100 thoughts on “EPIC JAPANESE STREET FOOD TOUR of Kuromon Market in Osaka

  1. Nice hope one opens around #PennyLane #Liverpool #itsliverpool be good for all our #Japanese #Tourists

  2. Thank you for sharing your food adventures with us. I have enjoyed learning about the fun, interesting, and mouth watering foods that you have shown. I also enjoy , and hope you include more, instructions on how to eat or the proper way to eat things.

  3. I know its seen as rude to walk while you eat in Japan, but in a place like this, would it be acceptable?

  4. I want to try more Japanese sweets! I absolutely love snacks and treats that have delicious flavor, but don't make you feel like you should be booking it to your next dentist appointment! I've had sweet red bean anko, and I loved the flavor! I do, however, doubt the quality of anko we can purchase at a store in the states, and would LOVE to try it fresh! Keep up the great videos, guys! You're both adorable, and always make me SO hungry with your food videos! 🤣

  5. メリハリが利いててとてもいい動画です!感動しました!

  6. In bed with flue vegging out for hours with YouTube and did not think it was possible to be hungry or think food would look good but my mouth is watering OMG

  7. I visited Osaka mid July and with your channel's recommendations for Kuromon, I never went hungry! Such an amazing experience and thank you for sharing your adventure.

  8. I love your videos. You mom is cute. And she has fabulous skin. So smooth.
    And by the way, awesome showcase of street food. Makes my mouth water. Hehe

  9. At 4:08, I couldn't help but notice the sign on the back sporting the yellow, blue, and red colors, reminding me right away of my home country (Colombia). Kind of a reflect I suppose xD
    Also, I love seafood too! Now it's 3:24 am here, and I have a craving for it… SO NOT FAIR! ToT

  10. How sweet is crushed anko supposed to be and how sweet is it in general? I recently tried dorayaki for the first time and the anko was almost too sweet for me. But that may have been bc it was made in the states

  11. your mother looks such a sweet lady,and your sister looks like realy cool chick,you are great family ,was real fun watching you

  12. I would never try the baby octopus. I’d feel like I’m eating its brain! Eating whole animals or fishes repulse me.

  13. Sister & mommy know good food like you both do; I would get along with them very well…(I love ur family…) ✨🤙🏼✨

  14. I watched this video last year and now I'm planning my trip to Osaka! Thank you so much. Your channel have the best recommendations!

  15. Could one fund a month long trip to Osaka with $10,000 ( think that converts to over a million yen) I've never been, it seems like it would be enough, but I don't know.

  16. Ugh, I have such a limited appreciation for true seafood I just couldn't get into it. Octopus and urchin and even scallops are out of my comfort zone . Great video as always and the Daifuku looked wonderful…

  17. After I move to Tokyo and I finally visit Osaka I’m going to be greeted by a small delivery truck full of my souvenirs from my trip lol

  18. 8:11 I live in Idaho and there are loads of quails here. Some visit my backyard and my mom likes to feed them. 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for the awesome content as always! Rewatching this while preparing for my trip to Osaka in August. Just curious what is the difference between Kuromon Ichiba market and Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Markets?

  20. I was seeing some of the prices is that expensive in Japan? How much would those prices be compared to American dollars?

  21. Awww, your sister said uni tastes like plastic. I felt the same with her when I ate it. I don't like uni, but I must eat it and I'll eat it! Weird me 😆😆😆

  22. Is your sister, the famously funny  "Aunty Pua" of New Hope Christian Fellowship Drama Ministry in Honolulu, HI?  Please come & visit us soon!  My favorite in Kuromon Ichiba was grilled crab miso with grilled clams, chopped spicy clams & eda mame!

  23. I don’t like overly sweet foods, i guess that’s why i liked desserts in Korea and Japan/Okinawa. Now that my daughters are adults, they like the less sweet options, as well. Thanks…I really liked the market.

  24. That's cool that u have your mom and your sister in your video….they're all natural in front of the camera….it makes me wanna check out Osaka @ the Kuromon Market…..

  25. but I thought tofu didn't have a taste and it took on whatever it was cooked with. ~destroys yet another myth~

  26. Shinichi and his sister are so cute especially after biting the daifuku with their mouth covered in flour 😁. I love that! So cute!

  27. You mother and sister are a lot like me and my dad, whenever we go to markets everywhere we cannot resist buying some stuff home heehe

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