Flying To My DNA HOMELAND | EXTREME Street Food ADVENTURE Based On My DNA Test Results!

Flying To My DNA HOMELAND | EXTREME Street Food ADVENTURE Based On My DNA Test Results!

– Wow, look at this. That is crazy and this is
gonna be the first meal. Look at all of these baby lamb heads. Check it out, guys, it’s Trevor James and today’s video is a
super special occasion. We’re gonna be flying to
a new country all based on my personal DNA ancestry
reports from 23andMe. We’ve got this personal genetic service testing kit right here. We’re gonna be taking the DNA test and then wherever my ancestry is from we’re gonna be flying there for a full-on street food tour. Let’s check it out. Awesome, guys, look at this. We’ve got the 23andMe
testing kit box right here and I am so excited to take this test ’cause we’re gonna find
out where my ancestry is originally from,
probably somewhere in Europe and then we’re gonna fly
there for street food and we might also find
out other attributes as well like taste preferences. So you can see the name here 23andMe. It comes from the fact that all human DNA is organized with 23 pairs of chromosomes. Okay, let’s get started. Oh, there we are, awesome. 23andMe, let’s get started. Here we go, guys, so we’re
gonna provide a sample and then mail it quickly
and get the results and then fly somewhere for street food. So then we just seal it up, shake it and that is ready to send off quickly and then we’re gonna get the results. Alright so we’re just
registering the kit no online and then we’re gonna mail it back quickly, get the results and
we’re gonna be exploring a new country based on my ancestry. Awesome, guys, today is the day. I just got the email. It’s been a couple weeks. Our DNA reports are in. So we’re gonna take a look
at my ancestry breakdown here and then fly somewhere to eat. Okay, here we are, guys, ancestry. Whoa, wow. Eastern European, 28.1%,
28.1% Poland, whoa. Balkan, Greece 23.7%, French
and German 12%, Italian 3.9. Well, this is really detailed. Oh and look at this, I am
0.1% Sub-Saharan African and here is the ancestry timeline
which should explain that so this is going by generations
and you can see over time. So we’ve got Balkan, Eastern
European, French and German and this going back in time, Scandinavian, British and Irish, Italian and
then here it is West African. Wow, 200 years ago, I most likely had a third-great-grandparent,
fourth-great-grandparent who was 100% West African. Whoa, that is super cool. And we also have a ton of
other reports here as well. We’ve got wellness
reports, genetic weight, alcohol flush reaction,
caffeine consumption and oh here’s the good stuff. So there’s some special traits here. Asparagus odor detection,
likely can smell, yup. Sweet vs. salty, likely prefers salty. Yeah, I think in general I prefer salty, but I do love sweet as well. So now the big question is where do we go? And there is just a ton of information on these reports here. I wanna give a huge thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this episode. You guys can go check it out, Go order a kit, see for yourself and discover where your
DNA and ethnicity is from. And all that’s left now, I think we’re just gonna book a flight. And after booking our
flights and taking a quick overnight trip, we
arrived at downtown Athens hungry and ready to
adventure for tons of amazing Greek street food all based on my DNA from the 23andMe reports and in one day, we found five insanely
delicious Greek foods. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end so you don’t miss any of these beauties, with a bonus adventure
up to the Acropolis. Let’s eat. Just look at where we are,
guys, downtown Athens. Just got in and this is
just such a super cool idea to travel based on your DNA. And check it out, Acropolis behind us, ancient heritage buildings. This is what it’s all
about, but we’re gonna go for a full-on food adventure. Check it out. First up on my 23andMe DNA heritage tour and before going to a huge
Greek feast, we’re stopping by to try a special Greek
pizza boat, the peinirli. Right up here is a joint Peinirli Ionias and we’re gonna try it out. We’re goin’ to peinirli heaven. Look at this guys, these are
all the special peinirlis. So they’re like in a oblong, conical shape and there’s a bunch of different fillings and back here, look at that,
that is the wood-fired oven. And we just got invited
back so we’re gonna go take a look and see how it’s made. Hi. Whoa, the peinirli (laughs). Look at this, guys. Special peinirli. – Yeah, it’s. – So this is the wood-fired oven? – Yeah, it’s a wood-fired oven. – [Trevor] Oh, that’s all
the flame from the wood. – [Chef] Yes. – [Trevor] What’s the
famous one, the keema? – The keema, the white cheese
with tomatoes and peppers. – [Trevor] White cheese,
tomatoes for the keema. – Yes, olives, Greek olives. – Or the egg, the egg? – And the egg, of course, of course. – [Trevor] What’s your favorite? – My favorite is that one
with white cheese, olives, tomatoes and the one beautiful egg. – [Trevor] Oh, okay, let’s try that. – [Chef] Yeah. – [Trevor] And we’re gonna make. – [Chef] We’re gonna make with this. – [Trevor] With the fingers. – Yes, with the fingers,
