Eating With My Ex | Taylor-Rae and Adam

Eating With My Ex | Taylor-Rae and Adam

came on to who you can with me what? I had met adam on a pub crawl and [valador] going through bad We spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other and then at the next day She went back to Northern Ireland. Which is where she from and Basically I followed her he told me he was coming over to Northern Ireland on a one-mile jacket And I just thought like this is absolutely crazy. How am I gonna explain this to my mum? And dad we lived together from day one and then um you know we were in a relationship from the moment I met her we were together about Four or five months and we had our ups and downs [after] [we] moved in together you know stress got to both of us and in the end we start arguing and It went downhill from there on I haven’t seen Adam in So I chose the song first I thought we’d go figure hogan Just to remind him that I’ve got curse what I hope to get out from Seeing Taylor today is The sense of we were right to go our separate ways or we should have stayed together and lived happily ever after My tummy’s doing somersaults. No Yeah Three years I am [petrified]. I’m gonna buy you this icarly. Thank you. I was gone You don’t swing [shun]. Hey, okay lovely you too Yeah, ginger really well really yeah, I think I’ve [changed] a lot You’ve got a big load look like you’ve been invalid or already benidorm never going back slap please oh Let me through there you go buddy No, cuz it wouldn’t have been the scene. I think we were too young yeah [once] [and] digit responsibility of being in a relationship But I don’t think about [another] To question me in a sense It was thompson. I’m never change like it was the best summer of my life So [no], there’s [just] things like if I was to go back, I wouldn’t say goodbye and I think I probably Wasn’t a famous [slow-burn] Glad you said that [I] got nice brief a like I Can’t even member over and I went and slept in that spare room We didn’t even have a bad dinner, and he’s like no, [it’s] not the floor With the tile Roma it was just simple things that were falling out over. It wasn’t living things Yeah, if you’re gonna argue house have a point arguably you [could] arguing over the shop, but like yeah, we didn’t yeah I’m what [color] the living rooms gonna be eyes like [I’m] [painting] [you] were like a rod Do you think any any blood would let you do [their] living [room] pink of the woman’s touch of course well, then I? Have no money [you] [have] no money. You were like an apprentice. I was going to the pub and running a karaoke night. Yeah Because we needed money. [I] [know] one [but] I hate today I really did like isn’t it so crazy like I’m such a short space time We don’t everything that a couple would do in years trying We live together without a future together We didn’t even really know each other her goal is from being in a relationship straight away 11 from Joey Yeah, we didn’t even did. I think does that mean? He’s not misplaced opinion she [meant] the family before [you] even met me when You arrived over here didn’t even know what you dad [looked] like and he picked me up from the airport The thing I had to go off was you saying he died look like Phil Scofield You there’s lots really good. I love love lead on them my favorite [chips] Thank you well Did you trust me? No what you mean? No? I feel like I don’t know I think You’re so good with your words. [I] was just being a [dog] just always afraid iam I first met you matt me I felt like I don’t know I was just so Charmed who came on to who? You can with me what? He’s such a liar What did you say to me first? God, no, you know what you said, I like your lips exactly that to me is a chat up line I don’t want the seller don’t So why why are you like? Why are you here? Well, you know yourself like I’m always gonna hold a candle for you. No matter how long We’re apart or whatever I like and I was given this opportunity to come see you. I’m gonna come see you because general just [massive] Sweat on. It’s like I’ve been [on] a few did You seen it looking really jealous. Yeah, I’m gonna kick all my dates, but I just have not only one that I’m actually just Clara You were in relationship flea however long two years Think I didn’t love him. I go always had it like you only had to touch my arm, and I would have felt like Full-on I was gonna reach in such an [enormous] butterfly Not like that was something that I haven’t really experienced in [or] you know say something like would you ever consider call Michael more than our mind assuming? Yeah Oh, it’s not as easy as it used to be [pretty] nice. Yeah good. Oh my God lovely look my Do you think we can do this together again? I think we could live together because well, [they] [don’t] we know the score Like I know if you’re angry just get out of your face immediately [what] I think I’ve learned like so much After breaking up with you for example now when you said would you come back over to Ireland do all me weather just win all Right oh, I look on the phone. I would see if I can get a flight [what] I think I’m more into reality no I don’t think I’d love to I really would but Money doesn’t admit it. Yeah, I don’t understand That’s okay. [I] Just [said] reality is a big part of it And I want a future and I want a family and I want commitment, and I think [as] well. You’re a nice time Probably wouldn’t even play Import’ with what I’m kind of like. I might not sure I’m going home from you’re still like young free and single where I? Kind of look on a mom I I think in my ideal world where we have Money and [were] able to sound like heists and be with each other [I] would do it Not a problem but because we can We can’t You may be able to [mount] different logs to different people, but with you It was just a lobster right to me, and I think you know if I was ever make someone again It’ll be a different type of love, but if it ever comes close to what I have oh, I had with you [I] would grab [it] and keep it and go for it and put a ring all that Senior today, it’s been nice because I want I’ve wanted to see you for four years and like I’m glad that I got the chance Do you I would love a favor by ah I don’t is [palin]. I don’t know I just say completely All over the place really. I think she’s doing really well for herself, and you know we’re both in nice place in our lives, so I’m happy with just seeing it for now. You know it was really nice. [I] kind of know s goodbye Company for now. She’s the one that got away, you know? We’ll see what happens I’ll be fine. [don’t] [worry]. I’ve got my dog you

