How to COOK as a PARAPLEGIC in WHEELCHAIR INACCESSIBLE KITCHEN (with Girlfriend) Paralife Ep37

How to COOK as a PARAPLEGIC in WHEELCHAIR INACCESSIBLE KITCHEN (with Girlfriend) Paralife Ep37

hello everyone welcome back to our
Channel okay so today we are going to show you how we cope with cooking
together in a non adapted kitchen yeah so we’ll spend most of the time focusing
on the bits that we find easier and showing you how we normally cook but I
will do some demonstrations throughout of how I deal with some of the more
difficult bits for example cooking on the hob or with the oven. so today we are
gonna be making a vegetable lasagna so shall we get to it? yeah let’s do it. so the first
thing that I find easier is doing the chopping and because these surfaces are
too high and I can’t roll under them I like to take all my chopping over to the
table so that’s where I’m gonna be alright so here’s my chopping station
set up obviously you’ve got a chopping board and a knife and I’ve got all of our ingredients
so let’s start off we have some onions while Craig is preparing the vegetables
I’m gonna get the pan ready for cooking normally I do the cooking on the hob because it’s not very easy for Craig to access and I used to do the cooking
before Craig was in a wheelchair anyway so it’s actually sort of carrying on as normal to
continue like this so I’m just gonna dice up the onions nice and small so I’m
doing one red onion and one white. I’m really suffering with the onions they’re making my
eyes run don’t worry I’m just crying it’s so sad that poor onion didn’t stand a chance I’m gonna put some mushrooms in it in a minute but a little tip I a little trick I use is to empty the mushrooms out and
use the mushroom box to store all the vegetable trimmings that we don’t need.
have you finished with the onions? yeah I’ve just finished with the onions. let me add them
to the pan so next I’m going to move on to the
garlic so normally you can just smush follow with garlic because I don’t have
any core strength it’s quite difficult to me to be so get into this eventually
it just takes a little bit longer what are you doing around I’m just running a
just a little bit of line to the bottom just say that the onions don’t stink red
wine red wine yeah goes quite well because I am actually gonna add a bit
more to the sauce later on but for now it goes we don’t really to make it
healthier so instead of putting oil in the pan to make sure things don’t stick
I’ve just put a little bit of liquid instead I was gonna use some lemon juice
but we don’t have any so I finished D skinning the garlic’s now when they need
to crush them back so this is one of our favourite tools to use it’s a garlic
rocker as a toast to the handheld squeeze unfortunately is a little bit
more difficult for me to use than it used to be because to use it you have to
push down and rock to crush the garlic and then because I haven’t been poor I
ended up doing this as I’m trying to crush it down which is a bit annoying
but I find if I get my weight over it I can still use it fairly effectively and
I just find it a lot easier than the traditional squeeze one and it’s a bit
less messy as on so just adding some garlic man what
would you like next some kind of the character yes so with
the carrots I’m just gonna chop the two ends off and then using a pillow we’re
just gonna take out the outer layer of skin so this is not necessarily the most
traditional lasagna but we’re just putting loads of vegetables in to you
know get as many vegetables in our diet as we can now if you want to know more
about diet and staying healthy and keeping slim as a paraplegic then let us
know in the comments below and we can make a special video all about that so one of the reasons in particular that
I could one this whole I’m not great is because it is a gas hop now if we had
something like an induction all that would be a bit safer because the problem
with gas is it heats up it doesn’t cool down that quickly so afraid leans over
at there’s a chance he could burn himself on the whole if we had something
like an induction hob induction hobs cool down very quickly once they’re
turned off so you can pretty much touch them straight away they don’t keep their
heat yes if I were to lean on them to support myself and with the balance then
it could be quite dangerous if it’s still hot so next we’re gonna put
courgette in again not the most traditional in a lasagna but it’s
something that we quite like so next we’re going to move on to peppers so
just some bell peppers so that’s ready to go once the food is ready for Claire
to add it but the next thing for me to cut is mushrooms and that’s actually
pretty much the last thing as well okay so I’m ready for the next I’ll bring
these over to you then I’m just going to empty this box out so before I cut in these mushrooms I’m
just gonna take it you’re thinking in my wash wash me yeah so now that mushrooms
are washed we can cut them up and then I’m just gonna cut them into reasonable
size chunks so that’s all the mushrooms cut and I’ll just leave them here really
for when Claire is ready for them okay I know that’s the end of all the
veg so that’s me done for a while I’ll now go and help her prepare the rest of
the sauces yeah and put these things back in this step I’m not using now I’m going to add some herbs or
garnet or oregano anyway you’re from Basel mm-hmm so one of the hardest
things for me to do in the kitchen is the stir things on the hop so you might
think that I could just roll up to the harp and you know start mixing something
like this and that does kind of work for small things but in reality what happens
is the pan starts moving around and it can be a bit dangerous then you might
think oh I can just cross and hold the pan in my other hand like you normally
would now for me without core that would lead to a lot of unbalance and I’d end
up probably leaning my elbow on to the hob or something which could end up
getting a burn so the solution I found for this is to use my padded large flat
tray so I put this on my knees I then get something like a towel or a pair of
oven gloves just to stop the tray from burning and then now I can now put the
trays straight onto my lap where it’s in a much easier position for me to stir
and I can hold on to the handle without burning myself so give that a good stir
and then back up onto the heat and do that every
few minutes to stop it from burning and if you are going to do that you want to
make sure that the pan is not too useful particularly if it’s something very
liquidy because you don’t want to slosh out all over you when you take the pan
across onto your legs uh-huh so now that the vegetables are cooked when you’re
