Greek Christmas Honey Cookies – Melomakarona | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Greek Christmas Honey Cookies – Melomakarona | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello YouTube!
Welcome to Akis Kitchen! For today’s episode, I prepared for you a very special treat called Melomakarona! It is my favorite treat, that’s
why I want to share this recipe with you! They are actually cookies,
but soft inside and syrupy, with orange, cinnamon,
cloves, honey, and it’s very easy to make! Let’s start! In a pot,
I’m going to add 500ml of water… 800 grams
of granulated sugar… 3 cinnamon sticks… 3 whole cloves… 1 whole orange
cut in half. Boil for about 5 minutes
until the sugar completely dissolves. It’s boiling,
so set it aside and it’s very important to add the honey
the very last minute because you want to keep its flavor. Give it a stir… and let the syrup cool
for at least three to four hours. As you can see,
my syrup has cooled so let’s carry on with the cookies. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees
Celsius set to fan. I’m going to prepare two mixtures
in two separate bowls. In my first bowl,
I’m adding 400 ml freshly squeezed orange juice 400 ml sunflower oil 180 ml olive oil 50 grams caster sugar half a teaspoon ground cloves two to three teaspoons
ground cinnamon one quarter of a teaspoon
ground nutmeg one teaspoon baking soda and the grated zest
of two oranges. Whisk to combine. In the second bowl,
I’m going to add one kilo all-purpose flour and 200 grams fine semolina. Once again,
stir to combine. Add the first mixture with the wet ingredients
to the second mixture with the dry ingredients. Mix very gently for about
ten to fifteen seconds at most so your mixture doesn’t split. Now, pick up
about 30 grams of cookie dough and shape into oval cookies
that are 3-4 cm long. Try to keep them
as similar in size as possible. Roll them gently over a spider
to give them a nice texture. This is not only done
to make them look nicer, it also helps to bake them better
and soak up more syrup. Place them on a baking sheet
lined with parchment paper. Now, I will bake them for 20-25 minutes,
until they turn golden brown and crispy. When they are ready,
remove them from the oven and immediately dip the hot cookies in the cold syrup
for no more than fifteen to twenty seconds. We don’t want them
to soak up too much syrup. Remove them with a spider
and place them on a wire rack to strain. Serve them on a platter… drizzle with some Greek honey… sprinkle with some
chopped walnuts. This recipe makes about eighty cookies. If you don’t want to make that many,
cut the recipe in half. Little, soft, syrupy cookies…
Akis’ cookies! My syrupy cookies full of orange, cinnamon,
clove, honey, and of course a lot of love! Please, make these treats
for a special occasion, please subscribe to my channel. Like, share, comment,
everything is possible to do… just follow my instructions!
See you next time! Bye bye, yia sas!

92 thoughts on “Greek Christmas Honey Cookies – Melomakarona | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. I saw this on your Greek channel and I really wanted to make it and now this English video makes it so much easier!! <3

  2. They look amazing but what's the sugar content? I'm diabetic and the amount of sugar and stuff going in sounds horrifying lol. And what's the calorific intake like? They're stunning but seem to be something only healthy to eat two of per month 😛

  3. I onced had a similar recipe. But this one Akis…. I just made them and they are mind-blowing.
    Huge thumbs up for this one!

  4. I love Greek pastries! Thanks for the recipe,. How about some Kouriambietas? I will make them this weekend for sure! ps: you are very handsome!

  5. This recipe reminds me so much of traditionel turkish cookies called kalburabasti!:)) Turkey and Greece have very similiar cuisines, as a turk I love greece and greek food:)) great channel!

  6. +Akis Kitchen +Akis Petretzikis Akis, what can I substitute the semolina with to be able to make it glutenfree please? Thank you!

  7. Just made them with success. Thanks for sharing. A small comment. When the first set of, say 20 of them, comes out of the oven, dipping the first couple of them in the syrup goes according to plan. However after 4 or 5 have gone into the liquid, the syrup is not anymore cool. Yet you can't wait for it to cool down again as the cookies have to be soaked while warm. So an alternative would be to either separate the liquid in parts or better shower them from the top… (?)

