Fried Appetizer Gluten Free Mozza Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Fried Appetizer Gluten Free Mozza Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to protein treats by
Nutracelle today we are making mazza balls now if you go to a restaurant and you have mozzarella balls or sticks you’re eating
about 800 to a thousand calories and you’re getting 50 to 60 maybe even 70
grams of carbs I’m going to show you how to make absolutely delicious gooey gooey
yummy mozzarella balls that are full of fiber full of protein and will help you
feel full and satisfied so let’s get started okay this recipe couldn’t be any
easier it takes a few steps so just follow
along with me and I’ll show you how easy it is to do these at home now you are
going to need about half a cup of milk now I’m using a coconut milk that’s
unsweetened you could use an unsweetened almond milk or you could even use an
unsweetened soy milk I’ve also got my little herbs and spices
here I have a little bit of jalapeno I have some garlic I have some red pepper
but whatever you like go ahead and get some of your herbs and spices together
then I also have one container it’s 200 grams of bocconcini
so these are just little mozzarella balls if you don’t have the little balls
don’t worry you can just get mozzarella bricks cut them into strips and you’ll
wind up with mozzarella sticks at the end of this recipe okay so you are going
to need a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese and so that we’re going to add our
natural Nutralean so you’ve got a 1 to 1 of natural Nutralean to your
Parmesan cheese and then in a separate Bowl this is going to be our first
dipping roll you’re going to need another scoop of natural Nutralean I’m
going to go ahead and put that right in there and then I’m going to mix all of
my little herbs and spices into the bowl that has both the Parmesan cheese and
the natural Nutralean so just mix it up so it’s nice and even look at that that’s perfect for coding
and then I’m going to take my milk and I’m going to pour it into my third bowl
just like this and now we’re ready we’ve got our little dipping station all set
up so you’re going to have one wet one one wet station then you’re going to
have two dry stations and I’ll show you how easy it is once you get your system
going you’re going to take each little mazza ball and you’re going to roll or dip
it right into your milk this is going to be our wet hand here and then I’m going
to dip it right into just the natural neutral lean so just so it’s nice and
coated and once you have it coated then you’re going to turn around and you’re
going to dip it a second time in your milk shake off your extra and then we’re
going to go ahead and put it in our mix that has the Parmesan cheese and all of
our spices here we go and it’s the double dipping it’s doing it twice
that’s going to give you that coating you want now we’re going to take it and
we’re going to set it down on our parchment paper once we do this we’re
going to put it in the freezer for about an hour before we go and deep fry them
so I’m going to keep going once again I’ve got my wet hand I’m going to dip it
in the milk shake off the excess dip it right in the natural Nutralean just
so it’s nice and evenly coated then I’m going to dip it once again in the milk
don’t forget this stuff this is what keeps them from leaking and then shake
off the extra and dip it in with the natural Nutralean and the Parmesan
cheese let’s go and set that right on our
parchment paper and I’m going to go ahead and finish all these show you them
when they’re done and we’ll put them in the freezer and then I’ll show you how
we deep-fry them okay guys so our mozzarella balls have been in the
freezer for about an hour and I’ve been heating up my oil now I am using an
avocado oil which I’ll show you here has a really high heat point of 500 degrees
I’ve mixed mine I have half avocado oil and half olive oil you can use just
avocado or olive oil olive oils is about 350 which is where we want our pan so we
don’t want to go higher than 350 if you keep it in that 325 to 350 and just use
a candy thermometer to tell so I’ll show you guys how easy this is just going to
put my thermometer in here and check the temperature so the trick when you’re
deep frying is you want to do it in small batches for two reasons one is
because you’ll make mess if you do too much and the other is you’re actually
going to reduce the temperature of your oil when you start to put your cheese in
I’m going to go ahead and have a little spider ladle here and I’m going to start
with just three balls I’m just going to put them in and make sure that they
separate and keep an eye on them so that when they’re nice and golden brown we’re
going to pull them out and look at this absolutely beautiful perfect little
mozzarella balls I’m going to shake them off a little bit look how good and
perfectly brown that is so we’re going to do our next batch here go ahead and
put some in maybe three or four at a time
okay look at these how amazing these look and they smell so delicious
everybody around here right now the crew and all all the group here everybody is
wanting to just chow down on these because they look so good
but I get to taste test them and oh my god you guys are going to love these
these are so insanely delicious so easy to make and so healthy packed with protein
packed with prebiotic fiber and mm oh my god there so good make sure you subscribe comment
below tell me how yours turned out I can’t wait to hear back from you guys
and how much you love these super yummy super healthy mazza balls

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  1. Melanie these are delicious!! Because I can’t get nutralene in Australia I used a bit of almond meal with my protein powder in the crumb mixture. They came out with a nice crunchy shell and gooey centre! 👍🏻 So tasty!

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