Everything Tyler Cameron Eats in a Day  | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Everything Tyler Cameron Eats in a Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

– So I have my Fantasy Suite card. (laughs) – We blush. (upbeat music) – Look at that thing, that’s beautiful. (upbeat music) Hey guys what’s going on? It’s Tyler Cameron. I’m down to take you on
some of my favorite places to eat in the city. So this is my own food
tour with with y’all. Let’s go. (upbeat music) All right, so, we’re here
at Tompkins Square Park. This is a place where we
take a lot of our kids with ABC Food Tours. I had one of my favorite
moments of all time here with one of our kids. We were sitting here
watching the guys skateboard and eating Village Square Pizza and he looks up to me and he goes, “This is the best day
I’ve ever had in my life.” What we do here with
these kids is so much fun. It provides such an experience for them and for us as well. We learn so much from them. So, I love doing it, love spending time with these kids and this is right here where we do it all. (upbeat music) So, here we are, my breakfast spot, Tompkins Square Bagels, come on and check it out. (upbeat music) All right, can I get a Everything bagel, half scooped with butter and bacon, egg and cheese please. And mustard on the side. So, I had my family in town, this past weekend on Saturday. We all came in here. We had probably about 10
of us sitting on that table and I had my first Lox bagel, the pastrami lox deluxe, it was incredible. Today I’m sticking with my orignal order, bacon, egg and cheese, half scoop butter. Everything bagel, perfect. – Here you go Tyler – Thank you sir. – Bacon, egg and cheese, enjoy. – Appreciate it. – All right. – That’s all. Always got to have a breakfast bagel with a side of mustard. My pops put me on that and ever since I started doing it, I could not eat it without mustard now. So, mustard on your breakfast sandwich is the way to go, I promise. So, I first heard about this place through my roommate, Matt James. He put me on here when we first started ABC Food Tours this was one of his favorite spots when I came to the city. So, we started here for breakfast, hit like 10 other spots that day, and this place has always stuck with me. So, I’m a big fan of
Tompkins Square Bagels and I always come here now. So, we got our breakfast in, we got our workout in, had a clean up, shower up, changed and now it’s time to go
to my favorite lunch spot. Flip Sigi’s, see my boy, Jordan Andino, the chef there. Love him, love his food. I’m very excited for this. (upbeat music) So, here we are, we’re at Flip Sigi. This is one of my favorite
spots in the city. It’s my Monday spot ’cause it’s buy one get one burrito. Jordan’s a great friend of mine he’s an amazing chef. So, I love to come here every Monday, and cause some chaos. So, when I come here I always gotta get the Cali Burrito. That’s my go to every single time. I like to get the pork buns, what are they called? – They’re called the Nice Buns. – The nice buns, all right. Today I am going to do the Cali Burrito with a side of fries. – [Waiter] A side of
fries, you got it buddy. – All right. My guy, Jordan. – [Jordan] Yo, what up? – It’s good brother. – What’s up baby? What’s happening? – Not much. I had to show off one of my
favorite spots in the city. – Yeah! – So, this is Jordan. This is my guy. – What up? – Great friend, ever better chef. Huge fan of his restaurant here. So, I had to showcase it. Love this place. – Thanks for coming by man. – We just ran a marathon together. – I mean, he passed me. He passed me at 23, 24. It was bad. – He blew by me and then I passed him, and then he blew by me again, and then I passed him. This guy ran a craziest
race I’ve ever seen. – Are you gonna do it next year? – Yeah. You’re gonna do it again with me, right? – Ah. Great. – All right. – Oh no. – It’s on record
– Okay, yeah, yeah, it’s on record. I literally told Jess, I was like I’m never doing that again. You hungry? – Yes, I’m getting the Cali Burrito. I always get it. – Okay, you have to. – The fried chicken sandwich is banging. – Okay, okay. – Get that, I’ll eat that you try it.
