Fresh Meat S01 E04

Fresh Meat S01 E04

Drink, drink, drink,
drink! Drink, drink, drink, drink!
Drink, drink, drink, drink! First time… I don’t remember much. I know his name was Onion And I got him to do it again, cos first
time, I was like, “Nah, mate, seriously! “I want my money back.” Ha-ha-ha-ha. OK, er… Full moon party, Thailand. It was literally so random. Um… amazing.
I don’t remember his name. I thought you said his name was Lars
and he’s your Facebook friend And he sends you a virtual chicken
every week on Farmville. I’ve… I’ve nailed a lot of guys.
I’ve been sent a lot of chickens. I don’t keep a book, sweetheart. I can confirm that … technically
speaking … I’m not a virgin. Come on, what’s the story? I’ve got my own methods. We can get into it if you
insist, but I may need Some graph paper and a
medical encyclopaedia. Yeah. Why don’t we come back
to that another night? So, um, I was on holiday, as you do. And, um… There was this… babe
on the caravan site. She was a friend of my family
and, um, she sort of ran the site. And, er, one night, in her luxury
caravan, it just happened. She ran the site? How old were you? Just the normal age. – 12.
– 12?! How old was she?! Old enough! What, like 50? Not 50. Maybe… – 35?
– 35?! What?! It was like
a Mrs Robinson thing. Mrs Robinson the paedo! And… how was it for you? It was good. Yeah. Not my best ever. But… a good, basic… sex. She showed me the ropes. The ropes? Positions. Techniques. Yeah. Stored all the info away,
like a sex squirrel. Anyway. Well, um, there’s
nothing unusual about Popping your cherry
with a family friend. I actually dislodged my V-plates
on my birthday, When my Uncle Paulo
took me to Southampton. Yeah. I don’t think we should play
this game any more. Right, there’s nothing bad about it. I don’t think I want to hear this. He bought me a hooker for my 18th. – Urgh!
– What?! She wasn’t a munter!
She was dockside fine. We’re out of beer! Grisly details down the pub? Who’s with me? Guys? Where’ve you been?
I’ve got to be home by ten. Gina’ll be back from Zumba. – Sorry. You look amazing. So, would it be very tacky, or very
sexy, to do it on the desk? Tacky or sexy? Sexy? Tacky? Your desk? I think it’ll hold. I thought we were going to go
for tapas. Absolutely we’re going for tapas. I want you to tell me what you
thought of Bonnie versus Germaine, the two Greers war
on Newsnight Review. Well, you know that I think that
Bonnie is obviously King Greer. Brilliant. The thing is, we’re on a tight
schedule and I don’t think they’ll let us do
it at the tapas place. Not after last time. Ooh, I dunno… I… just… What about the car? – What, like… dogging?
– Do you like that? No! Um… How about the floor? It’s a good thought, but it’s kind
of… burny, industrial carpet. Did someone follow you? – No!
– Bin. I’m sorry for making you stay late, But I need to talk to you due to
a certain ontological… confusion. Your recent work has been
showing signs of what I would call… Thank you. – hegemonic historicism.
– Yeah. So, it’s very important that… Oooh! That was close. Still, exciting, huh? Yeah… Pretty… exciting. Right, Howie. Me, you, pub, tonight? Screw all these other assholes.
Let’s just do one, me and you. Let’s get you hooned
with the Hoon Dog. My metabolism has a very unique way
of processing alcohol. No…one has ever, or will ever,
witness Howard drunk. What’s this? – It’s a list.
– Of what? Of… everything. Fudge… good. Denim… good. Rollerblading… bad. You are quite a specimen, my friend. Like, two columns, good and bad. My ultimate aim is to list
all known things known to man. For instance, double
Gloucester … that’s good. Red Leicester … that’s bad. Deep Impact … good.
Armageddon … definitely bad. At first, I thought Coke Zero was bad.
