Eating SALMON EGGS by River!!! | Coho Fishing | BOBBER DOWN | 4K

Eating SALMON EGGS by River!!! | Coho Fishing | BOBBER DOWN | 4K

There we go that’s a fish! That’s a
fish! You can see what they look like… Guys these eggs, you can just eat them
just like that. Look at this. Hey guys what’s going on! We’re down at
the river again. Really awesome, just ran into a couple subscribers up in the
parking lot! Who would have thought that that would happen. Right here
there’s a ton of salmon stacking up in a hole and I’m talking kind of loud
because that river is ridiculously noisy behind me. But a lot of salmon that seem
to stack up there. There’s rainbow trout in this river. So we’re gonna fish bobber
and eggs, jigs, spinners try all sorts of stuff here today. I did bring my
underwater filming gear along so we’re gonna try and get some super-sweet
underwater shots of some salmon bites here for you guys today. So let’s not
waste any time we got about three hours today to fish see what the heck we can
do if we’re gonna do a catch and non cook a catch in raw eating salmon caviar
at the river I brought some cream cheese and crackers so I hope you guys stick
around and enjoy that with me alright guys let me show you the setup real fast
if you are brand new to this channel first off my name’s life welcome to
another episode of Northwest fishing secrets where we fish and have fun in
Washington State this year is bobber and egg fishing
the basics are I’ve got a whole video on exactly how to do it so just if you’re
really interested in that go to my videos find the bobber next 101 video
but for right now this is the basics I’ve just got a heavy braided line on
here then I’ve got a little bobber stopper @ ID on one up on the line and
you can adjust how deep the bobber is that way then I’ve got a little bead
I’ve got my bobber another bead a high-quality swivel an inline weight
then we’ve got our leader I’m using 15 pound fluorocarbon with a couple little
weights here just to keep that make that hook sink a little faster then we’ve got
down here just a little knot trocar it’s an owner hook owner
it’s an owner hunk and I’ve got an egg loop tied on there the cool thing about
the egg loop and I hope you can see this here in the video poke myself there but
you can push a little loop through that eyelet
boom and now you can spear your eggs onto the hook put the loop around the
eggs cinch them tight and it’ll hold them on that hook a lot better got our
nice juicy eggs these are actually from last year literally last September so
they’re over a year old they’re chinook eggs cured with my
secret cure that I gave away in my bobber and eggs 101 video so again if
you’re curious about I’d have some really good eggs that actually catch
fish check it out so here I haven’t pulled it tight yet I just speared those
eggs onto the hook a couple times now we’re gonna pull those tight and boom
look at that they just cinch right up there so you’ll get a lot of casts out
of this versus just throwing them directly on the hook let’s go ahead and
switch over to the GoPro we’re gonna go over there try and catch fish okay guys
so I am suspecting that the fish are gonna be right here this is a really
important before we start fishing we have to make sure to smash the like but
but seriously guys thank you so much helps out with that youtube algorithm
that way people actually find these videos and I can hopefully make this a
career one day right gotta live the dreams so cast that out we’re gonna try and drift those eggs
right into our hole here nice here I’ll try and get the angle better so you
don’t have a Sun glaring on you but we can see that bobber really well today
nice and bright sunshine drifted around that rock well it’s so bright out I can
actually see what’s going on in the river today but that’s one thing to keep
in mind if the visibility is good for you well guess what it’s good for the
fish too so you gotta be a little careful all right guys we just lost our eggs
here again you know it pains to say this but I think we’re gonna switch over to a
spinner alright guys we’re gonna try our luck
with this little number 3 vibe racks blue fox I feel embarrassed and ashamed
but I couldn’t catch him on eggs even that salmon right there I feel like that
fish is laughing at me look at his face so let’s see if maybe this here works
I’m just giving you spinner guys crap don’t worry I know you can catch them
with a spinner if you’ve watched my videos you know my story about this I
it’s a sensitive topic so I’ve listened to you everyone said cast a little
further upstream some are going as far as saying don’t even retrieve let the
current do everything we’re gonna try and not get that spinner way over in
that hole there that’s just looking too good over there
trying to let it sink that’s hard to do with this current that’s that I’m just sorry something
funny I’m changing batteries and toxic batteries but the video is here this is
kind of my little messy station that’s just the smell of dead salmon is so bad
that burning my nose right now because look what’s right underneath me oh it’s
such a terrible but such a good smell if you know what I mean like you know
you’re in the right spot whether it’s just dead fish never do whatever there you’ll pop those eggs right
through it and we are ready to fish again okay so let’s get real here no more
messing around it’s time to catch something
just drifting that bobber right here in that Eddy action right next to us Oh guys that’s a that’s a fish right
there whoa Baumer down no oh man that was such a
sneaky fish it barely even let me know that it bit oh that’s a bummer down in the finish what do we got it’s looking awfully
Trouty here that’s a big trout jeez Wow damn guys that’s a really big really
nice-sized rainbow trout Wow you know I’m actually gonna measure this
one real quick because you can keep them if there are 14 inches here let’s go
ahead and keep it in the water real quick I’ve got a little creek right here let’s see how close we are zero right here that’s a 14 inch trout
