It’s so good Hey Hey, what’s up Phil? Welcome back to my channel Shakira Miriam and today Today baby, we had ourselves a chicken corporate appetizer. Oh my gosh I will not take full credit for this because I’m kind of running short out of ideas, but I saw this online I just saw a picture of it And when I saw a picture of it, I knew I had to try and try to duplicate it It’s like a I think it’s a good appetizer as long as everybody only eats one. So Yano hides their maker. Do what I do. Oh My gosh Isn’t it so it’s so nice it’s a different alternative I thought with something different Oh my kind of what it’s falling apart Meet that chicken, you know chicken baby. Come on I Never build I guess table My muffin there’s a piece of parsley I might eat that I’m on my corn bread spot apart I’m excited to see how this tastes together mashed potatoes and corn bread It tastes like Thanksgiving I’m serious just within a good idea for something for Thanksgiving Mm-hmm. I Know we do but I’m gonna do this over again. I’m gonna do it with turkey cranberry sauce In the Nash potatoes the reason I say it tastes like Thanksgiving because Instead of water I Use chicken broth in the mashed potatoes I Remember eat me about two or three of these it’s so good. Hey, hey, hey Is so good We try to use chicken broth in your mashed potatoes And it definitely tastes sobbing Got some praying cran-grape juice We’ll try this one without the hot sauce I’m telling y’all. I Think if you make this as an appetizer you give people something to talk about It’s not very expensive If you just buy I take I take a full pack of wing-dings a wings, I’m sorry My family pepper wings and I cut it into Dean’s cut them in half And then Usually a family pack of wings it’s like They’re like 14 wings and a family pack Well, sometimes I take a family pack and I split it in half and there’s seven in the bag. It’s already had in the freezer Seven so I just cut those in half Brick gave me 14, but I only made 12 only made it doesn’t But making the corn muffin mix was like a dollar or 74 cents I’ll find it the price and I’ll I $0.47 Walmart Mmm and then the box of mashed potatoes was like 230 mm 30 cents Basically That’s under Its under um Under $10 Mmm Tell you something better this nails, would you call that ton Reacher when you go to it? It doesn’t come to you That Tong Reacher This tastes like Thanksgiving I’m telling you Use chicken broth and your mashed potatoes. I sure showed me doing it, but I didn’t I’m sorry And use chicken broth low-sodium chicken broth instead of water you would not be disappointed Yes Thoughts and prayers goes though out goes out to those who have been affected by the hurricane and Since it started even before it got too, you know too bad. I instantly went into prayer. It’s nothing As some friends where I’ve donated to We can send water Canned goods and such money To a food bank, I just gave them to her and she took care of everything so My thoughts and prayers are with you most definitely I’m so sorry That you all are going through that have gone through but you found Walter Mmm, I’m gonna do one more Alright three corn muffins Lord Jesus MA goodness this checker I need a combination by the cornbread and mashed potatoes by the chicken Yes, this is definitely good idea for Thanksgiving Hmm Mmm-hmm. I Just dropped my penguin So delicious if you knew this channel welcome If you haven’t subscribed please do so go ahead and subscribe, you know, I love you guys I think there are so much for the love of support. Thank you for continue to keep this channel positive and Continue to enjoy what we enjoy, but just a food. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye peace


  1. you are so beautiful, inside and out. your videos are so wholesome and i enjoy every second, thank you for blessing us with this content!

  2. How do you possibly offend 82 people??? Grrrr. Your ideas are awesome and you're lovely just sharing your recipes and new ideas! I find it surprising you are out of ideas. Looking amazing as always!! Try a pepperoni pizza crust roll? Get a pillsbury pizza crust, roll out a bit, get thin slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese slices, roll up, seal it and bake it for 30 minutes or a bit longer? I can't remember, just so the center gets done as well. It's like a rolled up stromboli and have a favorite marinara to dip in. My mom used to make this around the holidays! She also made roast beef bread the same way except roast beef and American cheese. 👍😁💙🧡💛💚❤

  3. I am going to STOP watching you.. LOL……. I am getting sick because i can not get any of your food. I have tried to reach through my screen to get me some of your food but i can not get any.

  4. Perfect idea for Thanksgiving, the only thing I would make it with chicken nuggets so it would be easy to eat for the kids and adults but definitely I'm using your recipe for the chicken and the mashed potatoes .

  5. Can i get one with a candel in it its my birthday 😊🎉🎉 …looks sooo 🤤 Delish you are very creative i hope open i restaurant so i can take a trip to Maryland and come try your fabulous dishes 😊👌❤

  6. I would pick that chicken wing off the floor dust it off and eat it,as clean as you are cooking I know your house is clean. Bon appétit

  7. Omg!!! That looks absolutely delicious!!!! You need your own restaurant. ASAP!!!!! it, “It’s So Good”. And I’m not asking you. I’m officially threatening you. 😬

  8. You are so creative with your dishes I love the way how you always think of new ideas and u don't eat the same thing and u give me so much comfort I always get a auntie or mom vibe from you ❤️❤️💙💙💖💖I love your vids

  9. Miriam!!!! I LOVE your channel!!! And my family enjoys the new recipes I get from you 🤗 Can I suggest that you add a watermark or flash your channel name throughout your videos? I often watch your clips on my Facebook suggested videos and lots of people in the comments are asking for the name of your channel. My part time job is pointing them in the right direction, lol!!! Keep up the great work ‼️

  10. You really should have ur own tv cooking show called “it’s so good” because at this point ur at that level 🖤💯

  11. I love your spirit 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I watch u all the time, your so confident and funny as hell keep up the amazing work🙏🏼 you got me hunny ❤️

  12. I made wings and corn bread today wish I had seen this. I also add sour cream and honey, cheese and oil along with milk it makes it super moist and yummy

  13. She season her chicken weird to me. The actually chicken has no season on it only the flour is seasoned which leads me to believe it’s not that good plus she used boxed everything.

  14. I Love love love your channel boo an this is coming from one of your day ones but the subtitles threw me off. You still rock but I had to click off

  15. You should make a separate channel where you upload the recipe and then upload mukbangs on here. And then post them at the same time So you can get all your coins queen

  16. I know you’re way older than me but I wish we was friends not because you can cook but because of your personality😩😩😩 I just love you!❤️

  17. Cute how you frosted the cornbread! I’ll remix/tweak it and pipe the inside with a bit of homemade cranberry sauce (I make with a bit of orange mango, but I won’t go into it right now). I always use broth for my mashed 🥔, and some fresh made compound butter with sage and herbs 🌿. 🥰🤤 Chiiile, I was JUST thinking about looking forward to the eating holidays mere hours ago. This will bring it home for me early. I love the creativity… Thanks for sharing!💜

    Question is… why the hell am I watching? I just woke up hungry, and threw on YouTube to help lull me back to sleep. Instead of clicking on something safe, I had the audacity to click this link, thinking I’ll just add it to my watch later playlist.
    Here I am, 3:21 AM…tummy grumbling, thinking of which groceries I need, and what kind of greens I’m adding to my menu to make this TOMORROW. 😅
    You’re so sweet and comforting… zero regrets❣️🌈🌟🦋

  18. Once I wrote maybe two comments about your movies, you didn't even notice that I was your fan from the very beginning and I always had a heart from you. Maybe this time, when I write below this video succeeds, I suggest to combine together food, chicken and roll! 😋🥔🍗🍰

  19. Delicious😍🤤 I just love how your videos start with "Mukbang starts @" but why skip the cooking part❤️ Shout out to New Zealand

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