Good Morning, you all!!! So today it’s
raining like a whole lot. I don’t know what’s going on down here but um I’m still
gonna go to the gym yes your girl is being dedicated af right now so it is
8:24 right now I’m gonna go into the gym around 8:30 but um yeah I’m still sick
y’all hear that like um that’s so cute in it I’m not like sick sick it’s more
just my throat is still like really sore more than anything baby who went to GNC
got a couple items I’m really excited to share with y’all real quick ok so it’s
already been discussed that I love the smart sweets plant-based sour blast
buddies we know that already but look y’all we got a new item in oh my gosh I hope
it’s good I’m hyping this up over here and I really hope it’s good
well actually we have two new items so first one is the No Cow Energy Bar this
is the Chocolate Sea Salt so as we have learned about no cow their products are
vegan, soy free ,non-gmo, gluten-free, no sugar added, no cow, and non dairy time
for nutrition facts 190 calories 8 grams of fat 26 grams of carbs 8 grams of
fiber one gram of total sugars and 9 grams of sugar alcohol so that’s 9 grams
net carbs and 12 grams of protein the next one I have is the No Cow Energy Bar
Chunky Peanut Butter as well so I have 2 flavors from No Cow and the nutrition
facts I think is still the same yep it’s the same as the Chocolate Sea
Salt one whenever I break my fast today I’m gonna have one of these snacks that
I got going on over here and it’s probably gonna be one of the No Cow
because I already know what the Smartsweets tastes like which I love so I’m
really excited to try one of these energy bars from No Cow hopefully
it’s good it is 829 so let me go ahead and run in this rain oh I don’t want to
go out here Whew y’all! We about to run. lock the door let’s
lock the door the last thing I’m doing is 15 minutes
on the elliptical Okay so I did fifteen minutes of cardio on the elliptical and I I burned 111 calories. Alright y’all, so so it is
still raining out here got to get in the car and turn this heat on today I worked
out a little bit over an hour in the gym and I really focused on my upper body
today I’ve noticed like my upper body is like gettin right y’all like my arm is still
flapping but I mean it’s not as much as it was it which makes me really happy
thank God cuz these flabby arms just not doing me any justice over here let me
tell y’all what I did the other day so I had put my hand it was like early in the
morning I put my hand on my like you know like on my hip or whatever and I
started screaming I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh mama like y’all my mom was
runnin She ran to the bathroom and she’s
like what’s wrong what’s wrong and I was like momma my back fat it’s like really going away
like I didn’t have this much room like when I put my hand on my hip like I can
literally feel the progress now I know my mom was like so proud of me
but I mean at that moment my mama just looked at me she was like are you
serious like she ran to me see I guess she thought I was dying or something
happened but no I just want to share my progress with her
my mom’s really been like hyping me up over here y’all like she didn’t I tell
me like how she see a difference in my stomach and all that stuff and in my arms
but me myself I wasn’t seeing I was like I’m going to the gym I’m not seeing it
but on that day I was like some is different now y’all I’m seeing a little
bit of results and I’m just feeling myself right now like I feel like I’ma be
wearing crop tops for real this summer I said that all these other summers and it never happened but this summer 2019 it’s go happen all right you guys so it’s 1:18 my mom
called and was like oh you wouldn’t get a pedicure I was like sure but I had
just got done cooking so I haven’t even eaten my food yet so here my food I just
have bacon two strips of bacon one sausage patty and two eggs while I was
cooking I was drinking my water and I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta
so now I’m about to finish drinking the rest of this sugar-free Powerade mixed
berry drink yes I’m here at a red light and I’m hungry again go figure so I’m
gonna try this No Cow Chunky Peanut Butter Energy Bar the girl at GNC said it was good so hopefully she’s correct! I am somewhat…. I am somewhat Y’all my mom literally has
gotten in the car the first thing she does is throw one of my socks in here to
the backseat but anywho y’all I am a packaging critic in a way and so yeah I
do like this uh packaging it’s cute Oh y’all I’m ashy! I need to handle that, but um
this is what the No Cow Chunky Peanut Butter Energy Bar looks like I like it
like this is cute this is very cute hopefully you taste good too here goes
nothing that tastes much better than some of
their protein bars y’all like it’s not hard at all like it’s very easy to chew
on I’m really interested in trying their chocolate sea salt one too but I’m not
gonna do it right now y’all I like it if you are not like a peanut
butter fan I wouldn’t recommend this to you but I
like this honestly I really did not start liking peanut butter until keto
now like you can’t stop me from eating some peanut butter I got my mother
sick and she really doesn’t have a voice now so yeah but mama you want to say hey
to the people y’all (laughs) Momma what type of voice is that. Y’all we’re gonna
not bother her because she’s looking at some paperwork right before we go and
get our pedicure so that’s cool Bye Barbs (laughs) you’re being so fake right now Stopppp My Mom: This is me! My mama really stay trying to steal
my snacks but I’ma have to start like hiding my snacks or something over here
cuz she stay doing that y’all Alright you guys so we’re here in the mall about to
walk into the nail shop we’re gonna go get a pedicure
I already got my nails done whatever well a couple days ago right now I feel
like I need to just go and like put some lotion on my feet…Oh well! And hunni I don’t even wanna know what my legs look like. Oooo I’m gonna be so embarrassed! I really don’t want to show you all my
feet but as you can see we’re in I really am ticklish so this is gonna be
very interesting second meal of the day is going to be from Wendy’s because
right now I’m literally starving and opposed to me just eating a whole bunch
of snacks I’ma about to have me a whole meal okay so How To Eat Keto at Wendy’s well
I have my Baconator all I have is lettuce bacon and two pieces of meat as
you can see up we have a bacon on the run. I’m in my mother’s car we are just
driving around the day y’all but I made some Keto Chocolate peacans cookies I
attempted to this is my first time ever making Keto Cookies! I don’t know why she
turned these lights on didn’t even warn me I’m about to have a whole heart
attack over here so a moment of truth what does this keto cookie taste like
here goes nothing I wish though that it was like a little crunchier I guess
maybe I need to find out like how I can get it like a little crunchier but I
like it like I can rock with this and the pecans is really good with it too as
well I’m very proud of myself look at me I’m like a baker how about no! You guys I
don’t know what else I’m gonna eat tonight but right now I am snacking on
some pepperoni slices thank you God when you really don’t drink alcohol
but you still try to be fancy y’all I have a diet cranberry juice in here


  1. Aww…gonna pray for your momma to get better soon… Colds are brutal this season! Keep going girl! You are doing awesome! 👍🎉🎂🤗

  2. You are so freaking cute! I love seeing your beautiful Mom in your videos…. Love her up always. I miss mine to pieces.. This month will be the 1 year anniversary of her death. I lost her on the 25th last year to breast cancer and 21 days later I lost my Dad to a heart attack. I miss them dearly so when I see videos like this it makes my heart happy. ♥♥

  3. That’s how us Momma’s ROLL when you girls holler “Momma!” We come running!
    Bye, Barbs. Give yo momma a snack!😘

  4. I can see a difference, either weightloss or toning up, or both. Looking fit. 👍👍👍😁 Hope your Mom feels better soon. 😊

  5. Do the people at GNC know your phone number by heart now? LOL did they say see you tomorrow again? LOL I love watching your videos and when you're sick you get drop-dead adorable.

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