Hokkaido Japan Day 9 | Oyster Festival, Seafood Bowl and Japanese Red Headed Crane

Hokkaido Japan Day 9 | Oyster Festival, Seafood Bowl and Japanese Red Headed Crane

Hey guys, how’s the game going? Welcome to day 9 of the Hokkaido trip. I woke up this morning with a tasty hangover. Yeah, I didn’t…
I’m still knackered. I thought I was gonna be all refreshed staying here but that’s definitely not the case. But today’s gonna be a good day, we’re gonna see the crane with the red head, we’re gonna go to an oyster festival, and that’s all I can remember right now. We’re gonna check out the hotel
where we stayed last night, get in the van and let’s go get Day 9 on the go. Okay so we just checked out another decent cape, now we’re going to drive through the wetlands to get to the Oyster Festival. Munch some oysters. We’re driving down the wetlands
and there’s a crane over there. I don’t know if it’s the one with the red head but it’s definitely a big crane. Let’s go and check it out. So up these steps is some kind of a shrine and it’s a tsunami safe zone. I just want to see what a tsunami safe zone looks like. All right, so we just arrived at the Oyster Festival. Let’s go check it out. All right, so just come up this little bridge so we can overlook at the festival here. You can rent barbecues, that’s what everybody’s doing, it starts from 800 yen,
for one about this big, up to massive ones. You go around, buy all the stuff you want to buy. It’s not only oysters, you can get
prawns or scallops all that and stuff and then you sit down, drink,
cook up your food. The guy’s blasting them over there,
looks pretty good. Everything’s fairly priced too. So good. Couple more oysters
and I couldn’t resist the crab. I just can’t resist it. This is the best crab I’ve had yet. SO good, wow. Sweet, little bit salty, just so good. Unbelievable. so the food is so nice,
it’s really fresh. They don’t even season it with anything it’s just the
cooked fresh seafood, it’s really good. All right, so we’re leaving the Oyster Festival now. Mate, that crab was so good! And we’re gonna go and get more food, right? We’re gonna go to town, we’re gonna go to Kushiro and then we’re gonna get a bowl of food where you pick all the different bits of seafood you want on the top of the rice I’ll show you when we get there. All right, so we’re at the fish place.
Let’s go. So first, you’ve got to buy your bowl of rice and then you can walk around just choosing whatever you want. They’re all so good. That was SO good. If you’re ever in Hokkaido, make sure you come here and get yourself one of them fresh bowls. So good.
It wasn’t cheap though, and you can easily spend a lot of money in there. Okay so we’re on our way to see the redhead crane, that bowl was so nice,
you could get basically anything you wanted, even whale was being served in there. You could get vegs, just a good market. Nice tasty fresh food. It’s a little bit expensive but it’s worth it for the experience as well, you know? Crane time. So I thought it was gonna be like a big open, like a national park kind of a thing, and they would just be mooching
around but it’s more like a zoo. Let’s walk around anyway.
Nice birds. So we’re not sure where to sleep
tonight in the van. We don’t know whether to go down right to the south of Hokkaido or just drive through the middle. Because we actually have to give the car back tomorrow, 10 days we’ve paid it for. So we’re gonna have a look at some options. And I want to stay somewhere pretty nice like on a lake or something, not just one of them roadside areas that we’ve been sleeping in. So we’ll go and have a look. Leave this place, find a good
decent place to sleep tonight. Feeling good after that bowl. I think we’re just gonna sleep here tonight. We’ve got the ocean, the nice sunset, you got a Lawson, convenience store there. so we’re just gonna sleep here. I’m knackered. Okay, so Day 9 is coming to an end. Little bit of whiskey before we set up
the back of the bed. Got this little ice from the convenience store. But another good day in Hokkaido. I’ll see you in a bit.

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  1. Really enjoyed all the Hokkaido vids. There are not too many Youtubers traveling to Hokkaido never mind driving and camping their way through it. Northern Japan is beautiful and highly underrated imo. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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