Now I’m thinking maybe it’s good. I just need more time
to think about it. It’s actually quite a complicated
product. Are you on the spectrum? I mean, it’s exactly shit like this Which is why you need to come with me
to the pub, tonight, for a bev-er-age. I suppose I could come, in order
to be able to categorise accurately. Exactly. I can teach you… how to become a
normal, walking, talking, Homo sapien. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll learn all I can about
the “normals”. And then, eventually,
I’ll use it against them. Exactly Do you want to talk about it? – Talk about what?
– How you lost your virginity. It’s a true story. Yeah, I know.
It’s just… you were 12. And I… I just wondered if maybe
that’s where your issues come from? – What issues?
– It’s just… A woman who was meant to be
looking after you had sex with you. – It doesn’t sound great, does it?
– Josie… Plus… a caravan site. What if she still works there? Don’t you think it’s your duty
to report it? Josie, we don’t need to
do… anything. Because… What I said wasn’t it. She did exist, the woman, but… we never actually… So, why did you say you did? Blimey! Oof! Um… Aw… Kingsley. – What? What are you thinking?
– H! You are way off the scent,
sister, I can tell you that for sure. It is nothing to be embarrassed
about. It’s not what you think. But if it is, which obviously it is, You wouldn’t say anything to anybody,
would you? Not to the others, or your friends,
or your parents? Why would I tell my parents? It’s just because of my mum. – I never really got a chance to… Honestly, Kingsley, virginity’s only
a big deal until you lose it. I mean, I made Dave wait, like,
ages, And then we did it and I was like,
“Is that it?”. Even now, I’m not really
sure what all the Fuss is about.
Do you know what I mean? No! No. God. Um, sorry. Look. I promise I won’t tell another soul. Kingsley’s a virgin! So, there must be some sort of
uni health club or something. I mean, you work out, right? No. Pretty unfit. Not from where I’m standing. I can’t do exercise,
cos I’ve got severe athlete’s foot. I like to think of it
as the very definition of irony. Would you, er, excuse us, ladies? What are you doing?! They don’t want
to hear about your fucking foot! I’m just… being myself. Why the fuck would you want to do
that?! That is literally the most stupid
thing I’ve ever heard. I’m here to teach you
how to be a real person. Well, mebbe I don’t want to be
taught. OK. Well, don’t think of
it as teaching, then. Think of it as a
systems upgrade, From Howard XP to Howard Vista. – Right?
– Vista had security issues. Fuck! It’s Ralph. Right, OK. Here we go. – Why are you so nervous?
– I’m not nervous! Shut up! Look, I’m going to go over there.
You stay here. I’ll stay here. But…
you’re the one that asked me out. OK. Come with me,
but you’d better be mute, OK? You’re my slave. People don’t have slaves any more. Sure they don’t The cherimoya is a fruit
that originates from which country? – Peru.
– Dunno, mate. So, I was thinking of going maybe
to see Ross’s DJ set. You up for it? China, India, Malaysia or Peru? Peru. Was, mate. Meant to be a large one. Only lassie who’s sorting us out
for Class As has got meningitis, Which, don’t get me wrong, is a
tragedy, but… dude, keep it real! What… I mean, if you need any shit…
I could always pick it up for you. – For reals?
– Yeah, totes, bruv. Whatever you want. Fuck it, I’m gonna say “Peru”. – Correct answer!
– Yeah, baby, I’m a gee-nee-us! Well, if you’re serious… then here.
We want the lot, everything on there. The ring ouzel is a type
of what bird? Duck. Yeah, cool. No problems. That would be a duck. – Incorrect answer!
– What the fuck?! Hi, Kingsley. Do you mind if we just…? How are you, Kingsley? Yeah, fine.
I’m just doing a bit of reading. Me and Oregon
were just talking about society. Yeah, how it’s so sort
of sexualised nowadays. – Is it?
– Definitely. I mean, you look in school
playgrounds, all the girls are wearing thongs, all
the boys are comparing dick sizes. Are they? Porno on your iPhone,
sex tips in your Ready Brek. Society’s always putting pressure
on people to do things, you know? People are always, like,
“Have you done this? Have you done that?” I mean, I’ve never tried risotto.