gonna start adding some sauce so we’ve got off that’s in of tomatoes I’m just
switching the tin out with a bit of water just to get all the tomatoes and
then I’m gonna add some red wine and then I also got some tomato puree which
I’m gonna use to thicken the sauce then give it a bit more flavor it’s a wild
class doing that I’m just gonna grate some cheese for the white sauce back
over on the table I’m just gonna mix it in so here’s some grated cheese ready
for when you need it so because this is a vegetable lasagna we haven’t got any
meat in it I’m going to add a tin of lentils to second outfit and also for
some protein so it’s not something I’d normally add if we weren’t making a
bread pudding right so now that we’ve got everything
in here I’m just going to turn the heat down really low just so it’s swimming a
little bit and that’s really just gonna let all the flavors infuse I’m just
gonna pop the lid on and just leave it say well this is just simmering we’re
just going to take this opportunity to do a bit of tidying up before we then
come back to make the white sauce all right so you put some stuff in the
dishwasher so the dishwasher is a bit all good cuz gotta make sure you’re all
the way out the way so that the door can open but once it’s open it’s not too bad
because the trays slide out just a couple of things to do in here right okay recycling using the sink is a bit
tricky if you can’t get your knees under so you just got to really get as close
as you can and I find for me that is going to slightly side on because I can
reach really well with one hand and just about at the other hand so I’m just
going to do some washing up so we’re going to fill up the sink with some hot
water I’m gonna start making the white sauce
so one thing that we do which is a little bit healthier is we use corn
flour instead of butter to make the the roux for the sauce so we have our milk
and corn flour mixture already and it’s now time to cook it
so to save time we’re just gonna put it in the microwave so our microwave is
over here and if you notice the if I while I’m holding this in one hand I
just push around the kitchen off the surfaces with my other hand and that
stops it from falling over so unfortunately it’s a little bit high
so it’s not the easiest for me to use but I still can as long as it’s nothing
too heavy so whack that in full power and we’re just gonna do a minute at a
time and give it a stir in between until it thickens up so let’s wait for that
okay so the microwave first minute that’s finished so let’s get it out and
give it a stir it’s not too hot yet okay I’m not worried about it touching my lap
or anything yep all right now back in for another minute so it’s getting quite
hot in there now so I’m gonna use the lap tray again so that I don’t burn my
life that’s fine it’s time to thicken up so I reckon probably one more minute but
you have to be a bit bit helpful yeah at this stage it can it can bubble
up and bubble over the side of the container if you’re not careful so let’s
try okay we did start going up the side you did
yeah I would say this is done now so we are pretty much ready to assemble yeah
so we need to get a big dish out and start assembling them let’s do it
okay so everything’s ready we’ve got the Bolognese cooks we’ve got the cheese
sauce ready we’ve got our pasta sheets ready and we’ve got some cheese to go on
the top so let’s start assembling so I will let Claire take most of the need on
here because this count is a little bit high for me if I was doing it myself I’d
probably bring it over to the table put them yeah so then I’d have to put
something on the table the nice thing about doing on the counter is because
it’s a granite top it’s very heat resistant so you can put the hot pan
straight on it and it won’t break here anything do also means if you needed to
put the pan down thank you we’re trying to get the boiling pattern you want to
get to the sink or something you could use the counter you can just take the
pan put it here slide it round and then worry about we don’t want to overfill it because
otherwise we’re going to have enough space to make lots of layers and as
pasta is the most filling parts you need lots of that but we also want the
flavors just layering them one by one cheese sauce bolognese pasta cheese or
barne pasta and finishing quickly with cheese sauce on the topic it all goes to
plan mm-hmm and now some cheese on the top just to finish it off okay now this
is another thing that I struggle with a little bit and that’s a carrying sort of
heavy things to hunt because as soon as I bring out in front of me my lack of
corn heats me that supplies to pull me over so I just have to make sure I keep
it closer to my body and don’t move too far in one go so it’s safety so I’ve got
my tray out again and now into the oven small steps first eons in the door your
top shafts yeah try out of it to help brakes on give yourself as much it’s the
reality as you can No you know me to do it easy definitely didn’t really call in there
so normally that is a job that I would normally beef but just for the purposes
of showing you how it’s done or not done that’s the case maybe so we’re just
waiting for that to be done mm-hmm and so we’re just going to leave it for 20
minutes and then come back to ya so get to that in a minute in the
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there is enough interest yeah any other questions leave them down below as on ok
so it’s ready yes Arthur out half an hour in the oven it’s nicely browned on
top and it’s ready to come out right so I’m gonna let Claire do this bit because
it’s too hot and it’s too heavy for me to do safely doesn’t do any of my eggs stripping to
get 30 we’ve had a minor overflow so don’t overfill your yeah so if I was by
myself and didn’t have someone to help me
I generally firstly I would probably avoid making a dish as involved as this
you could get some smaller sized ones like this and even if you wanted to make
as many portions you can just be if I can lift it with one hand and I can
support myself with the other and then it’s they’re safe to move across but
when I’m carrying something heavy with two hands I just sort of fall forwards
it’s not safe really but if you had a lower level in here and
you had core yeah you could put your breaker probably manage it from one side
to the other right let’s serve out the day so there we are that’s it and we’re
gonna go and have dinner now say thank you for watching yeah let us know down
below if you have any tips for cooking in a non adapted kitchen or if you have
any recipes which you find a bit easier to make baby so let’s go neat yeah
see you next time

