Farm to School grows NY ag, sows seeds for healthy eating

Farm to School grows NY ag, sows seeds for healthy eating

bulk kale for the Buffalo schools program. It’s going to them tomorrow. CHERYL THAYER: One
of the primary tenets of both Farm to School and
Cornell Cooperative Extension is to grow the New York
State agricultural industry. And Farm to School programs, by
using their massive purchasing power, really help
us achieve that. DAVID WALCZAK: Cornell’s
worked hand in hand with us. They’ve helped us get the
Farm to School program going, helped us get established
with the Buffalo schools. They’ve helped other school
systems to find out about us, and just helping to
connect the dots. BRIDGET O’BRIEN-WOOD:
Cornell Cooperative Extension and Cornell University have
been providing coordination with local farmers and suppliers to
help us bridge those gaps that we were experiencing before
the Farm to School program. We have had so much
success only because we’ve had partnerships
that have really embraced the full concept
of Farm to School. DAVID WALCZAK:
Eden Valley Growers was founded back in the 1950s. We’ve been around for
60-plus years now. And we’re a group of growers
working together cooperatively, serving good homegrown produce
to Western New York and the New York state area, and
also down the East Coast. CHERYL THAYER: Working
with Eden Valley Growers has reduced the cost of produce
coming into the district, because they are
selling local items that are grown 30 miles
away, that aren’t being trucked across the country. They’re just such an important
player in the local ag sector, really aggregating a
lot of local products from local farms. And that to us, working
in farm to institution, is really what we need to
be able to move the needle. DAVID WALCZAK: It’s generating
more business overall for all the growers. And it’s bringing New York
state product into the schools in the Western New York area. It’s rewarding, you know? It’s cool that they’re
eating– that’s dad’s corn. It’s not my corn, but that’s
the way they think of it. CHERYL THAYER:
For local farmers, we’re supporting
them, again, by using those institutional dollars. For schools, we’re helping
them get healthy, local food into their school building. Eden Valley Growers
grow 45 specialty crops. And they’re basically
in Buffalo’s backyard. So the fact that they’re working
together intentionally now is a win across the board.

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  1. 👍🙏🤲😇 Teaching how to grow, now we have to get the Government in line, after all they need some agriculture, and their lives, and get them to focus on living , not death🤔🤓👍🙏🤲😇

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