Gemma Eats…BARCELONA Food Tour | CHURROS and La Boqueria MARKET, BEST Spanish Food

Gemma Eats…BARCELONA Food Tour | CHURROS and La Boqueria MARKET, BEST Spanish Food

I left the hotel this morning determined to
come here and have this dish, and I was not disappointed Food is my true passion. I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef
and host of Bigger Bolder Baking. So that means great food is a huge part of
my every day life. You’ve seen me boldly bake over the top
recipes. Now travel with me on my culinary adventures
around the world. In this episode of Gemma Eats, I’m in Barcelona
Spain bathing in churros and chocolate, exploring the most amazing food market and eating my
new favorite breakfast dish, and I’ve even found where the original Kronut came from. All right now on Gemma Eats. In Spain, they put so much care and effort
into every meal including breakfast. I’m here in Barcelona and I’m really excited
to try some traditional churros and really thick hot chocolate. Where the churro originated from is still
unclear, but I trust that the Spanish know a thing or two about making them. Located off the busy street of the famous
Las Ramblas, this is Granja Viader, a family business that was started almost 150 years
ago. Five generations later, the milk and eggs
are still brought from their family farm to make some of their amazing treats including
their churros. Look at that. This is one way to start your day off. Churros are a really simple pastry. All they are are shoe pastry which is what
you make profiteroles with. They deep fry them until they are lovely golden
brown, they toss them in a little bit of sugar, and then you eat them when they are nice and
warm. They’re crunchy, they’re not too sweet. Oh my gosh, this hot chocolate is absolutely
amazing. I could bathe in this. For your hot chocolate, you have to make sure
that it is really thick like this one so it will coat your churro. The great thing about it is that it’s not
overly sweet so they really balance each other out really well. So I’ve said this before but the best churros
I’ve ever had have actually been in Napa in Northern California, but I have to admit,
being here in Barcelona and having this traditional dish here, this might be the top of my list. After this sweet breakfast, I couldn’t help
but wander the streets of Barcelona. These back streets are filled with the hustle
and bustle of every day life. I was on my way to a legendary place that
I was so excited to experience. La Boqueria is a popular tourist destination and according to some locals, it’s not quite where they
would go on a daily basis but I found it vibrant and filled with so many culinary possibilities. I’m here inside La Boqueria Market in Barcelona,
one of the most famous food markets. I already know what I want to eat inside so
let’s go. This is really amazing. There’s a lot of fresh fruit vendors but
they do all of these juices along with fresh fruit cups and things like that. It’s absolutely incredible and its only
like two Euros. You can see its pretty much every fruit you
can imagine. Fruit is so pretty. Cherries are in season so they are everywhere
right now. And then all the fresh berries, strawberries,
raspberries, blueberries, absolutely gorgeous. There’s a really good mix in this market
of fresh produce and restaurants but for sure you know everything is coming locally sourced. But after my sweet breakfast, I was on the
hunt for a bite that was a little more savory, like jamon or Spain’s famous cured ham. The curing process can take up to a year but
sometimes stretches for many years to give the meat an incredible flavor. My choice today was more of a sampler which I ended up referring to as a “ham cone.” So you’ll see here in Barcelona that a lot
of the butchers and the delis, they sell little cones like this full of jamon and cheese,
a little bit of breadsticks, something like that. I think it’s absolutely genius and it’s
only a couple of dollars. This jamon is really soft. Look at that, at how tender it is. But more importantly how thin it is. I could eat ham comes all day long. This is kind of a Spanish version of fast
food, which I am all about. If there was more fast food in the world like
this, I think we’d be doing okay. Definitely be very happy. Check out all of these gorgeous Spanish olives. You can actually smell in the air where we
are right now. It’s go that lovely saltiness that olives
have. Yum. I definitely have to eat more olives while
I’m here. This is how you know a place is good: because
there is a whole pile of like, little grannies and locals hanging around. When I got anchovies the other day, I thought
I was getting what she just told me now are boquerones, but they’re kinda… I thought that they were like sardines but
