78 thoughts on “Fast Food Lovers Try Low-Calorie Items From Wendy’s

  1. 🌸 Who else is here as soon as they got the notif? Like if you are!🌸


    – love from a small youtuber 💖

  2. Why don’t you guys just go the grocery store and buy a salad?

    Not that I’m complaining, I want one too

  3. Or Joyce you can get the Baconator with no bun no ketchup and lettuce wrap it fills you up you don’t need fries

  4. Is this sponsored by Wendy's or something? They had these food options for years. Not sure about the wrap, but they had everything in this video since the beginning that the store was opened.

  5. Low calorie options tend to be quite bland because the fast food places don't properly season their food. Especially when you combine that with being vegetarian!

  6. Let’s be real here, if you’re going to order fast food, just order whatever. The “healthy” options still aren’t very healthy. If you want healthy, don’t go to a fast food restaurant (this is coming from an unhealthy fatass btw)

  7. If you eat fast food you aint trying to eat healthy, so I dont get why they make these healthy products. If you want to eat healthy you can make yourself a salad or something

  8. The #1 mistake that vegans/vegetarians make is thinking BECAUSE they're a vegetarian/vegan, they're automatically gonna eat healthier. Which is not true at all 😂 because there are plenty of things people on those diets can eat that aren't healthy at all

  9. If I scroll through my feed and see that Joyce is in a video, that’s it. I will stop everything I’m doing and will watch. We need more Joyce!

  10. If I'm going to a fast food restaurant I'm not gonna be making healthy decisions I'll go to the groceries store for that

  11. BuzzFeed: we need new ideas!
    try guys makes a video about vegan fast food
    BuzzFeed: omg I just got an idea

  12. Best thing to get at Wendy's- sour cream and chive baked potato and chili with the chili sauce packets. I don't care much for anything else they have. They had a salad called the harvest salad that was great but they discontinued it. xD

  13. I worked at Wendy's from 2004 to 2012. They've always had the potato and grilled chicken. The wrap is probably around 8 or 9 years old now, but none of this is new.

  14. I just wanna say to people that go “then why go there?” I mean sometimes you’re out chilling with some peeps and sometimes they wanna eat at a fast-food place, and it’s hard to resist temptation when you’re tryin to healthy since you’re surrounding by fries and burgers.

    So the best you you can bet on is the “low calorie” stuff which deep down ppl know still ain’t healthy but they wanna try their best to eat healthy.

  15. I am a vegetarian and it's not true that that's automatically a healthier option. You can still have fried Food, carbs, Dairy, fatty cheese. I mean, come on.

  16. Come on, it is much healthier and cheaper to buy some fruits, veggies and good source of carbs like rice, potatoes, buckwheat, millet or oats than eating trash food.

  17. im sorry, but this video was ASS. I usually enjoy these videos, but this one was just bad.
    1. It's basically only 3 minutes long.
    2. They tried one food

  18. Have I been living under a rock or something? Since when did broccoli go on a baked potato?!?!?

  19. i get the grilled chicken sandwich at wendy's not because it is "healthy" (lol), but because it tastes bomb. theres nothing really healthy at fast food places.

  20. Fast food places really need to start having the option of getting burgers on a whole wheat bun, or lettuce wrapped.

  21. Sometimes the item you think is "unhealthy" or less healthy can actually be the better option of the 2. I've seen salads with higher calories, sodium, sugar and carbs than a big cheeseburger lol.
    You can't just look at the calories in stuff…also pay attention to the amounts of sodium, sugar and carbs.

  22. When homegirl said, there wasn’t any “cheese or Broccoli” on the Baked potato!!?

    like….is that a thing ?? WHOO puts broccoli ON a baked potato?!
    We need answers!
    (And by “WE” I mean Me)

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