French Cuisine: Paris Food Guide

French Cuisine: Paris Food Guide

So another day in Paris calls for another
little Parisian treat. Today we have a box full of Macaron. And if you spend any time on Instagram you’ve
probably noticed that when your friends travel to France they are posting pictures of these
sweet little treats because they just look so cute really. So we got ourselves a box from a little pâtisserie
and we’re going to be sampling them. And it looks like we’ve got four different
flavors of this one. Let’s zoom in. And I can’t wait to dig in. So what exactly are in these bad boy macaroon? Okay, so I’m not much of a baker but I did
read up on these. And they are made with egg whites, icing sugar,
regular sugar and then some almond powder. And they also use a little bit of food coloring
to give them different colours. So as you can see here we’ve got four different
variations with four different flavors. Well, let’s not waste any time. Time for the taste test. So the problem I have is deciding which one
to try first. I think maybe I’ll try the green one. You know what, it is probably civilized to
like nibble on these but I’m going one bite. One shot. Can you guess the flavor? Just wait. Is that pistachio? Who knows? Maybe. I’m pretty sure it is. And wow are those ever sweet. So tasty and really fluffy and as you’re biting
in to it surprisingly I wouldn’t say crunchy but it has a bit of a crispy exterior. Alright, so I’m going with the pink one. Look at you just taking nibbles. All civilized over there. Have a look. So that is like a strawberry jam inside. And we have a little visitor. Hey, puppy. Hi, puppy. Oh, what do you see? Hahahahaha. No! Now that has to be the funniest. That is not even. Is that a photo or video bomb? Dog bomb! That dog was trying to steal my food. Dog bomb. Alright, so where were we? Well, I ate the strawberry before the dog
took it away. So let’s try another one. Let’s go with this one. What is this? It must be vanilla, no? Coconut? Almond. Almond? Seriously? That is almond, yeah. Show a close-up of that. It has a nice little jam in the middle. As you can see the biscuit part is really
fluffy. It does have a crispy exterior but it is super
moist inside. Alright, last but not least I think we have
maybe a brown chocolate one here. That’s not chocolate. Can you guess what it is? Coffee? Ah, bingo, coffee. That has a really strong coffee flavor. I think that is actually my favorite one. So macarons are not exactly the cheapest dessert
you can have. We’ve seen them over 20 Euro before. The pack we picked up which was 16 cost 13
Euros. And we’ve already ate half the box so we’ve
had a bit of an expensive dessert but that is okay. We’ll take the rest home and have it later. So today is our first day exploring Paris
and we thought we’d sample a bit of the local cuisine. We came across a little stand that was selling
Crêpes so I ordered one with jambon fromage. So this one is ham and cheese. It looks delicious. We’ve been walking around for hours and I’m
starving so I’m so excited to just bite into this. Oh, yeah. I’m so hungry. We had the tiniest breakfast this morning. This is so good. The cheese is nice and crispy. You can see it has also melted inside. One more bite just to make sure it is edible
before I pass it on to Sam. Ha. Oh yeah. That is amazing. And it is a whole wheat crepe so I don’t feel
so bad about indulging in this delicious treat. Alright, so what do you have there? So finally I get a turn after Audrey’s two
gigantic bites. Yes. I’ve been waiting a long time to have an authentic
crepe from France. And it is living up to its reputation. So so tasty. The cheese is really salty as well too which
I like. Excellent. So now it is time for dessert. So I ordered a crepe with Nutella. Oh show that Nutella. Look at that. The chocolate is all nice and melted. Wow! I’m so excited to bite into this. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. That is the perfect dessert. The crepe is super thin so it feels super
light when you’re eating it. It’s not too filling. And just Nutella. That is my favorite thing to spread on toast,
on muffins, on anything. So, it is magic. Mmmm. Well, well it is your turn. That is just like beyond amazing. The only other thing that I’d like to put
in here would be bananas. That would be the ultimate. But apparently you can also get these dessert
crepes with strawberries, with whipped cream, with other types of flavors. So sample them all! So because we are in a really touristy part
of town. Like right across from the Eiffel Tower these
crepes are a bit overpriced. We paid 4.50 for the one with Nutella and
5.50 for the one with ham and cheese. I know you can get them a lot cheaper elsewhere
in the city but we were starving and it was worth it. This is delicious. Well good morning from Paris. It is about eleven in the morning which means
it is time for either a second breakfast or a first lunch. So we’ve stopped off at a little Patisserie
and we picked up a little treat that we’re going to be sampling. So here is my little bag. First let me show you, they gave us cute cutlery,