guy’s unreal I’m gonna double check the rules here real quick but that is about
14 and a quarter inches beautiful rainbow actually guys this is not a
rainbow that’s not a rainbow trout that is a cutthroat trout which has they’ve
got the same size limit on this river so still a keeper but I didn’t see that
until I didn’t notice that very very faint marking right there that’s how you
can tell it’s a cutthroat trout as it’s got that well that’s why where they get
their name that their throat is cut it’s a red marking we’ll call it a bonus catch yeah thank
you said right on the button pet 14 inches so alright you hang out here
little trot don’t go anywhere we’re gonna catch up one of your bigger
cousins well that wasn’t expected guys yesterday
I caught a couple smaller trout but didn’t think I’d catch a keeper here
that’s pretty cool oh there you go that’s a fish
that’s a fish oh it’s a jumper that’s a beautiful Cromie fish too oh wow bobber down baby
all right we’re just gonna bring it up on the bank here we’re gonna bring it up
on the bank no matter what this is we’re keeping it
Wow Wow look at this fish on freakin real guys
unreal holy cow this is a monster is that a
monster rainbow trout Maivia cut through tight hard to tell I
don’t think that that mark there is warranting cutthroat truck that’s a
giant rainbow guys monster rainbow I can’t believe this
because this is like probably one of the biggest rainbow trout I’ve ever caught
in my life all right guys this is insane oh wow we
are about to lose the trout – hey swam out of the net this is a monster it’s
like oh geez second time we almost lost it all right we’re gonna take it away
from the water here I’ve determined it is legal to keep this trout it’s right
around 17 inches actually just super fat so it seemed like it was a lot bigger so
it does not count – the steelhead so it can be wild
look at this fish that’s crazy big that thing is oh I didn’t know that we had a fish on dang that’s a massive fish whoa what the heck is this
I had no idea that we that there was a fish that I saw the bobber was starting
to come up Wow is that a UH okay look we got take a
close look here and see what this is that’s probably a code what I’m thinking
a pretty dark coho spit the hook already alright guys are you thinking what I’m
thinking that’s right it’s caviar time let’s go ahead and keep this fish here
and I’ll show you guys how to make that alright guys check this out this is a
beautiful small female coho and I know what you’re thinking like dude she’s so
dark she’s litter spawn what’s wrong with you let’s do today we are not going
for the best meat quality we are going for the best caviar quality I don’t know
how many of you know but you can’t eat salmon eggs they’re actually quite
delicious now I’m not encouraging everyone to say
aye let’s go and kill a bunch of spawning salmon to eat the eggs it’s
just if you catch a salmon anyways and it’s God it’s a female don’t throw the
eggs out guys you can use them either for bait like we are or you can eat them
they’re so delicious it’s really simple they’re so simple that we’re gonna make
them here at the river in like less than five minutes so let’s go ahead and get
started okay guys so I have my little bag of goodies here for the caviar
really it’s just going to boil down to this we just need a container we need
some salt I use just kosher salt for it and some crackers and I’ve got some
cream cheese and I literally that’s it so we’re gonna do for now just set these
up crafter’s aside we’re going to take this kosher salt here a little too much water all right so we’ve got just the salty
water here we’re gonna mix it up as much as we can oh yeah this is a super
dissolved here oh yeah salty okay guys I’m going to try and do
this without dropping her in the water and losing her but we’re gonna angle her
up look at this you guys see that eggs are straight-up just dropping right out or I’ll squeeze some in my hand so you
can see what they look like isn’t that just crazy all right so we’re
gonna dump those in there as well okay so we’re just gonna strain off these
eggs here like I said then we’re gonna put in just
a little bit of fresh water again toss them around in there for a second
then we’ll add just a little best salt toss them around into salty brine here
again Oh dropped a couple eggs they’re gonna
waste any look at that and that is a fresh salmon
caviar right there you’ll know that they’re done when they are beautiful and
clear like that full of color guys these eggs you can just eat them
just like that look at this they pop in your mouth like little delicious fish
oil fish eat pearls salty fish for homeschoolers let’s go ahead an get a
couple crackers with sorry crackers with cream cheese ready okay now all we’re gonna do is drizzle
some of these eggs on these crackers there we go got every last one of them
on there doesn’t that just look absolutely
fantastic check out that catch we’ve got that coho
a trout that’s almost the size of the coho big old 18 inch looks like a
rainbow trout and then we’ve got a 14-inch
cutthroat right there okay it’s really dark I’m sorry guys I kind of pushed it
till the very end here for you but hope you still enjoy it oh there we go that fresh salmon flavor man that’s good
guys so good it’s imagine like boba tea but the little Boba’s top and they’re
filled with salty delicious like salmon fish flavor amazing like a savory little
palpable Boba’s on cream cheese and crackers oh you
can’t go wrong with it it’s so good hey so while I was wrapping it up down
there by the river I just noticed my camera died so I have no idea where I
lost you all I wanted to say was thank you so much for watching and join your
support being subscribed I love doing this for you guys seriously it’s been a
ton of fun it’s gonna be a ton more fun here this winter and next year we will
see each other for the next adventure until then fish on you