Who cares?! Maybe I’m just waiting
for the right risotto. Have you been talking to Josie? – No!
– Yeah. She told us. For fuck’s sake! What? Don’t worry, Kingsley.
We won’t tell anyone. – Where are you going?
– For a walk. Have you really never had risotto? Em. I’m not talking to you. Go away. We didn’t mean to!
It just happened. He told me not to tell anyone.
Then you shouldn’t have told us. Well, it just came out! Bollocks! Why can’t I keep a secret? Look, we were thinking… There is something you could do,
maybe, to, like, make it up to him. Yeah. You could always offer to,
you know… What?
Make it up to him. Ew! You can’t feel that bad, then. Yeah, if you felt that bad, you’d at
least think about it, wouldn’t you? Would I?
I would. God, if I’d betrayed a friend
like that… I mean, yeah. Why not? All you’ll have to do is put your
vagina over his penis, for like, five seconds,
and, technically, He’s not a virgin any more. Yeah. Hop on, hop off.
Like a city bus. I mean, I guess
it’s not a completely mad idea. What?! Nothing! No. I mean, if you’re
up for it, you should go for it. I’m not up for it, I just wanna
make things OK with Kingsley. And, also, I guess…
It’s nice to help. Exactly. You’re in Greenpeace and Oxfam. This is closer to home.
Well, yeah. I mean, when you think about it,
it’s kind of like… Donating your organs. What about Dave? How do you feel about Dave?
H… I mean, last night
you blanked about ten of his calls. No, I didn’t.
You did. Well, I’m a bit confused,
because me and Dave… The thing is… I mean… I was so worried about coming here,
because of how much I’d miss him, And he said not to worry, but now that
we’re away from each other, it’s like… I did miss him. I have missed him. A bit. But, at the same time,
I don’t… actually… miss him, Most of the time, really, at all. In fact, I’d say sometimes I’m really,
really glad he’s such a long way away. Why don’t you just talk to him? And say what?
Call him. Tell him how you feel. I don’t want to break up with him. Sounds like maybe you should. Really? Do you think so?
Do you? It hadn’t occurred to
me, but if you think I Should, then maybe I should.
Do you think? It is weird, I don’t know. Too weird? But… If you’re gonna break up
with your boyfriend And then offer to shag
one of your housemates, That’s the sort of thing you should
be really sure about. I mean, That’s the kind of thing
you should not rush into. Fiver says she does it.
Done! Wait, no…
I totally think she’s gonna do it. OK, tenner.
Done. Wait… Fuck! Essays due in at the end of the week
and, here’s an idea, why not read it and see what you think, rather than
calling up Professor Internet Explorer. Oregon, could I see you
for a second, please? I just wanted to say… Sorry it’s all been
a bit disappointing lately. Life… But my wife’s publisher
is coming over for dinner tomorrow. The last thing I want to do is watch
them mentally fuck each other over a Caesar salad. And…
you’re amazing, obviously. So, I hope you don’t mind,
but I’ve booked us a hotel, For a bit of a treat for us. It’s not a Travelodge, is it? It’s not a Travelodge, is it?
No! God. Hh… I’ve got to finish my essay
tomorrow night. Well, if you want to hand it in late,
I can always… give you an extension. What? Joke. No. Can we just keep
things separate, OK? In here, you’re my tutor. And there, well, you can still be
my tutor, cos it’s kind of hot, but don’t mix the two things
together. OK? Totally. In here, Professor Shales,
out there, Tony. Tony don’t need no essays.
Tony don’t worry about no prostate. Tony’s the good-time guy. Thank you, Oregon. How’s your essay? Really good. Yeah. I wouldn’t mind reading it for you,
if you need a second opinion. Nah. That’s cool, it’s OK. How’s yours going? You know they’ve never made this? You…
What? Have you read it? What did I just say?
They’ve never made it. Not even a teatime BBC cheapo. How am I supposed to read it if
they can’t be bothered to make it?! Can you just summarise it for me,
a little bit? I think you should read it.
