French Onion Soup Recipe

French Onion Soup Recipe

This French Onion Soup …. Um…. Is pretty simple to make relly, what we are going to do is chop these onions up, and you are going to need about half a kilo …. 500 g of Onions. we are going to chop these up into halfs and then slice them , thinly so you have nice thin slithers of onion, to go in the soup. Pretty straight forward stuff….. And it is sometimes good to have a little rest from these, because they can …bring tears to your eye’s….. So while my eye’s are drying up we are going to just get some other ingredients melting in the pan. So taking a rest from the onions, we have a casserole dish , a thick bottomed dish a cast iron casserole dish here we need to get the heat under that. And basically we will melt our 50 g of salted butter in this pan. And we are just going to let that melt up…. Finish off chopping these onions. …and we will start to caramelize then So your butter is pretty much melted in the pan now We are going to get these onions straight in there and let them caramelize Give them a stir , mix them in with the butter. Get the lid on there. And we are going to leave it caramelize on a really low simmer. for about 10 – 15 minutes or so And while they are doing that, we will move over….. …and we will make up the liquor…. for this you are going to need 4….. 4 to 5 good strong beef stock cubes, it dosen’t matter which ones you use any ones will do. Just get them…. all into a …. a jug. These onions are smelling really good….. They have been cooking here for about…… 10 minutes or so, we are going to throw in 1 teaspoon of soft brown sugar. A good heaped one….And we are going to mix that into the onions. Get a lid back on that…. Leave it to cook….. for another 20 minutes, so those onions go nice and caramelized And become a nice crispy brown colour. You do need to keep giving these a bit of a stir through this 20 minute caramelisation process You can almost taste the smell…. coming out of that pan when you take the lid off. it’s that beautiful And as you can see, these onions have already started to go brown, they are caramelizing nicely. Probably give them…. about another 10 minutes. To me , those onions are pretty much done Get all of that…. caramelised onion, scraped off the bottom of that pan, to add that flavour. They are full of flavour, and they are super soft. So what we are going to do is add the rest of our ingredients to this pan and combine that all together. and finish off the cooking proces. ….A bit of flour. ….And our black pepper. Some people don’t add black pepper to their… ….French onion soup. I do because I like it to have a bit of a kick. So lastly we are going to start adding our liquor, now to this pot We are going to start off with the white wine, about 250 ml of dry white wine into this pan, turn the heat up a bit so that it starts to cook straight away. ….And once that wine is in…. and that smell is lovely, get your beef stock in. OK, so what we need to do is to cover that and leave it to simmer for about. 20 minutes or so and Job done….Ready to serve. And you serve that with a nice big, fat crusty cruton ….of bread, beautiful. French onion soup, pretty simple to make.Absolutley delicious to eat…. Enjoy. Hot….But tastes absolutley spot on Really delicious…..

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  1. You know I’m a scouser living in NW Florida and I had some really bad French onion soup I a local British eatery way too much tyme and possible rosemary 😩 ruined the soup. Now my ma used to say rinse your hands either at the sink or in a bowl when chopping onions often when you get overwhelmed.
    I like brandy or sherry in my onion soup. I adore French onion soup 😘 nice one 👍 with crouton melted provolone or Swiss cheese 😋

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