out here. It’s like a canteen. I don’t even know if they, I think they offer drinks, but you can bring your own food. You can come sit here. And this where fishermen come to hang out. There’s like somebody here at all times. (speaking in foreign language) Here’s the hummus and the ful. And this is what it all comes down to. (speaking in foreign language) – Just try some of the fish. I’m just gonna try a
few flakes of that fish plain first before adding (speaking in foreign language)
the hummus. Oh it’s so firm. It’s almost like chicken. It’s so firm, and so fresh, so pure. And then after trying
it plain, I gotta try it (speaking with mouth full) He takes bread, adds hummus,
and then puts fish on top. And then cheese in as you like. (restaurant patrons chattering) Oh, and just like munches the onion. Awesome bread. (speaking in foreign language) – Add hummus. – On to the hummus. (speaking in foreign language) – And this is the fisherman, local Tyre fisherman style. (restaurant patrons chattering loudly) Oh, the hummus is amazing. (speaking in foreign language) With the fish, oh, that just melts away. (speaking in foreign language) Oh yes, I just squash it. – [Male Voice] You just
first, and some chili, (speaking in foreign language) – Bite with hummus with
that freshly crushed, hand-crushed onion, fish, and chili sauce. (restaurant patrons chattering loudly) Mm, mm, wow. That’s a combo. That hand-crushed onion. I’m gonna do it like that from now on. That just brings out the juices. These bites are just too good. (speaking in foreign language) Which is also the tahini that
goes so well with the fish. (speaking in foreign language) Mm, it was that (talking with mouth full) – He says that Westerns don’t eat it, but the fishermen here
eat it and it’s good. (speaking in foreign language) It’s a little bit bitter, he says. – So we didn’t clean the fish or anything. We didn’t gut it or anything. That’s because Nully says the fishermen here, they eat everything. Lots of the guts, lots of the insides. This is the fish liver, the pigfish liver, which he says is really good. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, wow. Oh, that is amazing. It is bitter and sweet at the same time. I love it. – He loves it. (speaking in foreign language) No, he’s being biased. Because when I saw the ribs of the sheep, I said, “Oh, delicious.” He said, “It seems that you
don’t live next to the sea. “The sheep lives on nothing
compared to the fish.” And he just gave it to me. (speaking in foreign language) – It’s more coily than the body. Oh, man. – [Male Voice] Oh, okay. You’re going for the– – [Mark] Steak. – [Male Voice] Yeah, steak. Go for it, yes. There. (speaking in foreign language) – Thank you. Towards the latter stages of the fish, I’m moving on. The fish is now becoming the vessel. The fish is becoming the bread. (restaurant patrons chattering loudly) I’m amazed by the hand-crushed onion. That just, it juices it. (speaking in foreign language) That one’s the liver. (speaking in foreign language) – He says that this is, for him, the best thing in the fish. (speaking in foreign language) The same one, like the one
that we had from this one. The same one, the liver. – [Mark] The liver, right? – [Interpreter] Yeah. (upbeat, jazzy music) – Mm. (upbeat, jazzy music) (speaking drowned out by other sounds) – That fish was incredible, a pigfish. Pigfish, which is what
it’s locally known as. Not totally sure of the English name, but that was, that is an amazing fish. It’s so meaty, it’s so… The bones are big, the meat is so fleshy and so firm, unlike any
other cities I’ve visited. Even along the coast of Lebanon. It’s truly a beautiful culture, and just seeing a slice of that culture, and even to be able to see the process of them fishing. Using their skill to navigate the waters, to then find fish, to then drop the nets. That was also incredible to experience, to learn about. A big thank you to Captain Nully for taking us fishing with him today. Then, big thank you to Maya and Chemonics and USAID for arranging
it, for setting is up. And for USAID for sponsoring
my trip to Lebanon, for funding my trip to Lebanon. Again, a big thank you for watching. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re not already subscribed, you can click subscribe. Click that little bell icon also. That way when I publish the next video, you’ll get an instant notification of the next video that I publish. Goodbye from the ancient
of Tyre in Lebanon. See you on the next video. Thanks again for watching.

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