no, here, only with this, not with this, only with this. – Just the tip. – Right. – Just the tip of the fingers, incredible. (speaks foreign language) – [Trevor] The keema. (speaks foreign language) – [Trevor] The ground beef. Oh, incredible. So, this is the keema? – [Chef] Yes. – [Trevor] Ground beef with yellow cheese. – [Chef] Yes. – [Trevor] And this is your favorite here? – [Chef] Is vegetarian. – [Trevor] Vegetarian. – Yeah, with bacon. It’s not exactly vegetarian. – Vegetarian with bacon. That’s the best type. (laughs) After watching chef make
tones of different peinirli with a huge selection
of different toppings and cuts of meat, I
ordered chef’s favorite, a feta with dill and olives
and a keema ground beef with cheese and a beautiful egg on top. Ho, oh, oh, look at that. Wow. – [Chef] It gets meat and egg together. – [Trevor] Perfect, and
then put it back in. – Yes, for to make it cook. Look at what. – Oh, look at those pizza, wow. The sausage with egg and tomato. – [Chef] Look what we have here. – [Trevor] Oh, beautiful. (speaks foreign language) Oh, beautiful. (speaks foreign language) Wow, that smells so fresh. Oh, thank you so much. Whoa, egg, sausage, oregano, oh and all the peinirli are
just coming out right now. Ooooh, look at all those peinirli. This is what we came
for, the keema, the egg all of that yellow cheese, oh, and it smells so fantastic and we just got this beautiful sausage and egg, oregano pizza. Mm, whoa, whoa, it’s incredible. That is just so flavorful. The tomato is incredibly aromatic. The egg, the egg yolk
just melts in your mouth and we’re just bringing out so many of these peinirli as well. Look at that, oh, chopping the keema. Amazing. That is the most aromatic
think I’ve ever smelled. – And when you get done, do this. – Oh, dip it in the egg yolk. Dip it in the egg yolk. Wow, thank you, Chef, thank
you, keema, thank you. Okay, we’re gonna try it out right here. – He get it. – Mm. – Mm. – Whoa, whoa, oh yeah. – Whoa. – That is so good. It’s all about the egg yolk
and the keema, the meat. – The meat. – It’s just so full of flavor. Oh, and crispy. – It’s Greek, of course. – Thank you, Chef. – Thank you. – Thank you, incredible. That was just a life-changing pizza boat and we’ve got so much more to try. Let’s keep exploring. Next up, we’re going for meat. And, a local specialty
made of baby lamb organs wrapped up around the intestines. And we got way more than we expected. This place had roast
baby lamb heads as well, a full-on first Greek meal. Awesome, guys, we’ve
made our way to Kalivia, a little place called Trigono Restaurant and we’re gonna try some
delicious lamb chops. Greek meat, this is
what we came here to try and we’re gonna try a
specialty, kokoretsi as well. And after saying hi to Chef Christos, oh and here’s the
kokoretsi, the meat master at Trigono’s Restaurant,
he began by showing us exactly how to make the kokoretsi. So look at all the organs. Look at all the layers on
here one after another. We go the lung, the liver, the fat and it’s all covered in oregano. And after finishing up the skewer, Chef Christos began by wrapping
it up with the intestines. Okay and we’re gonna wrap it. Oh, so he’s just tying it up. Whoa, and you can see
it’s coming together now. Kokoretsi. Look at how detailed that is. The intestines wrapped
around all of those organs. Perfection. (speaks foreign language) okay, and salt and we’re
just putting on tons of oregano and salt here, look at this. Wow. Look at that. So Chef Christos, he
just finished layering all of the intestines on
this beautiful kokoretsi. You can smell the oregano
and all the organs, the lungs, the kidney,
the heart, the liver, it’s all in there and it’s
layered with all that fat. And I think we’re putting some lamb heads on a spit over here, let’s go take a look. Look at this, lamb heads on a spit. Chef Christos is putting baby lamb heads, these are 45-day old baby lambs here and wow, that is crazy. And it goes right on as well. That is insane, look at those lamb heads. Baby lamb. – Baby. – Babies. – Baby. – Whoa, look at that. You can see the eyeballs,
the tongue, all the head meat and it’s juicy, delicious. And then there’s also, of course, these beautiful lamb shanks, the shoulders and the legs and that’s just bubbling. You can hear the bubbling and the juices just
bursting out, incredible. And look at this guys,
Chef Christos is grilling, oh, the lamb chop, look at this huge row. Look at that. That is unbelievably juicy looking. I can’t believe the
juices bursting from it. And they are finally done and we are gonna take the lamb head and the
kokoretsi and try it out. Oh, there’s one baby lamb head. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, wow, look at those lamb heads. This is it. Oh, right on the plate. There they are. Look at the meat, it’s just so soft. And now we’re gonna slice
up this beautiful kokoretsi. It’s finished, oh. – [Chef] Yeah, this place. – [Trevor] Kokoretsi. Oh, it smells good. That is unbelievable. Listen to the sizzle. Wow. There it is, that is
unbelievably tender looking. Wow. Oh, you can hear the
juices bursting from it and you can smell, oh,
that rich organ aroma and it’s smoky and the fat. It’s covered with that oregano. Oh, thank you. Wow, this is just insane. Look at all of this insanely
