Healthy Frappuccino Recipes(Weight Loss Recipes) – Chocolate Almond Cappugreeno Recipe

Healthy Frappuccino Recipes(Weight Loss Recipes) – Chocolate Almond Cappugreeno Recipe

Hello I’m Doctor John Fitzgerald and get ready
to learn with My Nutrition Advisor. Today I’m going to show you how to make one of
my favorite superfood smoothie coffee drinks we call a CappuGreeno. This is actually called Chocolate Almond CappuGreeno.
If you love ice coffee drinks and you don’t want all the junk, all the sugars and syrups.
You want to drink something healthy for you. This is it. You will fall in love with it
and the health benefits are through the roof. We start off with almond milk. I like vanilla
sweetened, just taste better. We have almonds. I use raw almonds. Raw almonds
contain essential fatty acids good for your cardiovascular system, your brain, your heart,
super, also good for cholesterol levels. Then we have carrots. Everybody knows carrots
are good for the eye, that’s why they look like an eye right. Well they’re also good
for your skin and almost every cancer therapy has used carrots in some point in the therapy
because they’re known as cancer fighters. Then we have spinach. Great for helping your
body maintain a good pH level, also good anti-cancer agent, good for circulation, super all-around
ingredient to use. We have sea salt. This is not table salt,
its sea salt and I have here Himalayan pink sea salt. You can use any type the sea salt,
but sea salt contains essential minerals. This is one of the things that people are
really be deficient in is minerals. That is why we use a lot a sea salt to replace the
minerals in people’s bodies. Very good for your overall health. Then we have a tie in here. I call it a tie
and because it helps tie in the flavors together, that’s almond extract. I have a raisins. Raises are circulation.
Raisins are dried grapes right. What do we know about grapes, well, grapes contain something
called resveratrol in the skin. Super good for your circulatory system. Chocolate. Everything taste better. You’re
just happier when you have chocolate. Well if you have dark chocolate with higher levels
of cacao, it’s very good because it contains high level of flavonoids, which are good anti-cancer
fighters, they are antioxidants, they are good for your circulation. Coffee, I make sure that I buy organic coffee
beans. The reason is coffee is one of those highly sprayed ingredients. This is why we
call this a CappuGreeno because we’ve added coffee to our superfood smoothie. The last ingredient we have is this superfood
mix. This is that Ancient Chocolate mix from My Nutrition Advisor. It contains the essential
fatty acids by way of flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds. It also contains some other ingredients
really, really beneficial. Beet powder for your circulation, increase nitric oxide levels.
It contains maca. M A C A from the mountains of Peru. Maca known as something that helps
your body adapt to stress and helps normalize hormone levels. Also it contains great powerful greens to
help build your blood, detox your body, normalized pH. Those are wheat grass and moringa get
and then it contains something called turmeric, which has a ton of benefits for your brain
in reducing inflammation, anti-cancer agent, so once we add this into the mix and by the
way this contains the equivalent, 2 tablespoons, of 40 capsules that we’re gonna put in this
smoothie, this 24 ounces. So you can see we built the whole smoothie
around adding superfoods. All we need to do is put this in a blender,
add a little water, ice and simply blend. Make sure you fully blend this so all the
vegetables are liquefied. Makes a huge difference in how it tastes. So I like to run into through
a couple smoothie cycles on my machine here. Yum, Chocolate Almond CappuGreeno, is absolutely
delicious if you like ice coffee drinks. This is exactly what you’re looking for. Or if
you like chocolate and coffee together, we have all these superfoods and vegetables hidden
in there. Think of it this way. You’re getting more
nutrition in your body with this one drink, then a lot of people get in several days.
It is just a powerhouse way to get your nutrition in. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.

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  1. It's Monday! Start your week off right with a Chocolate Almond Cappugreeno! #mnasmoothie #cappugreeno

  2. Will eating pink sea salt cause kidney stones? My doctor warned me about excess sodium because I get kidney stones every few years. Is it beneficial for me?

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