How I cook my Chickpeas

How I cook my Chickpeas

good morning a Thursday and in this video I'm going to show you how to stop Bonzo being easy now some of you say we'll just go ahead and funk it so what happens if you forgot to soak your beans I'm going to show you one way to do it quicker hopefully you have a pressure cooker if you don't then you just going to have to boil it okay soaking it allows water to go into the bean I'm saying you can even sprout them too but you got to keep an eye on it and you have to rinse them a little bad and it stink yeah so all the water is doing is going inside the veins and swelling up but I want to make sure that it's fully cooked because unlined make something delicious today none of this video with the next video just add some water in here I'll pick up 2/3 cup four pounds or bag of beans and make sure you rinse them hopefully purify water then add to your water bring it to boil all right you want this to bowl there's a 12 30 to 45 minutes and then I'm going to rinse this out and then put it in my pressure cooker and finish it the rest of the way for about 30 minutes I'm going to show you this here these two y'all this film here oh this here I'll swing hopefully I can explain it to you guys so you can understand now if you still eat bean which is nothing wrong with eating beans it's what goes on in the bean that there's a big controversy with these beans but anyway I call this dirty water and what I do with this is I boil it now you have in your beans and you have it in some of your grains which I discovered doing some extensive research it's called let Dennis and lectin that's in the beans no matter what being even the garbanzo beans it tends to bind the protein that binds to the carbohydrate and then it finds its way to make a sticky coating to the cell membrane the mucous membrane and this is why when people eat a lot of different types of foods and they have issues going to the bathroom regular mu nu koi Platt excuse me you see it builds and this is why people are having problems with eating the theme it's because of that so what I do now is boil it I boil it pour that first you know batch of water out and I keep boiling and boiling it until I don't see none of that mess in there the water should be clear now surprisingly I said let me just eat the beans beans pinto beans my favorite beans okay just that day so I was going to do a test and I did and that was two days ago and I went to the bathroom like never before my goodness gosh I will show you guys but I'm not but anyway so what I did I boiled it and boiled it and rolled it pour that out boiled it and boil it and pour it out okay and then I stir fry some some onions and some you know veggies and then once I do that the water you know it's clean it's clear and the beans already puffed up well the majority of the phytic acid and the leg pain is removed you see so the tea is boiling it boiling and boiling it now if you want that thick soup you're going to get a lot of that stuff because like I said it's a protein which is you know binds to the carbohydrates which creates this like thin coating on the cell membrane in the digestive tract and the lining and this is the problem that's why people are having a lot of issues with mucoid plaque so if you boil your beans okay and I don't care about what anybody says about what dr. Zaidi said if you have an issue then you need to call them up and ask him because the Bible says for the living know that they shall die but the dead know not anything I'm not listening to anybody I'm going to listen to the Creator okay when it all boils down if you aint little right you angle make it to the kingdom so I'm just going to keep it like that so I don't need nobody telling me about this Annette I'm trying to find out what I could put in this body so that I can continue to be regular and so now since I went who and I'm documenting everything everything that I eat I know now to boil those things no matter what it is no matter what bean and keep boiling it and boiling it and boiling it until we get like this so you see that dirty water so I'm going to keep doing it and keep doing it and then if I want to make something I'll just go ahead and stir fry that in there or just do whatever make patty but I'm going to do it my way in God's Way that's it should I just say I'm going to do it God's Way and my way and that's how I'm going to do it on this channel so I just wanted to you know let you guys know there's a reason why a lot of people are having issues with the digestive tract it's because of those two chemicals you need to understand the chemical compound in any food that you eat and how it works okay especially gluten gluten is no joke so I'm going to do something again do a test and see because when I was eating you know certain things you can't really tell what is working for you and what is not so I'm going to try something again and see because I used to eat these things and I'd have a problem but now I know what to do with a bean so with pinto beans I don't have a problem with it because I did what I'm doing now it's cooking it cooking it cooking it until the water is clean and then you add that into your seasoning or whatever which I'll do a video on that you guys know all right so I'm going to go ahead and finish this up and then I'll show you the next step all right so this is the first batch okay I'm I'm not done and when you put it in there and I'm going to boil it again hold on for a second this is the dirty water you see you see all that residue on the bottom that came from this and this is garbanzo beans you have to do all your beans that way see so I'm going to go ahead and pour this out whoo sorry about that pull it out and then I'm going to rent the residue from that and then I'm just going to put it put it on the stove and let it boil again all right I'm going to add it in there and I'm going to do it again – it's completely clear and there by then it's already cooked and you can remove majority of all these things that's in the beans pretty much the residue the the dirt you know things like that people to find your own way stop listening to a lot of people and listen to your body listen to the most high let him talk you through the power of the Holy Spirit that's who's teaching individuals who are seeking the kingdom okay I got you out follow people I'm a leader I am a true leader and I can't be listening to everybody you know what's interesting is that you see people who teach who are teaching and I'm sure they mean well and they they you know over cook their food they're overweight no pun intended I'm just saying how can you teach me about my body and you got to look at yourself that's to say well what doctors how you gonna tell me about my body and you a smoker you a drinker and you are overweight skin problems in acne what I mean really see take care of yourself and listen to yourself just do it okay so I'll show you the final touch all right here it is see top clean ado there see how clean it is the one so now I'm going to take this and put in my pressure cooker and finish the rest all right so I'm going to go ahead and add two teaspoons of the salt stir that up and you're not doing anything but cooking finishing can you cooking in here and my go bomb buildings in there and let the pressure and it cook it now I'm going to taste perfect you don't want it too salty because we're going to be cooking this with other recipes so now I'm going to turn this off and put it on beans and I'm going to cook it for us 35 minutes the lid close it up ready I select pressure and I'll show you the end result alright 35 minutes and it's done I think that's the way I do it with the beans when I cook my husband has bean to fill our pinto beans I don't have a problem with it now like I said I just began to do a little bit you know because of research and what I have found that when you boil it and boil it to the water is clear then you you know cook it on the stove or the pressure cooker you want to have all this that stuff which I call dirty water is what is causing people to problems alright and so as you can see here it is soft see and that's the way I like it alright so I'm going to take it out of here and put it in the container in the refrigerator when I'm ready to use it so if my chef Rose I just wanted to come and show you that you can do this within the hour and 35 minutes I normally will boil it for our and within the hour just rinse it you know pour the excess dirty water which I call it and then put new water until the water is clear for about an hour okay this is without soaking overnight if you want to you know have something to prepare your meal and then I'll take it and I'll put it in my pressure cooker and cook it for 35 minutes get soft put a little bit of salt in there that way you have to put a lot of salt in your food you want to make sure that you cook your salt into your food which is better that way so that's pretty much with that now if you don't have a pressure cooker then you can just go ahead for about 3035 minutes click it on your stove in medium heat you know just a little bit no simmering room boil and just keep your not keep on excuse me and then you have your go Bumblebee so that's the way I do it here on this channel so good luck to you guys on doing this here take your time learn how to cook by sight by touch that's just the way I do it a lot of here and you can be successful in your cooking so that's it coming up next I'm going to show you how to cook some kale greens over the stove all right you guys thank you for that video