It’s really good! Vod… Just the girl I wanted to see. Um, you know how you’re a junkie?
Vod is not a junkie. Whatever. Like a junkie. Well, basically, I need to get
my hands on all of this. Yeah. Ha-ha. -huh. OK. You know the cab office,
next to Kebabylon? Ask for Pat. Say I sent you. Could you… come with me? You know, it’d just be really cool
for us to hang. No chance, mate. Essay due. And this bitch is saying
I’ve got to read the fucking book. Wingman. Are you pissed off with me? No! Don’t worry about it. I’ll read the book. If you can read the book,
I can read the book. I’ll read the book. And then, I’ll write
the best fucking essay you ever read. Be top of the class. And then, when you ask me for help,
you know what I’ll say? No. Shh! I’m trying to read. H-rrr-aahh-ahhh! Mahhh! Hh-ah-ahhh! Hi, Kingsley. I’m really sorry about Vod
and Oregon finding out… They didn’t “find out”,
did they, Josie? You told them. They got it out of me. Anyway, um, I wanted to ask you… Um, I have a proposition for you. Not a proposition. Um… You… have an obstacle. You’re a colleague. And I have the, um, natural
resources available to me To facilitate a solution. What natural resources?
What are you talking about? Sex. God, is that…?
It’s fine. What were you saying?
So, yeah, no biggy. Um… just talking about us… Having sex. Yes, please. I mean… yeah, no, that could work,
I dunno. I guess. Or not. But, yeah, gut reaction, could work. And, um, I know
what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “Yeah,
but Josie’s got a boyfriend,” But the fact is, I’m going to be
breaking up with him, So I’ll be, like, single and free and you’d really be doing me
the favour, Because, after such a long time
with the same person, It would just be so great for me to
get the chance to bust some moves. Well, I mean, it just sounds like it
would be a mutually useful enterprise. Exactly! So, you want to?
I don’t mean… I just… I mean, you would be interested
in the deal I’m proposing? Yeah. Yeah, sure, I’m interested. I’m an interested party. Great! So…
How do we…? I guess we just put something
in the diary, right? Exactly. Let’s diarise this mo-fo. Exactly. Let’s diarise this mo-fo.
We could pencil in, say, tomorrow? Tomorrow? Seems feasible.
Around eight o’clock? Eight… it is. This is a good arrangement.
This is a good arrangement. OK. How come you’re up? Have you ever read this? No. Is it good? Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s kind of… amazing. Hi, Dave! It’s me. Yeah, um… I just wanted to have a chat
about something. Are you…? Are they? Of course. No, no, I didn’t.
That’s one of the reasons why I… What? No, n…no, don’t. Don’t. Dave. Dave. Hello! Hey, Sheepy. We’re drinking. You drinking? With the rest of the ape team?
I dunno. I’m a bit worried they might fashion a
weapon from a bone and club me to death. Don’t take this the wrong way, but when I said
you should switch to drama, I didn’t think you’d actually do it. Yeah, it was… it was a few things. It wasn’t just you. Sure. I should apologise.
I just have this effect on people. If I was an insect,
I would have warning stripes. Yeah, and if I was a bird,
I might eat you anyway. Listen, the others
are all down the bar. I’ll stand you a tequila? I meant eat you like an insect.
Not rude, just… Yeah. Are you… in character? No! Just… Don’t worry about it, OK? I’ve got it covered. So why am I here?
Because you’re my wingman now. How long do I have to be Wingman for? Right, it’s not “Wingman”, Howard.
You’re not a fucking superhero. Now, go and talk to the guy.
You’ve got nothing to lose. Absolutely not. Yes, boys. How can I help you? Well, boss, could, er… Could you hook us up
with a… er, cab? Yes, mate. Where to? Well, blud, we need it to… Lashville. You get me? You got a postcode? Not a cab! A cab. Yeah? To Mount Snowdon. Highest peak in the UK. Mash-up. We’re here to see Pat. Violet sent us. Through there. Safe. Wait… There’s something not right
about this. OK, great. Let’s go.
