29 thoughts on “Fruit Salad – You Suck at Cooking (episode 92)

  1. I’m a big fan of u but-

    I’m Arabian and I’m pretty sure the book doesn’t ship to my country,but I would love to have it 🙁

  2. YSAC goes old school AND pays a metric assload of kitten tax?!?!? The whole world just died of happiness (which is much better than dying from reality)

  3. Who can make a compilation of Ysac unlawfully change fruit/vegetable into other fruit/vegetable by punching it or roll it against the wall? If some one did this I'll be truely appreciated.

  4. It is a salad. You conceded this point. A banana is a fruit. Salads are tossed. I want to see you toss your banana?

  5. If you think about it almost every fruit has a evil seed nest waiting to kill you inside the middle, excluding strawberries.

  6. Who watches these vids but not make the things he makes just only watch them for comedic reasons and cus ur just bored.SOO BORED that u watch this till the end even though he props puts a lot of effort into his songs but u just don’t care cus u only care about his dogs and cats looking cute into the camera. Have a wonderful evening

  7. Grapes
    Fresh squeezed orange juice
    Two lemons
    There you go. Fruit salad with banana that actually tastes good.

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