juicy meat we’ve got. We’ve got beautiful lamb chops right off the grill with oregano and salt. We’ve got two baby lamb heads. Oh, this is in my soul. This is in my DNA thanks to 23andMe. Wow, look at this and this is what we came here to try, the kokoretsi. We watched ’em make this. That is the intestine, look
at that crispy intestine and you can see all of the organs, the liver and the lungs and the heart. Oh, and there’s the fatty bits. We’ve got some beautiful bread grilled over the coals with olive oil and oregano. And then look at this, look
at this monster Greek salad. Look at that huge piece of feta cheese. Oregano, olive oil and then
there’s green bell peppers, there’s olives, there’s
onions, there’s tomatoes, cucumbers, it’s all in there. And then look over here,
fried potato wedges and Greek tzatziki, yogurt with dill and lemon and an olive in the middle. So first things first, we’re gonna go in for the reason why we came here to watch them make the kokoretsi. Let’s get some of that
intestine and some of the liver. Mm, oh, that is an intense organ aroma. And fatty, oh you can taste the liver. And it’s smoky. Oh, and this is just
bursting with organ flavor. It’s actually very heavy and very strong. It’s actually really nice,
it’s just pretty heavy. Let’s go in for that brain. Mm. It’s buttery, creamy. It actually doesn’t have much of an odor. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. It’s like a heavy butter,
kind of like a scrambled egg with oregano and after some
solid 10 out of 10 lamb chops, an amazingly fresh Greek
salad and some nice tzatziki with dill and a citrus kick
along with some delicious Greek yogurt with sour
cherries and honey for dessert, we’re going back into Athens through all of the beautiful scenery and
olive trees to explore a market I knew would be even more
exciting after discovering my Greek roots through
23andMe to downtown Athens Central Seafood and Meat
Market and on our search for a special tripe soup
dish, we found much more. This is just truly a seafood heaven here. We’re deep in the market
and right up ahead I think is a local soup
shop that has tripe soup and we’re gonna go try it out. And this is it right up here. The local patsa joint. It’s got tons of Greek food, I hear, but also a patsa, which is
like a tripe soup, I believe, and we’re a little early, so
I think it’s not too busy. Let’s go try it out. How are you? – Fine and you? – Good, thanks. Here, we found a huge variety
of Greek village-style cooking with so much to choose
from like beef soup, goat soup, liver, chicken soup, fish soup, goat stew, sardines,
mackerel, beef and onions, green beans, fish and
potatoes, artichokes and more. Oh, the patsa. – Oh, patsa. – The patsa, oh. That’s what we came for. – This your first time. – First time patsa. – This one’s vinegar with garlic. – Vinegar with garlic, okay, oh. Oh and you can really smell the tripe. – [Man] Much spice, yeah? – [Trevor] That’s the patsa. – [Man] If you want more, you can put. – Okay, thank you. Whoa, and the beef with. – Beef with onion. – Beef with onion. – Just look at this, guys. This is it here, the patsa,
the beef stomach soup. Oh, that actually smells really organy. And this here smells fantastic. Oh, beef and onion and you can actually really smell a bit of cinnamon in there. – [Man] Everything good, eh? – Mm, oh wow. – Good, eh? – It’s good. Strong, oh, it’s nice. That is a strong and
smooth stomach flavor. It actually tastes very similar
to the niuza, the mixed beef organs that you get in China
except with a sharp vinegar and garlic flavor with a bit of chili. And after tasting the amazingly
powerful and smooth beef and onion with a nice cinnamon kick and before going for some
amazing desserts and meat, we’re going to the core of Greek culture, a place I was even more inspired to visit ever since discovering my Greek heritage through 23andMe, the Acropolis,
Athens’ most beautiful and ancient remains overlooking the city. Truly amazing here, guys. We made it to the
Acropolis, built in 420 B.C. Absolutely stunning. We’re gonna take a look
before going for a big dinner. Just look at this
incredibly beautiful city and not only do we have
the amazing Acropolis here, but down here, deep in
the alleyways of Athens, we have some of the best meat in the world and that’s what we’re
gonna go rangin’ for. And next up, before
meat heaven, we’re going to try a special Athenian
dessert, the loukoumades. Awesome, guys, and here we are. Right up ahead is Krinos
Loukoumades doughnuts, oh yes and I’ve heard a lot about these. We’re here in Athens to eat and this is one of the specialties. Can’t wait to try it,
let’s go check it out. We’re goin’ into doughnut heaven. We’re gonna take a look, guys. Oh wow, look at this. Oooo, and this is all the batter. Oo oo ah ah. Oh. Oh wow. So it’s all by hand. – [Chef] Yes, all by hand. – [Trevor] Oh wow that’s a skill that is. The circle in the middle,
just with your fingers. – [Chef] Yes. – [Trevor] Special loukoumades. And you eat with honey? – Honey, cinnamon, chocolate, white chocolate, ice cream, nuts. – Whatever you want. – Yes, whatever you want. – [Trevor] So it’s yeast and – Flour
– Flour and water. – [Trevor] And water. – [Chef] Nothing else. – [Trevor] Boy, you can really
hear the crisping of that. Oh here we go. Oh and there they are. Oh and here we go. Fresh loukoumades. And that’s the honey syrup. (woman mumbles) oh look at how thick that is. – Oh and the cinnamon.