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  1. They are so cuteeeeeee together man mate if you read this comment try to make it work you can get a full time job and still be a singer on the weekends don’t lose hope chemistry was crazy it’s hard for girls to love a guy like that and when you have a girl like that keep her.

  2. Dude, 4 years apart and they still had that type of connection?? That's not something you come by very often.. I wish them the best regardless!

  3. I just found this show today. I am obviously late on finding it. 😅 I have watched about 10 episodes so far and this is the only couple I think truly loved each other. I think they are both good people and just met at the wrong time. One of the most painful parts of life, is letting go of someone you never imagined life without.

  4. 4 years ago they were 18! i don't know any couples that move in together after a holiday in Benidorm at 18

  5. Money stops 2 people who love each other from being together. We're all slaves to money, while the people hoarding all the money of the world never did anything for it. Lying to the dumb poor who believe working hard will make u rich. People who have the most money do the least amount of work. Look at ur boss at every job.

  6. Baby girl…you're gorgeous. But in 5 years…go much more natural. This look is fierce but it's very severe. When you get older, a softer look keeps you from looking like a haggard old witch.

  7. Did anyone else notice when he said he didn't have the money to fly to Northern Ireland with her she turned him down? Well…if he really wants her, he'll make it happen. Don't give up so easily when she's the one! But if it's just a booty call then…serves him right.

  8. What’s wrong with her color? What is her ethnicity exactly? Is she Arab? Is she trying to be one of us? It’s so weird. If she’s white doing all that tanning is really not good for her.

  9. Can people stop judging her based on her eyebrows? You guys are not even so beautiful to make those assumptions.
    Beauty comes in many ways and standards are different from a person to other.
    Everyone has their RIGHT to dress, act, wear make-up and be themselves.

  10. Really? Money is the reason they are staying apart. Either he is lying or it's true. If true he needs to learn a skill/trade and make a consistent paycheck, then he can do his side gigs on the side…. He's too scared to take the chance.

  11. To everyone who’s thinking and just can’t put their finger on that one thing… here we go.
    He looks like Harry styles.
    Your welcome.

  12. I'm sorry if your between the ages of 17-24 and you had a relationship that didn't last , that's because it wasn't supposed to at that age …

    I cant take the younger ones serious…

  13. She was 18 at the time and they were together for 4 months. FML, THAT WAS SOME SERIOUS SHIT 🤦‍♀️
    *BUT, i have to say. They are perfect for each other

  14. Nah bro, her being angry and you getting out of her face is unacceptable, imagine if it were a dude he'd be an abuser, that is not cool. She def needs to work on her temper, don't just push this under the rug if your gonna be living with this woman (again). Remember why you broke up in the first place, it wasn't just that you were young.

  15. I think they'd be great together. He moved over the pond to be with her. She loves him too. So sad if they didn't get back together.

  16. Ive never been with someone for less than two years except when i was like a 15 year old teenager and you cant take those relationships seriously anyways.
    Like why bother for 5 months

  17. “Women marry men hoping they will change, and men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” -Albert Einstein

  18. Since I can’t even try to do like what she did I meant her eyebrows I think she did good and she gorgeous in her way we all
    like to do things different . But u can’t do my eyebrows like the way she did it for real

  19. These scare me… How long it's been and people haven't moved on… I've gotten out of my first long term relationship… I'm scared that moving on will take so much time and effort and consume me, I'm just so scared…

  20. I like them together she's just a bit spoiled by her parents she must learn to compromised with him not everything her way

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