GOT7 Jinyoung and the meat story

GOT7 Jinyoung and the meat story

JY: Come here JS: My best friend JY: Hey you only take BamBam to go eat meat, but I only get (taken out for) noodles JS: You’re the one who says to go ahead JY: But you never first ask me if I want to go JS: You always go watch movies alone JY: I always eat whith you but you take BamBam to go eat meat JS: You always go watch movies by yourself JY: Why do you do that? Makes me jealous JY: Bromance? JY: You’ve never once said ‘let’s go get meat’ to me JS: Why do you keep talking about meat? JY: Because I’ve only eaten noodles (whith you) JS: That’s because I want to eat ‘that’ with you JY: What’s that? JS: What’s that food called again? JY: Whatever. This is the end of you and me JY: Wow, you only got your own?
BB: Why? There is a lot more over there JY: Your hyungs are working so hard, but you only got some for yourself? JY: You go to eat meat with Jackson, just the two of you and with me… JS: I went and eat meat with him, but I draw the line when necessary! JS:You! You’re crossing the line! JY: I have something to say
BB: What? Tell everything JY: Jackson, I’m sad because of you
BB: It’s a life broadcasting, today Huh? JY:Jackson and you! BB: Me? what?
JY: Whenever you eat meat BB: When we ate noodles, did we call you or not? JY: It’s noodles! Is it same with meat? BB: Jackson called me that day BB: Yes he did while you was taking a shower JY: Is the noodles same with meat? BB: Yes it is! No it’s not
No BB: It costs different BB: Anyways, even we go eating meat, I don’t pay for it BB: I don’t take my wallet JY: So can’t you just call me and say ‘I’m eating with Jackson. Will you come? JY: Can’t you just ask these simple words? JY: You said you and I are one through Mcountdown
BB: You weren’t there that day! JY: I feel so so sad JY: well never mind Jackson JY: You and I are one through Mcoutdown but we never eat together? JY: Call me when you eat only with Jackson JY: Since some cartain time I didn’t eat it JS: Why? Isn’t the yolk precious? JY: If you say like that, what should i do? JS: Why don’t you eat this? Isn’t this food? JY: BamBam didn’t eat it, you wouldn’t say like this to him JY: You went to eat meat with BamBam and you eat one egg with me? JS: I’m so close with you like BamBam JY: But we are a little bit less closer than that JS: Hey! Before you started to act, who cheered you? JS: I cheered you mentally, didn’t I? JY: But you ate meat with BamBam JS: What’s the matter with eating meat together?
Before you started acting what did I say? No, leave that part…
Before you started acting what did I say to you? JS: I said ‘Jinyoung, you’ll do well!’ JS: Jackson, ah no ‘Jinyoung, you’ll do well!’ JS: No, I’m not talking about that
‘You act well’ , ‘You will success’ JS: Get selfconfidence!
Leave that part JY: You ate meat with BamBam JS: So what? JY: What did you eat with me? Noodles, Ramen? JS: What did I eat with you? Don’t you really remember? JY: Listen. When you went to eat meat with BamBam, you could have call me JS: You’re blaming me because of meat? JS: When we were a trainee, I aksed to do the monthend evaluation together JS: But what did you say? JS: You said no! no! JY: Hey, that’s before GOT7 debut JY: I mean after GOT7 debut JS: Too much stories, I can’t remember JY: You ate meat more times with BamBam JS: Hey, what are you talking about!
I said ‘Jinyoung, let’s eat together’ But you said ‘Jackson, I don’t feel good’. That’s why we didn’t eat together, I cared about your stomach JS: It’s your stomach’s fault! JS: If you talk like that I’ll look like a bad guy JS: How much do I care about you? JS: Jinyoung, don’t take everything negatively JS: I said ‘Jinyoung, please think positivery JS: Because you’ve practiced very hard and always done well JS: Since you were a trainee, you will become a great person JS: You can’t feel it right now, but you are a shining star JY: Wow~ fantastic JS: Did I say these words to you or not? JS: You did
I rarely say like this to BamBam JS: Because BamBam already thinks himself as a shining star Do you want to have a meal with me?
Sounds a bit difficult JY: Are you asking BamBam for a meal again? JS: I said go eat meat? Have a good one with BamBam
I mean…I’ll write, ‘Do you want to have a meal with us?’ Ah, that mission is too difficult JS: You’re so small-minded. I’m going to write ‘let’s exercise together’ Of course I want to eat meat, Jackson might not be able to hear because he is signing but I want to eat meat If they’re going to do that, just let them play by themselves Jackson, if you’re watching by any chance Live a happy life with BamBam. Have a good life~ Eat some meat! Soon I’ll go out to eat meat with Jackson Jinyoung ah~! JY: Jackson, is there anything you wish to say now? JS: I want eat meat together with you!!! JS: Yeah that’s right
In a week’s time Jackson will be… Buying meat for Jinyoung Seriously~! JS: Finally, me and Jinyoung JS: We’re going to have grilled meat The meat you’ve been
talking about for 10 years JS: You have explaining to do for our IGOT7s JS: Talk about how Jackson is JS: In font of the meat JY: I got my wish [Historical moment..] [The end of a thrilling saga: Jinyoung finally gets to eat meat with Jackson]

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  1. อยากได้ซับไทยจังค่ะน่ารักๆค่ะ

  2. as the meat drama goes on for a long time as bambam grew older too.. that how long it's continue

  3. Jinyoung: 'I WANT MEAT!!!' proud kpop boy who loves meat XD #meatlover #fightingovermeat The argument about Jinyoung feeling unwanted whenever jackson treats Bambam meat :(…. but then Jackson says he'll sai I don't feel good LOL 'it's your stomach's fault!' 😂😂

  4. I'm so glad this story's been put to bed. I was ready to wire money to Jackson to take Jinyoung for a meat blowout — just so we wouldn't have to hear about it anymore!