– I’ll try it. – And to drink. – Should we do a beer? – I’ll do a beer. – Let’s do a beer. – Cali Burrito and fries. – Let’s go, thank you. Look at that thing. That’s beautiful. Big fan of the red sauce here, it gives a little bit of kick, it’s got a little vinegary bite to it, a nice touch to the Cali Burrito. Lay it on there thick. Can’t beat it. Best burrito in the city. (upbeat music) All right, so it’s dinner time. We’re going to Bobwhite’s. Bobwhite’s is southern comfort food. Me being from the south, I love me some good southern comfort food. It’s a great date spot. They’re always bumping some good R&B. So many great options down here in the lower east side village area. So, you can’t go wrong
eating out down here. (upbeat music) The timing is great, the
marathon just happened, so, this is my cheat day. One of you guys have to
come have dinner with me I can’t eat alone. Erica, all right. I’ve been having a hard
time getting a date lately. – Is this date. – I got you Erica. – Hi. – How are you?
– How’s it going? – Have you ever been here before? – I have not, what’s good? – Do you like fried southern food? – I do. – You do? – I do. – This is the spot, all right. – Perfect. – Are you from the south? – I’m from Delaware. – That’s not the south. We gotta get you some southern food. – Yeah. – All right. I’m getting the buffalo chicken sandwich. – Hmm, that sounds really good. I’m gonna do the fried chicken. – All right let’s roll. – Let’s have some fried chicken. – There we go, dive on in. – All right, cheers. – Cheers. – I’m drinking wine, this is great. – I want wine. – You want wine? – Can I get wine?
– We can switch, we can switch. – Now it’s a date. – Okay, now we gotta cheer again. – Now we can cheers.
– Cheers. – There we go. – That’s better. – I finally got a date in New York City, other than Matt and my dad. This is a new first for me. – I love it. So, how does New York food match up to food in the South? So, New York food’s phenomenal. Can’t argue that. But, there’s some spots, like barbecue, the best barbecue I’ve ever had is in Austin, Texas. – Really? – Coopers. Yeah, best of the best. Beef rib, amazing. But, I will say Red Hook in Brooklyn, a place called Hometown Barbecue. – I’ve been there! – You’ve been to Hometown?
– It’s so good!. – Okay, let’s go! – It’s so good.
– Yes. Their beef ribs comparable is very good. For when it comes to fried chicken, I have a place at home, it’s literally across
the street from my house. And like, whenever mom didn’t make dinner, we would walk across the street and go eat dinner there. And they had these things called Zingers, which is like fried chicken, unreal my mouths salivating
talking about it, I’m gonna start drooling. (laughs) Overall though, New
York’s got the best food. – Do you have a favorite pizza place here? – Favorite pizza place here. – It’s very controversial. – It is, it is. Like people will definitely get after you, if you have the wrong name. If you don’t say Joe’s, people lose it. – Yeah. – I like Bleecker, I like Joes’s, current street pizza, grandma style. Very good.
– So good. – I can go on and on, Pizza Patsy’s, what about,
do you have a cookie spot? – I’m a big cookie guy. – Cookie spot, no I don’t actually. And now I’m realizing I’m like lacking on the cookie in my diet. We gotta get you to Levain. – Wait, no I’ve had those. – Oh you’ve had Levain? – Somebody had them at the office. – Those are the ones that are like, you peel them apart, and their just like gooey and delicious. Can we get cookies? – Should we go on a
cookie date after this? – Can we get cookies? We’re taking this date to the next level for cookies. After burritoes, fried chicken and breakfast bagels, do you wanna go spin at the fantasy suite. – Absolutely. (upbeat music) – A little dessert before dinner. – Yeah. It’s like number one, don’t eat on a date. Especially a first date. – Just dive onto it, right there. – All right. – There you go. All right. So, you’ve seen my breakfast, you’ve seen my lunch, you’ve seen my dinner, now it’s time for me and her to have a private date. So, you camera’s need to get out of here. So, we can enjoy ourselves.

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