HEALTHY CHILI RECIPE | keto, low carb, paleo recipes

HEALTHY CHILI RECIPE | keto, low carb, paleo recipes

welcome back to my channel today I’m
sharing with you guys a very delicious healthy chili recipe that’s low carb
paleo really good for meal prep and his freezer friendly too it’s the perfect
warm comforting meal coming into the cooler months I don’t know about you but
where I live we already have snow on the ground so this is definitely a great
cozy meal you make a nice big pot and it’s going to be really great so make
sure to subscribe if you’re new and let’s get into it so to start our chili
I’m going to be chopping up one it yellow onion and onions are great
because they’re loaded with antioxidants and compounds that really help the body
and fight free radicals and fight inflammation and inflammation is the
root of a lot of different kind of diseases too so anything that we can do
in order to support that it’s gonna be really good for our health
so go ahead chop your onion in half remove the skin and then my trick for
chopping up an onion is to slice almost all the way through with the grain of
the onion and then we’re gonna turn it sideways and finely chop it so this way
you can chop an onion quite quickly and then we are going to be heating a pot to
medium heat with some avocado oil and this is one of my new like pots for this
year I was so excited to finally use it to make a nice big dinner so if you have
one of these it’s gonna be really really good to use in this recipe I’m adding in
the onions and I’m gonna allow those to cook down and get translucent I’m also
gonna be adding in some fresh garlic if you don’t have garlic fresh you can
definitely use the granulated one I’m just grading it using one of these like
zester graders I find that the small chunks is easier than trying to mince it
and you get more of a distributed flavor and you don’t get with the chunks of
garlic so great that in and allow that to cook down with the onions and get
fragrant and then I’m gonna be adding in some grass-fed ground beef but you can
do any kind of protein here that you like you can do a mix of beef and turkey
or beef and chicken or turkey and chicken or turkey and pork whatever kind
of you want I just kind of break it down whatever one I’m using and
that it can brown with the onions and with the acrylic and the great thing
about making a big pot of this is that you can definitely do this on a Sunday
even have it for dinner on the sunday and then leftovers for the week or
freeze it then I’m going to be adding in one can of organic diced tomatoes and
adding that into the pot and then I’m going to be adding in some broth you can
do veggie broth chicken broth beef broth whatever you have on hand and then my
secret to making really good chili is adding in a small cup full or about a
quarter cup of strong coffee so the coffee flavor trust me guys on this one
it tastes delicious in this recipe and yeah it’s definitely my secret to making
a very delicious chili and it doesn’t end up tasting like coffee too much
you’re not gonna be eating like coffee flavored chili it just tastes really
delicious so then I’m adding in some cumin for some flavor and also some
chili powder so chili powder is the main spice that we’re gonna be using in chili
so we’re adding in quite a bit of it a couple tablespoons and it’s great
because it’s a blend of many different spices so you don’t need to buy them all
individually a little bit of Himalayan salt and some freshly ground pepper as
well and then I am going to be stirring that and allowing this to simmer for
about 30 to 40 minutes until all the flavors really meld together and
everything just starts to smell so delicious this is honestly one of my
favorite cozy meals going into the cooler months once that’s been cooking
down I’m gonna be adding in a can of tomato paste and what this does is it
really allows the chili to thicken and so it’s not watery so it really gets an
even distribution as opposed to more like a broth where you can still see the
meat if that makes sense so this is another great thing to use to really
thicken up your chili and to get that nice texture that you want so go ahead
stir that in and allow that to simmer for just a little bit more until
everything can kind of meld together and cook nicely
once your chili is done you can go ahead and put it into your bowl it’s gonna be
such a delicious warming meal for you to have in the winter and fall months I
also like to add some avocado on top of mine I find that the creaminess and a
little bit of healthy fats in the avocado also help to cool it down if
you’re having like a very spicy chili but honestly it just tastes so delicious
the butteriness of the avocado with the warm chili so if you haven’t tried
avocado and chili before I would highly recommend I’m finishing it off with a
little bit of cilantro if you’re not a cilantro a person you can totally skip
it it’s just like a nice little garnish and adds a little bit of fresh herb
flavor this is definitely a great thing to meal prep for a family even for
lunches for dinners and I like to just pull it out of the freezer so I have a
quick meal that’s gonna be nourishing good for me loaded with healthy fats and
of course full of flavor all right guys I hope you enjoyed this recipe I’m gonna
leave my healthy dinner playlist right here so you can get lots more
inspiration because you definitely don’t want to miss out on that and make sure
to subscribe because in my next video I’m going to be sharing with you some
tips for eating healthy on a budget there’s some really great ones and
really great ways that you can save money and still eat really healthy so
maybe here’s to subscribe stay tuned for that
and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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  1. I make mine like this too, Liv, but I add chopped veggies like zucchini, butternut squash, and sweet potato to mine! Yum 😋

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