Green Bean Recipe for people who hate green beans

Green Bean Recipe for people who hate green beans

I hate to use the word hate but I hate green beans the camera girls gonna try to turn me into a green bean appreciator she’s gonna make a garlicky green bean dish first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna blanch the green beans a lot of people go seems fancy but it’s not so you got your ice water bad yes so that’s ready and you got some green beans you’ve got them already to the end snapped off yeah we went ahead we washed them drain them snapped off the ends and made him into some bite-sized pieces they don’t have to be perfect okay so we’re gonna pull em in another lunch and you got a pot of salted boiling water yeah just like a smidge of salt all righty and then we’re just gonna put these in here okay and you can set a timer if you’re a bad guesstimate err which I am with ingredient sizes but you’re only gonna leave them on for like two minutes I’ll write it for two minutes yeah so they still got a real pretty green color they’ll be tender you are to cook them to death I don’t like beans that are cooked to death so now you’re draining them and then you’re gonna put them in your ice water bath and what this does is it makes them quit cooking so this pretty green color you get to keep okay and you leave them in your cold water bath for just a minute and then because you’re gonna put them in a wok with some oil we want to go ahead and drain them again okay so now you’ve drained your ice tub beans and now you’re gonna take a walk and you got on medium-high heat I didn’t yes sir and you’re gonna throw a little bit of butter in here yeah tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon off that’ll definitely help the green beans to taste better having some butter in there butters all melted up in there and because we’re gonna wanna use half of regular onion they need to cook a little by themselves assault ate your onehans up for a couple of minutes we’re gonna add some garlic we’re going to add red pepper with the seeds and the membranes remove and then also some ginger okay we love us so maybe the green beans will taste good I mean how could they not taste good with these flavors all right so we’ve had that cooker for about two minutes so we’re going to throw in the green and how long you gonna cook this about two minutes yeah just a couple minutes boom green bean he’ll and maybe it won’t be so hellish though now we’re going to Asian it up right we’re gonna add about two tablespoons soy strong sauce and then just just like half a teaspoon this is just strong you don’t wanna watch oh okay okay that was more like a quarter of a teaspoon have you salted it up at all soy sauce as salsa you can always add more but I think we’re gonna find that it’s just funny you know this sort of looks like the green beans we’ve gotten out at Asian we doubt so you just stir them around for a min with the oil soy sauce and that’s it huh finito the last thing you’re gonna do is garnish him up with a little toasted sesame seeds uh-huh and then you can add those the table along with the soy sauce just in case people want a little more salty there you have it there’s some ginger garlic green beans with a little bit of Asian Flair it worked

100 thoughts on “Green Bean Recipe for people who hate green beans

  1. yeah I have–and I do like them–that's probably why I don't mind this green bean recipe; it kinda reminds me of the flavors you get when you order long beans at a Chinese restaurant.


  3. Yeah, I don't mind this green bean recipe, and I rarely ever say that–CG finally found a way to keep me from complaining about green beans.

  4. sounds yummy, but I'll have to make sure CG doesn't see your comment–she'll do the same thing and tell me it's all we're having for dinner :^)

  5. Ahhh gotcha then I don't blame ya. As a kid my grams used to make eggplant or lamb and obviously didn't know how to cook it when we were kids…so I grew up thinking eggplant and lamb was nasty. But as I was in my 20's I gave those items another try at restaurants & now I love them cuz they knew how to cook them. Because my grams didn't know how to cook them it scared me when I thought of eggplant and lamb. Ive a few recipes I can give u for string beans that I think u would love I'll send them to u whenever I'm not busy.

  6. I really like eating green beans like this, because I don't want to wait for them to stew like my mom cooked them growing up. I cook greens like this too when I want a quick vegetable dish.

  7. I don't like green beans at all, I don't know why, but I'm not picky at all, I usually eat everything I can, my favorite food I would say that it's definitely pasta I love it, and I also like canned tuna.

  8. if green beans ain't your thing, try this awesome brussels sprouts recipe Best Brussels Sprouts Recipe

  9. I never liked green beans as a kid. Infact I hated all green veggies. I love them now and I will most certainly try these.

  10. Thanks for the video. It looks delicious.  Where did you buy your wok? Your wok looks perfect for frying veggies.  I am looking for a good wok. Thanks.

  11. Tried it & turned out to be so delicious! People who don't like beans should really try this as it adds some yummy flavor to bland beans 😀 😀 Thanks for sharing the recipe camera girl 😀

  12. Thank you for the wonderful recipe… I'll definitely did it. Was perfectly tasty.. yummy. Thank you chef I learned it from you.😊😚

  13. these are delicious I tried them. my husband is not the veggie type and he liked them. thank you for this delicious recipe: )

  14. well I'm glad I was able to do the same for my husband. he loved them and he does not eat veggies but broccoli. It was fast,easy and delicious. Thank your wife for me. 😊

  15. Green beans are unforgiving very easy to destroy by ppl who dont belong in a kitchen. They will taste like puke if cooked in the wrong way and taste awesome if cooked by a good chef. I had my share of nightmare green beans as a kid. Rejected them for the past 30 years, and now i really like them when done properly. ;D

  16. The onions look like stir fried catapillars. lol. I hate green beans but my wife loves them. I'll have her try this recipe.

  17. guys you boiled all beans and throw the water. all vitamins you loose with water. we Asian people don't boil it. we cook straightway all kind of vegetables to keep and let all vitamins remain.

  18. Great thanks about to try it! Your wife is a perfect mate..she is so laid back. Must be a Virgo woman(lol)!

  19. Having a bowl of ice cold water is too much work. I would just throw any vege into a hot wok and do the seasoning including frying onions at the tail end of cooking. Prefer my vege and onion to be a bit crunchy.

  20. I had a stove like that in my 1st house. It has brought back so many memories. I think the house was built in the 40's. We rented from a fella when we young in the early 2000's. They sure don't make things like they use to.

  21. I made this and would like to thank you so so much for the recipe it tastes really good, I ate it with rice 👌

  22. Oh you two adorables….I also hate string beans, since childhood…but in my dotage finding them cheaper so bought them and this 'disguise' is perfect. Dinner awaits! It's now 2019, hope you both are well and thanks again for a great recipe.

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