Everything Jen Selter Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Everything Jen Selter Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m so excited for
you to spend the day with me in New York City. Beautiful snowy day. We’re gonna cook, workout,
do some fun things. Ready? This is my boyfriend. (upbeat music) As you know, I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day. Today I’m gonna make some scrambled eggs. I always like to switch
up my eggs so somedays I’ll even have plain
eggs with nothing on it. Other days I’ll go crazy and all this. On my meal plan I have
all different options of my favorite recipes. Today I’m getting funky. Right now I’m just finishing
cutting some onion. And now I have my onion, tomato, spinach, mushroom, my organic brown eggs. Some cheese. Now that everything’s chopped up, I’m gonna get my olive oil. I’m gonna do two egg
whites and one full egg. I’m gonna pour everything in now. Perfect. For those who ask me if
I’m on a strict diet, the answer is no. I’m all about moderation. I eat really healthy. I don’t drink alcohol. I do love chocolate. I love cheese. I have two cheat meals a week and yeah, if I’m craving something I’m
gonna eat it, just moderation. All right, now add some cheese. Just for some taste. My eggs are ready and
they look amazing, wow. If you’re not hungry
now, you’re about to be. Voila. And then I love a little
avocado on the side. Make it all mushy like some guac, oh yeah. I’m gonna go eat breakfast
now and check up on my team. After I eat, 30 minutes
to 40 minutes later, I workout and you’ll
join me for that also. All right guys, welcome to my gym. I’m so excited to workout right now. It’s my favorite part of my day. Let’s go. (upbeat music) So for lunch, we’re always
on the go with meetings and just kind of running around town. So I order on Sundays from
Eat Clean Bro packaged meals. Very easy. A few of my favorites are the salad. They also have specials,
so like, no carbs bro. It’s called “no carbs bro.” (laughs) Really good. So tasty. Hi team. – Hi.
– Hi. – This is the team. This is Laura, I just hired her. And this is my sister Stephanie. She’s been working with me for since I started five years ago. I like keeping my team small because I like being on top of everything. I don’t like people doing things for me. So yes, I work 24/7. Usually, unless we have
meetings, we just hang out here, do work, go over emails. – Eat. – Always eating, but at least
I treat you guys healthy. We got some nuts. Favorites are chocolate, ever. Some Marci’s Munchies, amazing. The team is eating healthy. Besides our cheat meals on Fridays. – Cheat meal on Friday. What’s your favorite cheat meal? – My go to cheat meal, you
guys, I love chicken Parmesan. I love penne alla vodka
with a lot of sauce. I go in on my cheat meals. It’s time to cook some dinner. Tonight we are making
a honey glazed salmon with a side of salad. Super healthy, super yummy,
and it’s on my meal plan. Let’s go make it. As you know, I live in New York City and New York has the best food ever. So I do enjoy going out to eat. Even though when I do go
out, if it’s not a cheat meal I keep it healthy. In my salad, arugula. I cut up a strawberry, shaved almonds. I cut up a tomato. Only half of it. And the other half of an
avocado from breakfast. So, for my dressing I like a little lemon. A little balsamic. I say it weird. Just a drip. That was a little much but it’s all good. And a little olive oil. My oven is pre-heating for my salmon. Let’s get into it. We’re gonna put some soy sauce. Sugar-free maple syrup. A little olive oil. Two pinches of salt. If you love pepper, do what you gotta do. I’m just putting a pinch. Okay. Now I am going to paint this. I’m a painter, guys. And then I always just put
the leftovers right there. Perfect. Growing up, I didn’t really know much about health and nutrition. In terms of what I should
and shouldn’t be eating. It’s kind of cool, the older
I got, I started to learn. I love eating healthy
because when I eat healthy I feel good. I’m energized, my skin glows. I’m breaking out because
it’s that time of the month right now but when I eat
like shit, I feel like shit. Now my salmon’s ready. I’m gonna go put it in. So as you guys know, I spend
a lot of time on my phone. Probably more than the average person. While my food’s cooking
I always love responding to comments and just
interacting with my followers. I have a private Facebook group of all women from all across the world. And it’s really fun to
just read their stories and chit chat. Mmm. Alrighty, my salmon. Looking good. My salad. I’m gonna throw this bad boy right on top. Wow. If only you knew how good
this smells right now. And I always, always have dessert. I have the biggest sweet tooth. So, a little healthy. I keep these in the apartment. It’s called Marci’s Munchies. It’s like a healthy protein cookie. There’s also protein balls
that I keep in my fridge. You know your girl loves dark chocolate so I always have extra dark Alter Eco. So that’s dinner. Thank you guys for hanging
out, watching me cook, watching me workout,
meeting the team and my dog. I hope to see you soon. (upbeat music)

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  1. I use to watch her stories she eats junk food for the most part. She’s one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight.

  2. Ok looked into who this person is. I’m cancelling my magazine subscription…. using a Instagram thot on what used to be a reputable magazine brand. Have you lost it? Harper you have lost your credibility… may have well become the new “king” magazine targeting young men. Good bye!

  3. Ummm, "sugar-free maple syrup" on the salmon is kind of funny. Maple sugar is basically sucrose and water so not sure what sugar free means in this context. She eats very well but needs more calcium.

  4. I love her energy, but the knife she's using isn't ideal for cutting veggies. You can see it cuts very thick. And leaving that single garlic clove on the baking tray? A little lazy (even though she works out).

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  8. Harper's Bazar, I would recommend giving viewers a quick bio of the individual. We have no idea who this individual is.

  9. Looks like she eats very well,she's not starving herself and the long black hair that winds up in the food she cooks is added protein!

  10. It's the lip injections, it doesn't look natural, it looks just like the older woman who do their lips and go overboard. Also in her case she thinks more makeup is going to make her look better, but her face doesn't look good w/ too much makeup. There are just some people who don't look good w/ much makeup, in some cases it's because their features are too dark. I have a friend who has really dark eyebrows, brown eyes and really dark eyelashes and when she piles on the makeup, it looks terrible.

  11. how about clothes, makeup and furniture, are those organic ?
    sugar free maple syrup? what the .. its has been processed heck out of it.
    eating no carbs actually is bad for environment. why. because vegetables are loww in calories and people then need to eat huge amounts of them, but growing same caloric amount of crops or vegetables, its much more energy and resource consuming to grow the vegetables. people have to eat moderate amount of complex carbohydrates. its not possible to feed human kind with meat and vegetables. like cutting out carboydrates is the other end of the spectrum. why cant people have common sense and eat everyhting moderately? either obese or healthfreak. also with training, people use cars to drive to gym… just take a walk, that is your cardio. do some work that makes sense. its just makes no sense, take a car and then train. again, wheres the common sense.

  12. To all the people commenting nO cArBs. It blows my mind that people are so dumb that they don't realize carbs aren't just in bread and pasta. Carbs are in the veggies she ate, they were in the chocolate and the snacks she ate there are carbs in literally everything including avocado, fish, meats. Y'all really be that stupid smh.

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