Food Challenge: 11 111 Calories Edition

Food Challenge: 11 111 Calories Edition

Im going to try and eat 11 111 calories today. I usually eat 3600 calories a day. And why am I doing this? It’s a fun challenge. And quite frankly I don’t have much else to do. I will eat 4 meal, or 3 meals and 1 snack in the evening. So the first thing we are going to do Is to get on the scale. And do a form check. And I will do the same thing tonight To see if I changed 209lbs First meal Breakfast Seven toast breads 10 eggs 35g peanut butter and 54g Hazelnut creme First time I sit and eat at the kitchen dinner table. Forgot the fork Done On my way to the gym. I feel worse than i thought actually The camera can only film for about 13 minutes So I checked the camera and it was 4 minutes left and I had like 5 breads to eat. And I felt a bit sick before that because I went out yesterday Meal nr 2 for today. Lunch at McDonalds Lunch done. On my way home. I’ve had almost 5000 calories by now 6000+ calories left Feel pretty good We have Milk. Onions. Bacon. Butter. Pasta. Cheese and Eggs. Mac and Cheese Smells good Ah warm No spoon? I feel so bad right now, so bad. So it took a very long time to eat that dinner. Started to feel very bad in the middle I had to lay down on the sofa and just chill for a while I’ve had almost 8000 calories now. My plan was to have brownies later tonight As it feels right now I’ll probably won’t have the brownies. Think I will eat some ice-cream just to be over 8000 cal. And in that case this video will be a fail… But you never know, maybe I´ll get a craving for brownies in 1 hour, who knows? Or a milkshake So I will do the brownies And a milkshake to go with the brownies. And whit all of this I’ll get to 11 111 calories I’m done, I’m finally done And here you can see all the things I ate today on MyFitnessPal 216.5 lbs It’s about 11 pm. September 27th This was a struggle for sure. I feel really bad now Gained 7.94 lbs during the day Thank you for watch until the end I won’t do this again for sure Good night See you in the next video

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  1. Hahaha ja i landet lagom kan det vara tufft att få i sig en massa kcals. Bra jobbat, hade varit lättare i Staterna.

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