– You like cinnamon? – Sure.
– Yeah. – Thank you. Oh, fresh, hot, covered
in that sticky honey. Mm, mm, that is all about the texture. It’s like lightly crispy on the outside, just a thin crispiness and the inside is soft and pillowy and fluffy. Almost feels a little squishy,
almost like jelly-like and sweet and cinnamony and honey like. This is one of the best
desserts you’ll ever eat, so good that we ordered
another plate after to try it with the chocolate
syrup and ice cream. Extremely sweet and delicious. And to finish off the day, we went for the must-try dish in Athens, souvlaki. Oh, and right up here is a
famous joint Fantasis Restaurant. They’ve got souvlaki,
gyros, all the good stuff. I’ve heard a lot about it. Let’s go try it out. Here we go. – Yah.
– Hi. – So pork, pork and? – Pork and chicken. – Pork and chicken for
the gyro and the souvlaki. – And the best, ya. – And the best. – And us number one of that. – Oh.
– Okay. – Okay and kebob. – Kebob and gyros, pork and chicken. – Oh, look at this. – Everything. – Oh, it’s all here, pork and chicken and you just slice that into a pita, oh. – Okay? Okay now the fact. – [Trevor] And we’re just slicing it with what looks like a tool, a shop tool. While you marvel at the
glorious spinning meat, aka gyro meat, you also
notice that there’s some delicious kebob meat grilling further down with either chicken or
pork souvlaki kebobs or lamb and beef kebobs and
it’s all available served either with a pita
wrapped up or as a portion with grilled tomatoes, onions and parsley, olive oil and paprika. Look at all the pitas here and the kebobs. We just found kebob heaven. So these ones are beef and lamb. Oh we’ve got chicken, tomato and this is on top of all of these pitas. Oh yes and then they’re gonna
put some grilled tomatoes on top and a bit of onion. Oh that is so beautiful. You can just hear the juice sizzle. Chicken. Oh and then look at this,
then tomatoes go right on top. Wow, look at the smoke. Look at the charriness of
those tomatoes, incredible. Thank you. (speaks foreign language) whoa, wow, this is truly incredible in the streets of Athens and just look at this beautiful Greek spread. We’ve got beef and lamb kebobs over pita, roast tomatoes, onions, parsley. Oh, that just looks so beautiful. And then this here, we’ve
got a chicken souvlaki, so chicken drizzled in olive oil. We’ve got a bit of salad,
tomatoes, french fries and lemon and then of course, moussaka, eggplant with their special cream, mincemeat. Oh, that just looks fantastic. And just look at this meat here. Beautiful meaty. Oh, beef and lamb kebobs. Let’s get a piece of that beautiful meat with a roast tomato right over the coals. Mm, oh whoa. That meat is just perfect. Oh, it is absolutely juicy. It just bursts into your mouth with juice. It’s saturated with juice
and the tomatoes are smoky. It’s fresh and meaty in one bite. Let’s try that out. Oh, look at that, oh. Mm, did that go smooth. Like a milky eggplant
with a tomato ground beef. Almost custardy. That tastes just like a
milky, creamy lasagna. Traveling here to Greece
all based on my DNA reports from 23andMe has been a
truly amazing experience from getting the kit in the mail, providing the sample, sending it back and then getting all the
detailed information, I really enjoyed the whole experience and I suggest you guys do it, too. You can go to I’m gonna be ordering a couple more kits for my mom and dad and Ting
and I also really enjoyed learning about the taste preferences. That was really cool. So I wanna give a huge
thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this video,
for inspiring me to travel all based on my ancestry and my DNA. Thank so much for watching, guys.

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