  5. i cant believe jinyoung talked abt this meat shit so much xD
    even tho i already watched them all before xD
    its literally 8 minutes
    i ship jinyoung and meat now

  6. is it just me, or everytime Jinyoung and Jackson will argue abt meat when Got7 was around, you can see the stoic face/reaction of mark 😂😂😂

  7. if jinyoung was a girl got married he would never let the husband miss their anniversary this man is a hundred percent carnivore

  8. wow what a good meat series T_T i was so happy for jinyoung finally being able to eat meat with jackson. T_T

  9. omg these two best friends are hilarious I don't like to bring other grps into a certain grp's video but they low-key remind me of BTS 95 liners lol. and the argument at 5:18 sound like two best friends getting jealous over each other because they spend too much time with their boyfriends LOL

  10. happy ending atlast … and i thought jackson's a bluffing drama queen but here jinyoung beating him in his own game

  11. HAHAHAH I love this. I'm like Jinyoung.
    My brother inviter my sister to eat Korean food, and I asked him to invited me for my birthday and… guess who reminds him all day that? lol
    Guess who didn't eat Korean got yet ;-;

  12. i wanna be real rn because when i see funny videos of jackson bringing up past grudges i see comments that he's petty (in a negative tone) whereas i see jinyoung holding grudges negatively probs because he himself has said he's a negative person (i'm like that as well so i relate to him not judging) there isn't much negative comments about that…. why the hate for jackson? 🙁
    what i like about got7 is that they can fight but when they do they move on — rather than being petty by bringing up grudges, it's just meant to tease each other and it demonstrates how close and forgiving they are (that's how families treat each other it's not petty it's meant to embarrass everyone LOL) im probs not making sense but whatever

  13. Love JinYoung Jackson BamBam and all Got7

    That’s the part make me laugh 🤣 6:42
    JY: Jackson, is there anything you wish to say now
    JS: I want eat meat together with you…
    Me: 🤣

  14. omg lolol, I'm a new fan and I saw this meat thing referenced in a fanfiction, but this is way more hilarious than I ever expected

  15. I can't stop laugh it, so funny story, Park jin young was Obsessed with meat.. Ahahahhaha.. 😆😂😍❤️🇮🇩

  16. I recently got hooked watching GOT7 when I came across MarkSon, which was my very first couple I shipped strongly, (until now). Then I watched JinSon and MarkJin which got me really confused and super eager to find out which ship really is *real*. I even started to watch all their variety shows to see which couple came first and how each ship started.

    I know MarkSon started first. Then maybe MarkJin? when Mark left the room and stopped being roommates with Jackson. Then JinSon? (I read in one comment though I think it was only a joke that JinSon started because Jackson was jealous Mark suddenly became close with Jnyoung, so he tried being close with Jinyoung.)

    What I really want to know is the HOW part. I mean from 2014-2015, Mark and Jackson looked closer with each other, with Jackson trying to get Mark's attention and all that. But from 2016, all I can watch from videos is Jackson giving all his attention to Jinyoung, (the Wang Gae, Park Gae thing – I mean how did this even start). I really have so many questions when it comes to these three.

    PS: I really liked the video BTW!!

  17. Happy Jackson oppa please take care of gloomy Jinyoung oppa 😂😂😂 educate him on positivity too!!💢 omg jinyoung is so sadistic that teasing him became so fun 😂😂😂

  18. Jinyoung and Jackson being in a love fight and here's BamBam being the love triangle. I can't believe I watched 8 minutes and 26 seconds for this meat story and I'm fully blessed!!! Look how cute this is!!!

  19. well atleast jinyoung isn't obsessing over girls or something but it's mEaT okay it's time for me to go *transforms myself into a meat*

  20. Jinyoung ah I want to eat meat with you before I fall sown the roller coaster. I don't need BamBaem, Jackson said

  21. 근데 항상 궁금했던건데 항상 보면 한국인이 없는건지 걍 영어가 편해서 그런건지 모르겠지만 항~상 영어밖에 없어 허허허 아 물론 한글도 있지만 대부분이 영어야 왜그런걸까?

  22. I actually didn't notice yugyeom white shoes in the thumbnail and wondered for 5 seconds about how he has no foot lmao. I can't with myself

  23. As his meat saga finally came to an end, he will be now sulking over Jackson not calling him to his house or jb not giving him enough parts in page. He is my spirit animal 😂😂

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