GARLIC MASHED POTATOES | dairy-free + vegan recipe

GARLIC MASHED POTATOES | dairy-free + vegan recipe

hello my friends its Dani and today I
am making dairy-free mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and olive oil this
is a really rustic flavorful take on mashed potatoes that uses just five
ingredients and could not be any easier to make that is to die for now I have
shared this recipe in the past I shared it in a video a couple years back when I
was sharing some Thanksgiving Side ideas for you but I wanted it to have a place
to live on its own because it is that good and it’s 100% vegan and I know we
have a good amount of vegans here in the community so this is a recipe that will
make it onto a lot of different plates now the first thing you need for this
recipe is a roasted garlic I highly recommend doing this step ahead of time
you can either do it earlier in the day or you can do it up to three days ahead
of time and then just store it in an airtight container right in your fridge
so I’m gonna start by pulling off the loose excess papery outer layer on the
garlic then I’ll lay it sideways and slice anywhere between a quarter and a
half an inch off the top you want to go far enough down that all of the tops of
the garlic cloves are exposed once you slice it off so it’s gonna look like
this once you’ve cut it and I really like to do this with a serrated knife it
just makes it super easy to slice through the garlic now I usually make a
few of these at a time if you’re gonna do one you might as well do a handful of
them because you can have them on hand then to use for salad dressings or to
put into any type of dish that you might be whipping up or if you just want to
use it as a spread on some toast it’s absolutely delicious then here on my
room 2 baking sheet I’m just gonna take each garlic bulb that we’ve sliced the
top off of and lay it on top of a piece of aluminum foil then I drizzle the top
with a little bit of olive oil and I like to season it with a pinch of salt
and pepper and then pull up the sides of the foil and you just want it to be
airtight so you can just squish it all together at the top so it looks like a
bit of a stem then I’ll pop this into a 400 degree oven
anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the size of your garlic
bulbs you’re gonna know that the garlic is done because one it’s going to be
fragrant it’s also going to be very tender
and buttery so take it out of the foil let it cool down till it’s room
temperature and you’re comfortable handling it now you’re gonna see when
the garlic is cooked it slips right out of the garlic skin you could take it out
with a little fork like this or if you’re a more hands-on kind of person
you can just squish the clove and it just literally squeezes right out
roasted garlic like this is not anything like raw garlic it is sweet and it’s
creamy it’s spreadable it is delicious and that’s why I love making a few extra
cloves to have in the refrigerator as for my potatoes I’m using two pounds of
Yukon Gold potatoes the Yukon Golds are a little bit starter so they make really
creamy fluffy mashed potatoes another great potato option would be a russet
potato so I’ll give them a rinse under some cold water and then you can peel
them if you want to but I really like to leave the skins on number one there’s a
lot of nutrients in the skin and number two it creates like this really hearty
rustic mashed potato but if you’re looking for like really creamy smooth
mashed potatoes then you’re definitely gonna want to peel the skins off either
way the potatoes are delish then I’m just gonna cut them into chunky
bite-size pieces you want the pieces to be relatively the same size so they they
all cook at the same pace then I’m gonna get them into my pot cover them with
enough cold water to come about an inch above the potatoes and then we’re gonna
bring them over a high heat let everything come to a boil and then just
let them boil for about five or ten minutes or until they’re fork-tender
once I have them where I want them I’m just gonna drain them out and then pop
them back into that warm pot and add in the rest of our ingredients right so all
of those sweet and creamy garlic cloves that we cooked up earlier with about a
half a cup plus 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil now this is when you
want to use the good olive oil so make sure that you’re using a cold-pressed
extra virgin olive oil here mmm the flavor makes all the difference
then I’ll season that with some kosher salt and some black pepper and then
using a potato masher we’re just gonna mash these potatoes down if you don’t
have a potato you can also use the back of your fork
both will get the job done you know again I like a more rustic mashed potato
something a little more homemade but if you want them smooth and creamy just go
a little bit further than I am what I do not recommend is putting them in the
food processor though because then they get over whipped and they tend to get
really gummy and unpleasant what I absolutely love about these potatoes is
that we are infusing so much flavor into them that you do not miss the milk or
the butter at all you’re just going to be so excited to eat them just the way
they are once you have your potatoes exactly the way you like them you’re
gonna transfer them in to your serving dish and then I like to drizzle a little
extra extra virgin olive oil right over the top give it a pinch of flaky sea
salt and then some fresh chives for color so beautiful and so delicious this
would be a great dish for your holiday table but it’s also easy enough for the
busiest of weeknights and our family we love serving these mashed potatoes with
my cast-iron chicken thighs it’s to die for it’s such a warm comforting meal
especially as the weather gets colder so I’m going to link that recipe for you
down in the description box as well mmm that is to die for
mmm so good they’re so creamy and delicious and I love that sweet garlic
flavor with the mashed potato I’m super excited for y’all to try this recipe if
you haven’t already make sure that you snap a picture and tag me on Instagram
and Facebook so I can see all of the clean and deliciousness you’re whipping
up in your very own kitchens and if you haven’t already my dear friend please
take a moment to like subscribe and share this channel with anybody else you
know who wants to make healthy eating easy thanks so much for watching I’m
Dani Spees and I will see you back here next time with some more clean and
deliciousness Cheers to maybe eat a bowl of mashed potatoes
we’re done here you

