Find and eat wild fruits, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 81

Find and eat wild fruits, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 81

A banana forest They’re wild bananas They have fruits but difficult to eat Because there are so many hard seeds inside the banana and it taste acrid Only the stem can be eaten easily It’s sweet at first but acrid later The stem of this plant is eatable, too but we need to find a young one Their stems have a slight good smell and not acrid Besides, their fruit is really delicious but it’s hard to find because it’s a favorite fruit of the frugivore Very few young leaf A fig family’s tree Squirrel and mouse really like this kind of fruit Fig – a tropical fruit- is a safety food It’s still green It tastes acrid but not bad There is few ripe one in the tree, maybe the frugivore has come here before us There is no other choice, we need to add energy A strange fruit looks like a Dragonplum but has a darker color There is a big crab inside this and this A little bit sour, quite delicious compared to figs This place has many crab’s holes look like figs

43 thoughts on “Find and eat wild fruits, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 81

  1. ไอห่านี้มันแดกเก่งชิปหายเลยวะ

  2. I really like your video's but please don't chew like that. It's probably a cultural difference but in western society people find that sound disgusting.

  3. I can hear you breathing 😩..
    Anung puno yan,? Wala ata dito sa bisayas niyan..isn't poisonous tree?

    Miss this Video..

  4. awaasss tong tar lo jatuh lagi kyk kemarin gua hampir lelah sakit perut ketawain looooo,,, tu juga baju pakaian gk pernah digantiiii heran gua…

  5. Poisonous this fruit nobody eat this kind of fruit this is called tubog when I wAs a kid I play this fruit as a toy car we make it by a banana body and we put stick and this fruit is the wheel

  6. And now I realized that this fruit is fig I eat this but a riped one I didn't taste the green one because my parent said before this fruit is poisonous

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