they’re a really cheap little fish you can get here as a tapas. It’s white fish. It’s absolutely delicious and I have to
get some more while I’m here. And given my passion for seafood, I had to
make my way to that section. Oh look it, over here. I haven’t seen these in a very, very long
time. These are called periwinkles. We actually used to fish these in Ireland. As kids we used to go down to the beach and
get them off rocks, and then bring them up to our neighbors house and she would put them
in a big pot of boiling water and cook them. And then you get, like, a little pin and you,
like, fish out the periwinkle. They were so good. It’s amazing. I can’t believe I saw those. Look it, mussels…You have mussels, prawns,
squid, which is just huge here and in abundance. I have to admit, I actually think I’ve had
some of the best seafood of my life here in Barcelona the past few days. It’s been absolutely incredible. This is what we’re going to be having for
breakfast, so I’m going to find myself some squid. And then I found my dream destination, El
Quim. Executive Chef Quim Marquez and his team bring
creativity and their passion for beautiful and well prepared food to anyone who has the
great fortune to try it. Do you see the shrimp that she got? Did you see the shrimp that she got? Oh, I’ve got to get some of that. Squid and eggs or foie gras, eggs, and mushrooms? Oh, it looks really good. So when coming to La Boqueria, I looked online
and this is one of the most popular spots. They do eggs like nobody’s business. So I’ve decided I’m going to get eggs
with squid. They look amazing and also, the squid comes
from straight the water out there so why not get what’s local and fresh and amazing. Everybody’s dish looks really good. Gracias. Thank you. Oh yeah, baby. Fresh squid just sautéed off over two fried
eggs. Here they fry their eggs in olive oil so they
almost kind of deep fry their eggs. You can see they’re nice and kind of bubbly
and crispy around the sides. And they’re just barely cooked, do you see
that? They are just perfectly cooked. Oh man, this is my kind of heaven. This is why I love Spain. It is amazing food done simply. You don’t have to do a whole lot to squid
to make it taste good and the very same with eggs. Squid tastes like the sea. It doesn’t taste like fish. It isn’t chewy. It’s soft and it tastes like the sea. Absolutely gorgeous. To get the true impact of the kitchen, just
check out this monitor that shows you all of the kitchen stations. In a very tight space, these guys do a lot
to create a variety of amazing dishes. I don’t think I’ve actually ever had anything
like this squid before. Look how tiny it is. You’re going to have to trust me, it is
like, just barely sautéed, really soft. This is how you should enjoy squid. If you were to taste this dish with your eyes
closed, you would never guess that it is squid. The squid in Barcelona is so different from
the squid I’ve had all over the world. They know how to cook it just right and best
of all, it tastes like the sea air. Absolutely amazing. It’s kind of sweet. It’s a little bit creamy. Their produce served with eggs, just simple
fried eggs, I mean, come on. I left the hotel this morning determined to
come here and have this dish, and I am not disappointed. So after this amazing dish, I decided to continue
my breakfast theme with another something sweet. So Barcelona has pretty much done me in. I am absolutely stuffed but I saved room for
one more thing, a xuxo. Now this is a traditional Catalonia pastry. Usually you have it in the morning time and
if I rip it open for you guys, it is full of custard. Now this is a traditional dish and I’m starting
to think the Cronut acutally came from this because it is pretty similar to a fried croissant
with a filling on the inside. This is so unbelievably good. A little bit of sugar on the outside, it really
is like a mix of a croissant and a doughnut deep-fried. Yeah, these guys know how to do breakfast. It’s crispy on the outside without being
kind of greasy. It’s soft in the middle. And do you see all of those lovely layers
of pastry? Then you’ve got a lovely, soft vanilla custard
in the middle. It’s absolutely insane. And then, of course, sugary coating on the
outside. Breakfast of champions. Barcelona is a wonderland of amazing fresh
food done right. While I was just a visitor for a few days,
the locals make you feel right at home. I learned quickly that Barcelona is not just
a place; it’s a feeling. Coming up next week on Gemma Eats…I’m back in Barcelona:
I’m taking you on a secret food tour of Barcelona’s hidden gems to enjoy great food
and even drink wine just like the locals do. All right here, on Gemma Eats.

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