HIDDEN ALLEY Street Food Finds- WOW!!!!

HIDDEN ALLEY Street Food Finds- WOW!!!!

okay so first up here is lunch and we
are gonna try the traditional place here in Singapore that serves Nazi mama so
let’s go inside I just placed my order and I ordered
nasi lemak which it be this looks so appetizing
it is Singaporean style so I have to try oh wow
the meat is very tender in the chicken and it’s very crispy on the outside it’s
like this perfect balance of crispy and tender now over here is a run done and
everybody knows when I lived in Indonesia rundown was my favorite but
this is different it’s Singaporean style in the more sweet
definitely a little bit more spicier than Indonesia
around on in my opinion hey I like the fried chicken better than the run down
here so it comes with this 8 here on the side so look at this guy’s chimes like a
regular boiled egg but a little bit more spicy and more flavorful
it’s good so this is Ruby and basically this is like a vegetable soup and it
looks very convenient a bra so I’m thinking it might have coconut milk or
something inside so I’m gonna try the broth first but it is very clean it’s nice the vegetables are crazy about but the
broth is actually really nice then they have this chili sauce that
served on the side so I’m going to trying this it’s very sweet and it’s not my crap okay so I’m gonna go ahead and finish my
mill and then go ahead to the next place and next I’m gonna be exploring one of
the mosque here in Singapore okay so I just arrived here at one of
the local mosque here and it is called the mosque ji Seok then
and it is absolutely beautiful the architecture is beautiful we want to go
check out inside I’m not sure if I can but I’m going to go ahead and try to go
take a look on the outside and I already feel so
like peaceful just being around here so I just finished checking out the moss
here and it was beautiful inside and I got to pray a little bit and just also
look around and rock I also have an outdoor market here with tons of
different souvenirs here there’s so many shops over here so I’m going to go ahead
and show you a couple they also have restaurants back here so it looks like a
really cool strip to check out so I’m just going to go explore a little so I just finished checking out the
market over there and I bought some goodies and now I’m walking I’m going to
go ahead and check out the st. Andrew’s Cathedral here in Singapore okay
I finally made it here and I’m here standing in front of the st. Andrew’s
Cathedral so cool that’s it you guys beautiful historical cathedral right
here in Singapore so beautiful I’m going to go ahead decide and go check it out so I just checked out the cathedral
inside I also prayed for a bit and now I’m heading to a place to eat food or
someone – go ahead go ahead and find the place and I am about to just get my grub
on I’m gonna go ahead and take the MRT here in Singapore and go to Johor
Malaysia I’m gonna go ahead and take this MRT to Little India and then go
ahead and go to Joe for order to go – don’t hurt I’m gonna have to stop at a
couple different spots before I can get there so I’m gonna show you back okay I’m making my way into the MRT but
this is super the crunchy area are to Little India and then we came all
the way over here to Ranji and now we want to take a bus to go to Joel 4 but
we personally have to go to The Woodlands border area to go take a bus
to go to the store so I just arrived here in Jaipur and right now I’m going
to go ahead and hunt for some culinary here alrighty so I’m crossing the street
and I’m nearby Hindu temple over here hi Little India and actually I just checked
out a place that sells a fish head curry but actually they were closed down I’m
gonna go ahead and a hunt for the fish head curry again hopefully I can find it
I’m not sure if I can but so I am here at the local Street Market
and it’s kind of hidden in this like alleyway you can see like buildings over
here it’s kind of behind an alley actually this looks pretty interesting
here I might try this look at this guy’s I’m going to go ahead across the street
right here and all the way down this Street alley is all straight and see
what I can find so basically you pick what fish that you
want over here I picked this fish over here and then
once you pick it and then they start cooking it here
right here on the grill so I can’t wait for my dish to be ready I’m so ready okay so my Ilan but heart is ready so
basically grilled fish it is topped with some
chili sauce and right here and it is topped on a real banana leaf so I’m
going to go ahead and try it and what’s actually kind of weird is they give me a
chopsticks to eat with us just as your friend but I be actually I eat with the
spoon and the fork but hey what can you say oh yeah I was really good
I love the partners of the biz you can definitely taste it as you bite into it
and then your chilli sauce gives it another
or it’s very rich a little bit spicy but also a little bit
sweet and then that fist but me Schubert’s in here that is really good
so guys the beer Emily thought I would definitely suggest to try done by fire
and you definitely want to look for a local street you install here look at
this guy’s I can’t even tell you
super tender it’s super flavorful okay guys so I like to Bauer this funbox
fire pretty much so bad delicious in one bulb one serving and
for one person this is a really good service till the next adventure keep
living keep exploring and keep eating

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  1. All from malay, there is no such thing as singapore or malaysia style or something else, like rendang padang is a typical food that is also malay, Indonesian Malay…btw pucuk ubi is cassava leaf

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