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  1. I love your channel Mama Rosa! I am a Louisiana country girl who has been eating beans all my life and I never knew this! This is a game changer tip because beans really make me uncomfortable with all the gas! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. So if I typically soak and rinse legumes, and do not get that foam when I boil them after doing that, do I still need to boil and drain the water multiple times? You’re saying even the cloudy water is bad for you? I guess I am having a hard time seeing how you’d get flavor in the beans if you continue to drain and rinse them while they cook?
    It sounds like the quick soak method is the best method for reducing lectin so that you get the cloudy/foaming water, wash that away then cook them. ??

  3. Hey Mama Rosa. I just downloaded the Marco Polo app on my phone and I would love to connect with about some tips and issues that I may need and want.
    I’m at Tari Pearson on Marco Polo.

  4. What I do is removing the shell that covers the peas, it makes a pungent smell from that protein you see. It’s easier to clean it after you remove the shell.

  5. Interesting. Never heard this. Pinto, my favorite as well. Tried chickpeas. Will try next time.

  6. My little one and I are really enjoying your videos. My little one is 5 yrs old and learning a lot from you, keep up the wonderful work. May God continue to bless you to bless us.

  7. Your spirit is magnificent <3 thank you for not only showing me how to cook the beans, but about the lord!! Self confidence, and listening to the body. You are a blessing!

  8. Hello Mama Rosa. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I love your recipe. Thank u from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and logical suggestions. I am a Muslim and I highly appreciate your Faith and belief in our Creator. Lots of love and God Bless u. Looking forward to more awesome recipes. Thanks and take care.

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