76 thoughts on “GARLIC MASHED POTATOES | dairy-free + vegan recipe

  1. Can you believe we are just one week away from Thanksgiving! I can't either! But I hope by now you have enough Clean & Delicious recipe ideas to inspire your holiday table. And if not, here's one more!! Enjoy. xo – Dani

  2. I never knew how to roast garlic like this! I am so using this technique on Thanksgiving for my mashed potato recipe. Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving!🍽🦃🍁

  3. Roasted garlic is new to me, but it looks sooooooo amazing! Spreads like butter, wow! I’ll give this recipe a go FOR SURE!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. You always, always make me want to make your recipe! And, that’s not a bad thing at all. 💕 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. I don't know if it's that we're on the same wavelength or whether it's because I am psychic (!) but just before I went online I was thinking of garlic mashed potatoes – honest to goodness I was! I'm so glad you posted this, now I'm off to make them. Thanx, Dani, have a great weekend xox

  6. Would this work oil-free, perhaps I could add some plant-based milk to make it creamy? 🤔
    More vegan stuff please.
    Cheers 🇬🇧

  7. Great recipe Dani! I love garlic mashed potatoes. Lately, I’ve been using my instant pot to make my mashed potatoes and its even easier ❤️

  8. So is this the way to roast garlic for a garlic spread or roasted garlic bread – the kind with garlic cloves in it? Thanks for the video on this ! Can wait to try it!

  9. Hi Dani Thank you for including vegan recipes once in a while. The mashed potatoes looks so yummy. We're gonna try to make them for Thanksgiving. We never knew how to roast garlic. thank you for the tip.

  10. This is interesting, not sure how my family would take to the olive oil. I personally just eat sweet potatoes plain love them, hot or cold, cubed or mashed. I will give this a try, but first a small version for my husband to see his reactions. Thanks for sharing 👍❤️😊

  11. Thanks Dani, thank you for this simple and delicious recipe. I just made it yesterday, all thumbs up from the little ones and my husband. It was very yummy.

  12. Love the recipe. I adore roasted garlic and made it this way all the time but have forgotten about it lately.
    I was caught off guard by the chicken in the vegan video though.

  13. Making them in an instant pot with garlic and vegetable broth and plain almond milk is great. No need for fattening oil.

  14. I just love mashed potatoes and gravy I always have but for a diabetic all the starch can be bad for them makes their insulin rise and blood sugar rise I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of the starch maybe add Brewers yeast and add some cinnamon and of course lots of chopped garlic potatoes can put on weight

  15. Hello Dani, I am looking and cannot find your muffin recipe that you use both regular oatmeal and quick oatmeal, I already bought the quick oatmeal. Please help! :), Sandy (Dan Lee's wife)

  16. Your way is much better with the garlic, I wish I would have seen this 30 years ago. Martha S. had a garlic roll thing that I bought and it did not work. This method is way better. Happy Holidays

  17. This recipe resembles a lot the traditional Greek "skordalia" that is usually paired with fish. Roasted garlic looks sooo good thank you!!!

  18. I’m new here, thought I’d see what you are about, since the first vid had me intrigued. Not even the first min, I’m like……

    Oh no……aluminum foil! Clean and Delicious, you should reconsider and find a different alternative to the aluminum

    Now back to the vid……

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