Yes, and look at this lobster lobster Huge and I have my potatoes oh my Goodness without further ado I have no time to play Let’s get this Hello hello my Karma babies how are you? Well yes, we are in the new year Today is I think it’s January 3rd I’m not quite sure when you’re gonna get this video, but today is January 2/3 And it is my one year Mukbang Channel review you know I’ve had a YouTube channel for Seven or eight years cuz I’ve done coupons and this and that and the other cuz I just love sharing, and I love you know Offering things up to you guys, but you see what I have here one year anniversary for my muffins, so Let’s get this monster Yeah And I’m not gonna wait around I’m gonna play any games. I have king crab I have this Humongous lobster look at this lobster Look at that how big It is I? love Lobster and I have oops Starting to drop things already guys. I have king crab legs with crab claws look Yes Yes, king crab legs lots of them. Okay inside one-year anniversary, and we gotta enjoy And I’m not waiting around holding conversations oh my goodness Oh King crab legs you can tell because you know they got those spikes on them oh Man does that look good. That’s toss that over there look at the meat Look at the meat coming out of ready guys oh I’m telling you whoa oh My Oh my good so good mmm We’ll put that there because oh it’s so good Mixture keep it turn down. I have my lemons over here My lemons my butter sauce oh Let’s make sure you guys get a good picture here. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good good right Listen These potatoes are Everything It’s so good But I don’t want to get full lots of potatoes you I have muscles Crab legs I have shrimp Mussels oh Look at that huh look at that beautiful muscle Is that a beautiful mussel is that beautiful mussel I? Have garlic butter here with it Hmm Empty Yes, I love these potatoes I can’t have it guys mussel Mm-hmm put that mussel inside of there You see that mussel and now I’m just gonna open it up a little bit there we go Please started off right away. We didn’t even hold a conversation Hmm, I think what we’ll do is we will talk as we go Mm-hmm I have some beautiful Jumbo shrimp here, mmm. We’ll talk as we go so guys Let’s put this on here You know I’d like to take my butter sauce and just put it all over my food Can I show you this Lobster That’s a good butter sauce today very good someone asked me for my recipe for my butter sauce and you know Hmm oh, that’s good I got lots of onions. Um lots of lemons guys lots of lemons Someone that’s me for my recipe for the My sauce and My recipe is I use chicken broth Lots of minced garlic ginger All my seasonings that I use on my seafood which are Tony Cash ran Those are the seasonings that I used lemon pepper I keep my sauce and my seafood consistent These little baby potatoes are the best They’re delicious Yes, I keep I use the same seasonings throughout I Won’t on my food to taste you know do be in the same, ballpark look at that Look at that mmm oh My goodness so yummy Okay Let’s Let’s start it up here, okay, let’s start up there Hmm well guys, it’s my one-year anniversary of Doing my mukbangs of doing my mukbangs . It’s my one-year anniversary My very first Guys you know I don’t waste any food My very first mukbang I dont want to break a tooth Don’t want to do that oh, but I can see some meat in there. I’ll get back to me. I’ll get back to you See it got food all over me already guys my very first mukbang was a year ago, so this is my one year anniversary One year anniversary Mm-hmm It’s also so good Oh gotta have that limit Oh God See all this goodness I got going on here oh crab legs I Wanted to celebrate with you guys. I like doing this Let’s drizzle this drizzle Loves a drizzle this butter sauce yes o-over Why not right guys mmm? Beautiful mussel So good Look at this. This is in leg out claw See that that’s in the claw And dip it cut that Crap in here I did a good job today guys very good job Mmm so busy eating Yeah, I’m hoping that I get a good picture for you guys And so busy Nothing beats simple Nothing beats it So good guys, let’s see we’re going to do with this lobster, right? Today let’s see what you’re gonna do with this Lobster Guys it’s just a huge lobster not sure oh my goodness Not looking too good, I’m like It’s not gonna work. Oh, I guarantee you that okay, so let’s try I told you whenever I come I Usually have at least three different types of scissors this one is the one It’s just all I know is that it is really big So let’s try to get into this And eat some of this cuz I can’t eat the whole thing and all of its others. Oh look how Beautiful that is look at that oh my goodness Yeah Yes, yes, that’s empty Let’s get that out of the way, this is all oops Look at that look If it’s a huge lobster huge lobster look at it oh Yes This Okay see how this tastes Happy one-year anniversary When I started My first mukbang was January 3rd, and I did Cabbage Cabbage and pig feet pig feet guys I did I had been out all day And grandpa had made some pig feet we don’t eat them often Rarely who just decided to do some pig feet I was like you know what? I’m gonna share this And that was my first mukbang cabbage and pig feet So that was January 3rd today is January 3rd I’m not sure when you’re going to see this post I Know you won’t see it January 3rd, but Don’t leave any meat behind I know that you won’t see it on January 3rd, but does this my anniversary video All lobster Guys I add we talked about that in the beginning add chicken broth to my Sauce and then I just build from that from the chicken broth Minced garlic All my seasonings Butter best lobster I ever had I Always prefer to have my food At home because when I have my seafood at home This is what I can do I’ll go out to a restaurant and have seafood You have to be so cute and pretty no wait no wait how can it be cute with seafood Good I Have some very wonderful subscribers That are too can’t eat shellfish, but they support me I Wonderful is that? The potatoes in this butter sauce oh I’m still eating I just Lobster guys, okay. I can’t finish it Lobster okay, okay Mmm Everything came out perfect today I think everything wanted to cooperate with me cooperate with me for my Mm-hmm For my anniversary oh I’m full guys. I’m getting full As you can see I still have lots of lobster Crab leg seafood potatoes shrimp, let’s have some more shrimp. Oh my goodness Thank you guys for being with me for this entire year We have gone through some changes Yes, we have You guys have stuck with me, and I appreciate that But I’m sure a new year We are going to be changes Because life is all about changes Like this all about Changes And you have to put yourself in a position to be flexible to change One more oh my goodness Okay, so we’re not leaving any food behind Mm-hmm Everything’s so good. I don’t want to stop guys, but you can only eat so much right look at that Mmm shrub shrimp shrimp shrimp, oh But you can only eat so much guys so I know hmm About to stop Oh It’s crab legs for amazing Whoa Hey bit my tongue No how did that or why oh? My goodness okay, crap meat everywhere lobster shrimp I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy this meal with you guys This is an abundance, it’s an abundance it really is and I I’m so thankful and I realized that it’s an abundance, and I appreciate it I know That I Am blessed I’m going to stop Look at that remind you guys that What I’m gonna remind you guys know what I’m gonna remind you if you stay to the inner this video I Keep biting my tongue Now my talk my lip keep biting my lip. I don’t know why Oh guys Okay, how others treat you? Look at all that meat How others treat you Is their Karma oh But how you respond Mm-hmm How you respond it’s amazing how parts of the crab legs Tastes so much like lobster this part I’m not sure if I was able to tell you about this blindfolded Cuz I was eating part of crab legs or that was eating the Lobster mmm however how others treat you is their Karma How you respond my karma babies It’s your karma So the next video I love you Mmm. Enjoy your food enjoy life Happy new year I Love you guys. Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you


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