We can’t! Ralph needs his stuff. Can’t… just… you go in? I mean, you’ve got so much less
to lose than I do. Why do you keep saying that?! Because it’s true? Look at us! I mean, I’ll probably end up being
Prime Minister or something one day. I don’t want to be. It’s just… That kind of shit happens
to guys like me. What difference does it make to you?
If you get sent down, so what? You’ve got your Xbox. You get three meals a day. No offence, but I think you’d actually
fit in quite well with the nonces. How could that not be offensive? I can’t stay long, I’ve got to be
home by 7, 7. 30 at the latest. Hello, darling! You’ve got a cat?! I had a word with the provost.
You have a harp?! It’s just for decoration. Come. Sit. So, listen, I was wondering… Um… How do you make yourself cry
like that in class? It’s amazing. Well, I’ve, um…
I’ve had a lot of practice. So… do you want to do this? Do I? Well… The question is… what? Because,
if it’s backgammon, then… yes. If it’s a more… I can’t guarantee
you won’t get hurt. Do you mean physically,
or in a more emotional sense? Shall we… I mean, because… Different species… Maybe we shouldn’t… Or… maybe it’s OK. Wow. Wowee. Yeah. Do I just… take it off, yeah? Obviously. What time is it? Got somewhere you need to be? Sorry, I just don’t want to be late.
I’m not… Wow. No, I just… I said I’d be home by 7.30. Is that bad? OK. First, you’ve never used
a condom before … naughty boy… Now you’re out the door
like a bullet. It’s not like that. Really, I’ve had an amazing time. Cuddle? Cuddle?
No! Don’t spoil it… Um, are you…?
I mean, was it all… OK? It worked. God, I’ve had such an amazing… I’m so sorry. Can I call you? No! Go on. Out! Ooh-ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh! Baa. Mission accomplished. So, shall we get the pre-lash going
with a bit of cha-cha-cha-ching? Love to, P, only we’d better get
going. Cool. Um… there may be a problem. Trainers, mo-fo. Well, couldn’t you… maybe just lend
me something of yours? Sorry, mine’s custom-made. It would be like lending you
my fountain pen or something. Yeah. Um, er… Howard, um… Lend me your shoes! No. A good wingman will always relinquish
his shoes! A good wingman will always
relinquish his shoes! No! You kids have fun.
Make yourselves at home. Bridget will show you where
everything is, won’t you? Bridget will show you where
everything is, won’t you? Fuck you. Howard, just get your stuff together. I don’t have any stuff. I don’t have any stuff.
Can we just go? We’ve got so to discuss. We’re not
even close to a decision on France. Or chess. Or… Kettle Chips! I love Kettle Chips. How do you like it, Mrs Brown? I love it, Mr Brown. This is more like it, right? Yep. I’ve finished my essay, so we’ve got
all the time in the world. Yeah, well, tell Professor Shales
about the essay. Tony’s all about the poontang. Ha. Yeah… It’s about the absence
of femininity. You know there’s not one single
woman in the whole book? You know there’s not one single
woman in the whole book? Brilliant. You managed to finish it. Beverage? Yes, please. Why the face? What face? Gin and tonic OK? Yes, please. When I said about
the absence of femininity. It’s a good angle. But? I’ve seen a lot of undergraduate
Susan Sontag impressions, that’s all. Anyway, let’s keep things separate.
Here. Whose is the shopping? It’s mine. There’s a really big Asda,
so I thought… Minibar prices and all that. Cheers. Cheers. So, what’s the breakfast like? I love the tiny jams. I don’t know, go crazy, have mine.
I think it’s buffet style, but… I don’t know, go
crazy, have mine. I think it’s buffet style, but…
Why can I have yours? I can’t stay. I’ve got ice cream
in the shopping. I said I was at the pub quiz,
so 11 at the latest. You’re leaving me here? It’ll be fun, a night in a hotel! What?! You said… You said you’d booked something special!
