100 thoughts on “EXOTIC THAI FOOD Tour! SUPER RARE street food of Chiang Mai, Thailand

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  2. the spicy minced buffalo salad looks like "Lawar in Bali", we used raw minced pork to be mixing out with spices along with young jackfruit and coconut, it's always interesting to watch Sonny's channel where he revealed many other kinds of authentic cuisines around Asia ❤️

  3. Fried pork intestine is great. There's an authentic Mexican place by where I used to work and the guys told me I had to try it. Get it every time now

  4. When creatures die, they begin to decompose and the meat undergoes a chemical change in texture and flavor. It's like ikajime or real fresh sashimi.

    Tiny transperent shrimps flavors are very fragile and change entirely after being dispatched almost instantly.

  5. Personally, I like to think that the fact we don't get a lot of pleasure from seeing our food suffer while we eat it, is one of the prescious few things that separates us from the other animals.

  6. Eating raw food is dangerous because of microbial infection. I mean, humans discovered this thousands of years ago. No matter how you "spice it up", it's not a great idea to eat raw food.

  7. New sub Sonny! Hello from Texas!👋 what you do, isn't just you doing it. But what is fresh, fun & entertaining is the 1 liners. I appreciate your sense of humor and the way you get along with other people & cultures & (this is a big thing for me) you keep the dialog clean. Thank you!😍😋

  8. What can ur guide eat she can't raw,spicy,etc ones she didn't tell n she food guide non Thailand good choice this my daughter account so please reply sensibly thank you

  9. Ngl I fucking cracked up around 16:30 shes just tasting something in silence and the guy just looks away and goes "that dog has a shirt"
    Me too buddy, I also have the attention span of a gold fish, me too

  10. Grated raw mango with white onion and shrimp paste with that smaller shrimp and red chilli wow yummy.we call it jumping salad

  11. Grated raw mango with white onion and shrimp paste with that smaller shrimp and red chilli wow yummy.we call it jumping salad

  12. Ay, lets go I’m half Thai and live in Chiangmai and wen to the lake before. My mom ate the jumping fish but I never tried…

  13. When are you going to go to Northwest Territories, Greenland and Siberia to eat the native foods such as the raw birds stuffed in a seal carcass for months fermenting to then open up and eat ?

  14. That's the first time I've ever seen him spit something out. He usually ears whatever but that one bug was not edible.

  15. Westerners eat intestines too you idiots : before potatoes were imported from America in the XVI-XVIIth century fried intestines was the only way people ate fries, get it?) In popular Belgian pubs you'll still find them with a good beer.
    Btw it's the most insanely crual video I've ever seen, please apologize for eating animals alive or I'll stop watching, guaranteed.

  16. Hey Sonny , what do you do after you try some food , what happens to the rest of the food , is it given to someone else or is everything eaten ?

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