43 thoughts on “Greek Feta Cheese Pie | Akis Kitchen

  1. Άκη μου είσαι πλούσιος Αγάπη μου είσαι ένα φανταστικό παιδί και πάντα άξιος να είσαι και ο Θεός Να είναι πάντα μαζί σου χαρά μου.

  2. com'on, all people who come here and watch you ALREADY LOVE YOU, without having to try it first😊don't you know that already??❤️…whether they subscribe or not, comment or not 😋… (and yes, I'm a huge fan of greek cousine, it's probably the closest one to my taste!!)

  3. Awesome! When I was in Bulgaria I had "banitsa" which was very similar to this pie. A little less creamy maybe, but still very delicious. I will definitely try to make your Greek version.

  4. Very random but we went to crete a few weeks ago and were watching TV in our AirBnb and I was so proud to see my boy Akis on TV there! Love your recipe and love Greece (my chosen home<3 some day…) and of course greek food! Went home with a 4l canister of extra virgin greek olive oil, the secret of life ☺️

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