100 thoughts on “GoPro Snow: The Fourth Phase in 4K featuring Travis Rice, Ep. 4 – Alaska: The Reciprocal Loop

  1. Wow, it looks very amazing, I often take my Mini sport Camera(https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01FQMOZO8) to record anything on the way.

  2. I am so Hipped watching this video. It just rejuvenates the Spirit, even do I now live in Ecuador. Miss the powder too much!!!!! Great job with the video! I will be watching out?

  3. Definitely identified 4 spots I would've for sure would've died. Either smacking my body along some rocks or would've flown off the side of the mountain.

  4. Hey, does anyone know how to get the angle or edit the your video to get the view he has11:28 into the video? Thanks !

  5. GoPro what Radio they use for comunication? its really good radio sounds amazing… we need one of thos here in chile

  6. damn here i am stuck using a chairlift and these guys got their very own personal helicopter shuttle service ride.

  7. Weird how the insane cab 5 to back 7 line at 6:24 is edited to look like it's Victor, when actually it's Travis riding, guess he already has enough shots in the bag

  8. If I just would've stuck with it and not joined the damn military for the last 6 years with zero boarding in I could've been pro… now 25 and too old. Def getting back into this year tho!

  9. I think that travis if ride like nobody else is because is push the limit at the survival instinct this guy is awesome sorry for my englich im french and im from quebec canada montreal lol

  10. Actually the series is much better than the movie. Series like interesting but movie doesn't make impact

  11. This shit was dope, i just got back from Snowshoe W.V weekend before last had a blast but Ryan and Travis throw down way harder than I do haha keep it up boys ill be there soon enough

  12. I don't really believe in God, but maybe that butterfly was sending you good vibes, helped you get through the avalanche.

  13. pinball shoot dont lose your balance or your ping pong.the first guy gets first tracks in the shoot can slow down the rest not so much

  14. I wish that I was there to show these dudes how to kill it with my home made bindings. Dude or Dudes don't know how to turn on hillside.

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