wrapped in pink string. Aw. And today we’re going to have be having something
called Croque-monsieur. I’m going to show you what that looks like
in a second. As you can see over here the croque monsieur
looks a lot like a grilled cheese sandwich. So it is just two slices of bread, ham and
cheese in the middle. You can also have Bechamel sauce and then
there is more cheese over top and that has been grilled and melted and it looks ooey
an gooey. So I’m going to let Sam take the first bite
because I’m always eating the food first. You sure are. Here you go. Alright, time to dig in. Wow, is that ever good. Basically my best way of explaining this is
if you’ve ever had a grilled cheese before this is like a premier grilled cheese. It has an extra layer of cheese on top. Plus you get the ham in the middle and I just
love how I think they put a lot of maybe butter on the bread or on the toast. And it just gives it that greasiness that
makes it so tasty. And you’re up next. I sure am. Mmm. Oh yeah. That is really good. It makes such a nice snack. I mean you could have it as a meal but it
is also light enough to have as a snack in between meals too. I don’t really know what kind of cheese this
is but it is really really tasty. If you know what kind of cheese they use in
these sandwiches let us know so I can pick some up in the grocery store. That is a lot of cheese. Check it out. An alternative sandwich to try, instead of
the croque-monsieur is the Croque-Madame. And that one is also a grilled cheese sandwich
but what they do is they put a fried egg right on top of your sandwich. So it is a little more filling. Um, but yeah I think that is the kind of sandwich
that you probably want to order at a restaurant when you’re sitting down. Otherwise it could get a little messy. So these are about 3 to 4 Euros. You can pick them up in any French bakery,
a Patisserie, and the one tip that I want to give you is ask them to warm it up. It tastes so much better that way. Well, well it is time for another French dessert. So today we are introducing you to the Eclair. And I have two Éclairs in here that I just
picked up from the little bakery shop. And it is time for the unveiling. Alright, so I went for the classic chocolate-topped
Éclair. So basically it is just a long doughy pastry
and the inside is supposedly filled with cream. And it has chocolate icing on top but let’s
bite in to be sure. Quality control over here. How is that? Actually, mine is not cream. It has like a creamy chocolate pudding in
the middle and chocolate icing on top. That is almost liked a filled churro. And the taste? Yeah, it is delicious. It is amazing. I mean the pastry, it is almost like puffed
pastry, it is very light and it is hollow inside so then they just fill it. Is it overly sweet? It is not overly sweet. It is more creamy than anything. It is like pudding. That is really good. Surprisingly good. Okay, so you’ve got a slightly different one. Yeah, mine is the coffee flavored one. You can also get all kinds of different flavors. There are different fruit flavours, there
is rum toppings, there is all kinds of toppings. So if you enjoy the classic chocolate one
definitely consider trying the other ones as well. Yeah, I think we saw strawberry and pistachio. Yeah, they have pistachio too. Yep. Alright, let’s try this coffee one. Again, it is the inside – the cream, the pudding
– and this one is of course coffee flavored cream inside. A really generous amount. It is almost like there is more pudding than
pastry. Which is delicious. That is surprising. I was expecting the interior to have like
a white whipped cream. Like a white pudding. Nope. It has got the flavor to match the icing. Yeah. Okay, so once again the price point for the
Eclair. So to pick up an eclair you’re looking at
2 to 2.50 Euro and again it is at a French bakery or Patisserie. And what I would recommend having it with
is with a coffee or even have it as a dessert. It is delicious and highly recommended. So you can’t come to Paris and not try all
the delicious pastries they have in store. So today I have picked myself up one of these. This is called Melli-Feux which means thousand
leaf. And that is just because you can see all the
different layers of dough and they are super thin. Um, and it looks like this has some kind of
custard filing and icing on top. Let’s dig in. Oh crazy. That was a horrible bite. One of my favorite desserts I’ve been picking
up from the patisseries here in Paris have been these awesome tarts. This one here is a lemon tart and it my favorite. Let’s have a look. Oh la lah.

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  1. How could you get Macaroons from somewhere else than La Duree?! It's the ultimate Parisian Macaroon place (but they're like 2$ each or more…)

  2. Another great video! You are teaching me about the different types of food in other countries. That has caused me to try those foods here in the states in restaurants that offer that type of cuisine. I know its not the same as being in Paris or Seoul but I won't ever get the chance to travel to other countries. Great Video!!

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