Food Lovers Explore Flushing Queens For Authentic Chinese Cuisine  [NFFNM]

Food Lovers Explore Flushing Queens For Authentic Chinese Cuisine [NFFNM]

-Today, I’m going to link up
with my friend Bohan Phoenix, a
Chinese rapper who lives in New York City. -Aye, aye! What’s good?
-What’s good, baby? -Nice to see you, man. -Bohan is always touring in
China and knows tons about
Chinese food and ingredients. He’s talked up Flushing forever ,
as the place to go for authentic
Chinese food. Next we head to a dungeon of
spiciness, where Bohan shows me
his favorite dish, spicy beef noodles. He orders
that shit jadala. -Jala means ”extra spicy.”
-Ahh, man my butthole is going
to be hurting, bro -So, beef noodles.
-Yeah, I want the jala beef
noodles, know what I’m saying -So , this is appetizers : they’re
all cold, and when you’re eating
that spicy noodles , this here will balance out that flavor. Look at him with the fork right
here. That’s doing it wrong
already . What’s going on ? There we go . Yeah, so me and the homies, we
took like a nine city tour, all
through China. It was beautiful, man, and one
of the things that really stuck
with me, again, was the food. -Oh my God. There is an
outrageous amount of chili on
this sh*t. Let’s get it. -See, like, for me, someone
who’s really from Tintu and I
need that jala, we ’bout to be high off spice. -My mouth is getting assaulted,
-Exactly. No joke. -Yeah, like when the spice is
starting to take over, and you
can’t talk no more, you start sounding like a little dumbass. You start eating some of that,
nah mean, and you cool right
there. -We were holding on: it got a
little hard to talk, but we made
it. It was f*cking delicious, too.
So we walk into this bao
factory; all of a sudden, I’m helping the lady make her
bao. So, I’m trying to learn how to
pinch it around properly, because the ones that they do
have this beautiful little ring
on top. -Oh, that’s not bad! That’s not
bad for a beginner. -That was way better than what I
was expecting. -That’s like a 10 right there,
that’s like a 4.5. -Ask her what she thinks. -I won’t even touch that.
-Ask her what she thinks. -Oh, she said 8, baby So, buns and noodles, that’s
from the north. That’s where it’s colder and you
can’t really grow much
vegetables. That’s why the diet is flour
based, feel me? I got to take
you overseas one day and do it for real, for real. -We’re going. -Flushing is, like, for Chinese
people who left China and they
wanted to, like, resume their life
flawlessly, without any
interruptions. See, most Chinese people don’t
even know what weed smell like,
that’s why they not trippin’, you know what I mean. They like, ”Damn, that’s a funky
cigarette that kid smokin.’” -Next, Bohan takes me to a place
famous for its stinky tofu — a dish that tastes great, but
smells like an unwashed
butthole. -So, are there spots in China
that serve stinky Tofu, that
it’s just, like, the restaurant? Yeah. Like, you could smell it,
like, half a mile away, just
sh*t. -My stomach is seriously
churning. It really smells like butthole,
but it’s good. It’s funky, it’s
like eating a stinky cheese. -The stink is overwhelming, bro.
I really think I’m done, to be
honest. Next we hit an amazing
supermarket around the corner, not like something you usually
see in Manhattan. Buckets of soft-shelled crabs,
live frogs packed to the brim. -Oh, damn, this is creeping the
sh*t out of me, bro. -It’s all good, he ain’t gone
get you. Ow, f*ck, that shit had
a f*cking hurt. It actually kinda cut me. -Number 1, garlic scapes: you
can’t get these at a farmers
market right now. I don’t know where the f*ck
these are coming from. That’s why I’m hype about being
at this market — — I mean, you can’t get a lot of
this stuff, period. It’s a total
surprise. -For sure.
-A dollar for a bag of fresh
noodles, just like we’ve been eating. -Let’s get two.
-Let’s get two. Different kinds. I think I want to get some
fresh clams, seafood, and I want
to find a sauce that I can integrate into this in a cool
way. -If you need that real good
jala, that extra spicy, you see this can with the mom on
it, that’s it right there. -I picked up a bunch of shit and
it was like 16 bucks. I’m stuffed, but I’m ready to
hit the kitchen and cook this
stuff up. So, I’m really psyched. I’m going to steam the clams
with some garlic scape and white
wine, and make a sort of sauce that
I’m going to put on top of the
noodles noodles that I’m going to dress
with a little bit of this jala
spicy sauce sauce that Bohan picked out for
me from the market. I’m psyched. Put one of these clams right
onto my fork — actually, why
stop at one? I need two.

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  1. Wayyyy back when my grama first came to flushing it was filled with Italians & now all the Asians took over. There is a bunch of Hispanics too like a lot but the Asians are literally all over! I use to live in flushing for yearrrrs. What sucks is there was a historic theater that they wanted to build over but they weren't supposed to touch so they fucked it up n said my bad n left it fucked up. Till this day it's an abandoned fucked up theater.

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