100 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Mission #59 – Fresh Meat [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

  1. The comment section must be full of " Fun fact: The part where Trevor tried climbing the fence he fell while blablabla.. "

    Like seriously, everyone knows that, right?

  2. “可恶!,我们的人受伤了!,我们有人倒下了!,你只狗痒痒的,where you going to go now!,你太弱了,你是个小弱鸡啊!,你要流血吗?,他妈的!,该死,去死吧!”

  3. Smh u went to save michael with a pistol. This channel is so anticlimactic why bother playin this game bro 🤣

  4. its ironic that trevor told franklin to learn to laugh at himself and then he trip, franklin starts laughing and he's pissed

  5. Lmfao bruh you know what’s crazy I’m doing story rn and me and you got the same sweater on an I barely just put it on rn I just searched this up cuz I’m doing the mission and I need help

  6. The beginning scene with Trevor falling over was actually improvised. Trevor was just meant to hop the fence and talk to Franklin

  7. Jesus christ your reaction time is about as slow as a siege player playing on the brazil server in the us, next time you make a GTA video don't take two millenniums to make an action

  8. my first time paying this mission i did not know how to use the app so , i just kept switching between M and F and memorizing the map until i found him

  9. I've done this before: first you don't follow the trackify, second you switch to Michael go to your map and pin a point of view on your location, third you go back to Franklin and follow the point of view with your car you can use GPS voala you found michael

  10. Trevor, three missions ago: Makes fun of Franklin for losing his first take to a dye pack. Even though Franklin's feelings are clearly hurt, Trevor brushes him off, tells him to take a joke and learn
    to laugh at himself.
    Trevor, this mission: Takes a light fall, clearly has been through worse but freaks out at Franklin for laughing at him. Throws a temper tantrum until Franklin, a kid two decades younger than he is, has to be the bigger man and apologizes.

    See Trevor, this is why you're my least favourite out of the three of you. Michael may be a backstabbing prick but you're mentally an entitled 5-year old in the body of a grown-ass man.

  11. How interesting that 'Smiling Faces' starts up on the radio here; a song about betrayal coming from who you least expect.

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