  8. god I fucking hate usinh metric for baking. Oh let me just pull out my fucking scale and weigh everything, oh wait I dont have one. I try convertimg this shit and I get stuff like 0.11 cups of caster sugar. like I live in Canada, a metric country. but cooking with metric makes me want to stab someone

  9. OMG WHAT he actually made an english version 😅 i made these for christmas using his greek video as reference lmao. anyway the outcome was still delicious and everyone LOVED it!

  10. Akis.. Is there anything you make I won't 'Like'..?? I'm feeling like a stalker lol .. The best neighbours I ever had, were Greek. I remember when my friend Maria's Mom would bake Koulourakia and Kourambiedes – they were the best!!

    I am definitely trying these babies – they look delicious.. Thanks for sharing!! 😀

  11. making this the 3rd time now. my godma loves it so i bake these everytime i meet her. no one I know, knows about these cookies haha (coming from se asia). i got to try these when i was in germany and my hostdad was greek. introduced them to me and i was hooked. was so good. thank you akis for sharing the recipe!!

  12. Ella! My mouth is watering like crazy. I love these cookies!!!! I worked w/ Greek girls for many years and they had me loving them! I never realized how hard to was to make them!!! I DO make good Glalaktoburiko though… 🙂 Thank you so much for your demonstration!!

  13. I cant wait to make this for Christmas <3 I'm going to make them this weekend to give out at work and to friends next week. Thank you!

  14. Shared it on Facebook again, I hope my loving boyfriend gets the hint (he loves cooking 🙂 ). Is there a way for the recipe to be without sunflower oil???? I never use it in my dishes. And the semolina: is it rough or fine?

  15. This guy is sexy. I love his videos and recipes because they remind me of my childhood with my yia-yia and my mom but darn my mind goes crazy when I watch him cook. A man that is good in the kitchen and looks that good. All I can say is HELLO!!

  16. In my island i can't find greek olive oil and our olive oil gives a very different flavor. Should I use olive oil anyway or other kind of oil?

  17. Πωπωπω!!! Ακη γελαω με τη προφορά!! Επισης η μελωδικη ελληνικη φωνη δεν αλλαζει με τίποτα ειτε μιλαμε αγγλικα, γερμανικα, γαλλικαα…
    Χιιιιλια ευχαριστω που ανεβαζεις συνταγες στα αγγλικά!
    Thanks for sharing it in English!!
    Χρονια πολλα, νασαι καλά!

  18. Does anyone know how much honey he added to the syrup? I never heard him say nor can I see it in the written recipe on his site.

  19. We have a similar dish here as well, but this is waayyyy more flavourful for sure, awesome! The whole family loved it, Akis! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  20. Even though it may not be Christmas I want to make these now! Thank you for this wonderful recipe Aki! It definitely will taste even better if I make these in Greece this summer!

  21. Heyyy loved the recipe , I’m Armenian Greek and I know this treat by the name of finikia
    Wich is the original name? Also my favourite
    Greetings from Argentina

  22. My Yaiyai use to make everything from scratch or fresh, this recipe was one of them as a kid she had a whole tub of them and i would eat a ton straight away haha, they are just too good.

  23. I just made this and the dough was horrible to work with. I only mixed it as he said, very little. Dough was tough and lumpy.

  24. Bravo sou Aki! Great video, well explained and they look so delicious! Keep those recipes coming! Greetings from Montreal , Canada! Kales yiortes!

  25. Aki mou please next to ur professional
    Ml, GR. To ur mesurments put how is in
    Glasses ,cups, tsp,tbs, so we can do the exactly mesurments cause it never comes like u do it thanks aki and have many
    And good luck

  26. This was the worst recipe I ever followed… I followed many of Akis recipes and some dishes were okay and some other dishes were finger licking… unfortunately this recipe they came very greasy and very heavily on spices flavours …they all went to straight to the garbage feeling mad for wasting my ingredients. The best melamakarona I ever made was from this paradox site as she is best

  27. Thank you for such a perfect recipe.You make it sound easy.I will try them.Happy Christmas 2019 and a Happy New Year.!!!

  28. Can you write the recipe in English for me please 🙏🏻
    I really like to cook them! They look so yummy! Thank you so much 😊

  29. When I convert kilo to cups it shows 7-8 which I think is way too much? I did one batch with 4 and they turned out amazing then I did another one using exactly a kilo and it was way to floury , all the spices were lost. Does anyone know if thats right? 1 kilo = 8 cups??

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