This isn’t special, it’s seedy! You might as well have booked
a motel and paid me by the hour! Don’t be like that. Why have you got a boner?! I haven’t got a boner! I’m upset, we’re having an argument
and you’ve got a boner?! I haven’t got a boner! It’s just the
way my trousers… Look, look, look! All right. I find you exciting. I find this exciting.
I’m sorry, I can’t help it. But we don’t have to… do stuff.
We can just chat. It’s not seedy if we chat, is it? You want to chat? Of course I do. Look, this isn’t all just about,
you know… for me. This is about you, as a person. Come on, I want to talk more about
you, about your time in Cambodia… Thailand. Thailand. The Israeli guy, Could roll really enormous joints? That was funny.Yes. He was quite fun. God, so good. God, that was good. Good girl. Good girl. I’m telling you, this essay… It’s probably going
to fucking revolutionise The entire history of history. I can’t believe how fun it is,
writing an essay, When you’ve read the book! Glad you enjoyed it. Well, you’re back early. Yeah, kind of shit night in the end. I’d love to hear about it, but I’ve
got another thousand words to go. How’s it going, Kingsley? Doing something? Nothing… special. Glass of milk. Good idea. Good for you.
Keep your… strength up. Strengthens the bones… Come in! Um… music. I didn’t know about music. I did candles, cos you can’t go wrong
with candles. Come in. Come in. But music’s one of those
personal taste things, isn’t it? Dave likes to do it to a beat.
Sit down. Maybe that’s too much. And, also … here … I didn’t know
what kind of beat you’d want. A heavy beat might be too much
pressure, But if you don’t have any beat,
and it’s soft, is that just too cheesy? What if the lyrics are embarrassing? But, then, if you have no music
and it’s all just quiet, And all you can hear are sounds…
cos sometimes when I get nervous, I get a dry mouth and make this
clacking sound, like… Like a… Like that, like a kind
of… So, I was thinking, If we get under the covers
and start from there. Um… Listen, Josie… You’ve changed your mind. Is it the candles?
It’s too much, isn’t it? No, no! It’s not that. You look better in candlelight,
don’t you? In case you saw me
and decided that you didn’t fancy me. Josie, I fancy you. I mean, not actually… fancy… obviously. It’s not gonna get complicated. But, I can look at you And understand how
a generic person could… fancy you. The main thing is… you did it. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think it doesn’t count,
just because you didn’t… No? No! No, that’s quite normal, I’d think,
first time round. I mean, you got it in. And that is the main thing. It does work. Normally. Just cos I… When I do it myself, sort of thing. When I do it myself, sort of thing.
That’s good. I just think under the pressure,
probably, of the situation, It didn’t want to actually… give forth. I did enjoy myself, though. Yeah. Yeah. What about you? Me? Was it weird? First time
after splitting up with Dave? Ha! Yeah… Yes and no. Ish. The main thing for you is, though,
you came in this room a virgin And you’re leaving it not a virgin. How does that make you feel? It feels… yeah. Really brilliant. Anyway… thank you. Thank you very much. It’s nothing. Quite all right. Thank you. Yay! Cherry pie? Come on. What’s happening? Are you guys
having a party without me? Fuck’s sake, guys. The other day, When I asked if someone wanted to
come to the pub with me, None of you could be bothered.
Am I just the posh idiot That you all secretly hate? No! Of course not! We thought you were out. Kingsley
lost his virginity five seconds ago. But I thought… The story about the paedo? Bullshit! It wasn’t a paedo story. You were a virgin?! Whoa, sorry. The Pussyman was a virgin? Valiant effort, especially
considering your apparent phobia Of spellchecking. Well done, Oregon. Great work. Very original. Wow! Well done. Vod. Your opening salvo
was certainly impressive. “I read this book.” I read the whole thing. “I really loved it.
It was fucking brilliant.” Yeah. I know you read it. You make repeated references
to you experiencing reading it. This isn’t an online blog,
Miss Nordstrom. This is a literature class. And we expect you to at least engage
some of your critical faculties. Do you know what those are? Yeah. Well, then. Fucking well use them! Here’s a critical faculty …
what a fucking cunt! Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Subtitles by
Red Bee Media and APOLLO

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