7 thoughts on “How to COOK as a PARAPLEGIC in WHEELCHAIR INACCESSIBLE KITCHEN (with Girlfriend) Paralife Ep37

  1. I have the same issue trying to crush garlic-I have the added difficulty of no finger function, but great video. Noooooo, don’t wash the mushrooms….brush the dirt off( they absorb water), before I was injured I was a professional Chef, definitely much more difficult in the kitchen now, but I do have an adapted kitchen luckily…..👍🏾

  2. I was scared🤯 Craig I want you to be independent, but definitely NOT getting burned!!! I am interested in how you stay fit.

  3. Now I'm hungry! … That chopping board looks really awkward. I've found that a heavy 50mm thick wooden chopping board works really well for me. I can also have it on my lap too for cutting or stirring hot pans. And whilst things are cooking you can do exercises with it! When tranfering things into the oven, I find it much easier to do it one handed. One hand holds something (chair, worktop etc), the other hand puts the tray into the oven. That way, I'm relying on my arm strength rather than my weak/unreliable core strength. The tip is to use a larger tray than you might actually need to prevent it slopping. The arm holding the chari/worktop allows my to kind of bend over a bit. But each to their own! great video guys

  4. Great video ! Food looks yummy and yes would like to see a diet video – weight is something I’m struggling with since being in a wheelchair so any tips would be appreciated thanks x

  5. Loved the vid. You guys are the straight English version of me & my hubby. We make veggie lasagna often & prepare & cook it pretty much the same as you guys do. LOL. It was so nice to see that another couple cook similar to the way we do. You don’t get to see everyday life of other paras that often. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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