FGTEEV FAT BOY EATS VILLAGERS in MINECRAFT.io Destructive Worms Slither.io Mini-Game Adventure Map

FGTEEV FAT BOY EATS VILLAGERS in MINECRAFT.io Destructive Worms Slither.io Mini-Game Adventure Map

Hey, what’s poppin you – I go by the name of boss study here basically today? We are doing another I m going to just chop a chase Your mom’s so lame. I know white people in glee she totally interrupted that video I know what I’m doing today. So not cool. You guys are my side understand you got to be payments? Okay, mom. I’m done eating all my food now It’s on going down sales to become a famous YouTube stop if you need me call my assistant assistant Boy, that kid I got some imagination boy blue Who is he talking to what is the matter with that kid? It’s impossible Oh, hey guys so listen my crew. White-walled went back out on boxing and I walk them white D yup? I’m just going to skip straight to the gameplay, so if you don’t know who I am My name is Jeff. We tease some people called me, Jeffrey TV. And I like slither So if you don’t know what slithered Iowan It’s basically a game about a bunch of little warmth and you basically have to make other ones crap into you So they die and then you can eat their dot Its own like see I just made that guy crap into me now. I got it. That’s not bagel. No what oh no What you’re told us tonight died so I’m not the best play at this game But that’s live at i/o now rifton. I like Minecraft you say we play class war We should be flint so this game called destructive warms on Minecraft or the enemy to advance to the next weapon Every second I take I’m going to lose the point, but when I eat an enemy gives you back points, basically Everybody is an enemy to you. That would oh box right there the power walk It will make you whole fact of a twenty second most importantly. It’s not about winning. It’s about having fun. So work Way cuz we’ve died well one Here I go. Oh, I need to find bad guys to eat them finally alone in my Relaxation raft no one will disturb me here Foolish baba. What’s up, Mr.. Billet up? Any more enemy the one he is why negation by a big science day wait your hair? one this guy I Got that guy or dislike. Oh, no. I missed that guy got don’t go back alone get them Yeah that guy is gone. So you don’t want to use your mouth for this game because look it will grip out like crazy Like sabot, so you need to just go find bad guys. Oh, no, Mr.. Bad guy No, I want a better Becca. It’s a bad guy these back either disappear with oh, I ate them that’s so weird school and Fat old bag I got that guy Oh, this is the bag. I stole tell him to go in hey Bob. Do you think I’m a bad guy? oh yeah, I’ve got the bad guy ah Oh don’t eat me I didn’t tell him no don’t eat me and Schism read this game is so cool White guy makes me give a thumbs up and subscribe to my Twitter I can’t become a famous youtuber if you guys stolen subscribe to my channel. I just got a skeleton that was cool, bro Mmm. There’s nothing up he’ll there’s no bad when it’s not a bad guy I’m losing point You lose one point at we second and I only have 20 points left And I need you all bad guys back. I please no bad guy dunno. Go down to get back you Know bad guys give me give me get lost. I ate them now. I have more points See that’s how the game works eat people get points. Don’t eat people lose points. Are you guys to squat down? Seriously, I said tell me mom I can become a serious to favorite youtubers you’ll never take me serious. Oh my goodness great I’m a zero points Oh, just watch the bad guys in it you see a little fat height I’m going to sneak up on them And then I’m going to sit so in the door Did you just see that you’re hiding boy shit drop back either got 7 points? I have a feeling I’m probably gonna end the game. Oh Look at this look that’s a special power up like this. Oh I got special game of the powerful look at this guys ready white kill oh Wait still no, this is so weird This is so well go get him yes, I don’t like how you lose points. That should not be a thing Doesn’t even exist you basically need good to control yourself if you don’t have any dirt or ground you can’t move Your character. It’s like a shot. What did work ready? Ahh? Ahh? oh I got that bad guy. Don’t touch with that. Oh, I got so many bad guys up here. Oh, this is 3 That’s awesome. White guys that’s awesome. Any more bad guys hello Any bad boys wow I can’t believe he didn’t see me I still can’t find more bad guys guys okay. I think he’s gone. I’ll go back to farming now Oh bad guys great God um oh it’s like a water tunnel. I’m like this boy in water Tunnels, Hello, Yuusha More enemies remaining will of enemies hiding feeling really good at hiding, okay? Hello bad guys who want to be eaten in a dying bell? We have a snake coming radio, and I will come and eat you hello bad guy oh bad guy Oh, I missed a bad guy stay white there back. I yum more enemies still remaining I can’t find bad guys anywhere in the blocks we spawn so it’s hard to see where I’ve already been in check for back on ah Walk did a monster dump? My that’s with a J Shall we sometimes my day sounds like DS – not good oh no. Oh no. I’m too afraid to leave the bathroom. Oh no, it’s so much fun. It’s like sweat Oh look at this guy’s. I guess. I’ll just stay here and hope he doesn’t find me God um I got the villa dog. I don’t see any more bad guy. Do we up game baby’s west wait. Oh I’m going to sneak up on bad guy da da da okay. Can a bad plan an underground Tunnel Oh, why wet deck. I think this is the last bag I can just around here What? There’s still more enemies remaining. This is crazy I’ll go turn Wow, and I still have zero points did I eat them wow Moving on to the next day floating identic guys. I totally does beat the game Wow, tactic – looks really cool, but guys that’s it for this video if you guys want to see more gimme please subscribe like comment and We will maybe do this again next time if my mom stops following me so much Hope you guys enjoy little poeple there but boom boom boom boom boom Shakalaka somebody call a doctor. I’ll check myself. That’s not news for Gonzaga Your zombies daddy come close to me. I never where are you I’m right here. I can’t just randomly take a chance

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