89 thoughts on “Eating SALMON EGGS by River!!! | Coho Fishing | BOBBER DOWN | 4K

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  2. Know some good spots around the Cowlitz county? I fish everywhere here and am curious if I’m missing some good holes?? PNW is home!

  3. Man I tried those salmon eggs once and thought they tasted just like the slime off a Pike, yeah that was on a dare, never again. Glad you like them, I love fish but not those.

  4. wish youd disclose the location, been trying to find a hot place to catch and cook some coho by the sound since cowlitz and puyallup/carbon are getting slow.

  5. very nice
    you know what !!
    I think it would be a good idea if you use a smaller size hook like the size of your pinky nail I use to get them in golden color here in Canada and I think you have them where you are,
    they are circular shaped hooks.
    doing that you get a better chance of hooking fish and also using less row, but anyway that was an awesome post really nice, you brought back some 30 years ago memory at the credit river up here in Ontario Canada where you get chinook salmon, steelhead, rainbow, coho, browns
    oh man it was good old days

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  9. I’d have run a jig with eggs on it. Gets down in that style of water and the bites are more detectable with a taut chandelier rig vs those eggs just floating around in that swirly stuff. It is pretty important that you mend so that the jig faces upstream backing the eggs into their face that way they get all hook when they bite.

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  11. Dude catch and release native trout. If you want to catch and keep trout go to a low land lake. Native trout in Washington have a very difficult life as it is. It probably took that rainbow 3 years to get that big and would spawn with some steelhead this winter but now it’s dead. Also releasing wild trout improves fisheries. That fish would be an opportunity for the next angler. People need to divorce themselves from the idea that the best fish is a dead fish to eat.

  12. You are much more adventurous with food than I am lol. I'll have to live vicariously through you on this one. Great video though! Love how often you upload. It will help your channel grow fast too.

    Can't wait for the next one. Tight lines!

  13. Thank you very much for all of these great videos! As a fellow Washingtonian fisherman watching your videos have definitely inspired me to go out on those cold mornings to the local river holes 😀

  14. Even tho the coho is colored up just a little it will still eat great. Not as good as a chrome one but still taste delicious

  15. Add borax to your cured eggs. They milk out a lot better and I have always caught more fish with borax coated eggs. If you add borax though, add a lot. The eggs soak them up like crazy. When you are done with it, let the eggs soak it in, and if you did it right, the eggs should be kinda crusty with it. Then, they will catch way more fish.

  16. You’re fishing in my kids the swimming hole! I know the exact spot. I caught 2 nice rainbows there before it was open for salmon this year and a nice Cutt last summer. I practice catch and release. Cool area to snorkel and see what’s down there. That entire upper river system is so cool to explore.

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