How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver

How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver

Hi, guys, hope you’re well. We’re gonna
make roast beef. People love it and I love it. It’s a wonderful treat. I’m going
to show you how to prepare this, do the trivet, we’re gonna cook it, we’re gonna
rest it and we’re gonna carve it and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing. I’ve got three cuts of beef here that are very, very common. I’ve got the top side of beef. That’s the most affordable and it’s leaner. We’ve got the sirloin of beef here. Now, you know the sirloin steak but this is a chunk to roast. It’s easy to carve, quicker to cook and it’s always tender and then roast forerib of beef. It’ll easily serve ten people and the leftovers of all of this is amazing. So, the preparation is the same for all three cuts. Top side of beef, I’m going to
do. And what’s really important is get your meat out of the fridge one hour
before you want to cook it and that way it will stay juicier and more tender. Give it a little drizzle with some olive oil. Give it a nice little rub up. And then I want to season it quite generously with salt and pepper. Rub it over and just roll
the meat all over the seasoning. Put a little oil into a tray. Let’s get that on a high heat. And first of all, I just want to get some colour on
this beef and start to sear it. Now, what you’ll notice is the top side is very
lean but, if we look at the sirloin and the forerib, I wouldn’t have to add oil
to that. I would score the fat like this and I will place it fat side down in a
pan and render the beef fat. Once you feel you got a little bit of colour, get
some tongs and turn it over. Now, while this is browning off,
I want to make a trivet. Just clank up some celery. About half a celery. One onion, a whole bulb of garlic and then two carrots, just cut into big chunks. And then herb-wise, I love using a few bay leaves and some rosemary. All of this goes in. Now, this trivet is gonna do two things. First of all, it’s soaks up all
the juices from the beef and it creates the basis for the most incredible gravy
or jus to go with your roast beef. Secondly, you can see, you put the beef on
top, so that way it’s not frying on the bottom of the tray. This top side of beef
is going to go straight into the oven at 190 degrees Celsius, which is 350
Fahrenheit, for an hour and a quarter. So, for all the
cooking times for the beef or any other cut of meat then just click over to and I’ve got a whole load of stuff that
will support you, get it absolutely right every single time. So, look at that. Really beautiful let it rest for half an hour. If it’s an even bigger cut of meat let it go 40 minutes, 45 minutes. When you’re roasting meats or even grilling meats, you know, that heat is pushing the
moisture into the middle, right. So you need to let it rest just so the moisture
comes back, all right, so it’s juicier and more tender and it just lets it get
to a better temperature. Have a look in this tray. All this love is going to be
the basis of your gravy. Put it onto a high heat. Add some flour, a heaped tablespoon
will go in so we get a nice thick gravy Then just squeeze all the
beautiful garlic out of the skins. I can mush up the onions. I’m gonna use a little red wine,
just a little half glass goes in. Roast beef, red wine, it makes
sense, right? The smell is absolutely amazing. The little secret ingredient
that I love is just some beautiful jam. That little sweetness really helps the
gravy sing really, really nicely. About a litre of stock goes in. Bring this to the
boil and then simmer this for about half an hour, at the same time you rest the
meat, and it’s gonna be delicious. In the half an hour that it’s taken for
the beef to rest, lots of beautiful things happen. If you see in our little
platter here, you get juices that come out. You put those juices into your gravy. Pour that gravy through a coarse sieve. Look how gorgeous and thick and
wonderful that gravy is. One little tip on the gravy, if you just pull it to the
side of the gas hob, as it boils it will push any kind of fatty bits or any
scummy bits to one side. And you can get rid of that. And we’ve got lovely, boiling
gravy. Then let’s talk about the meat. Now, when it comes to the carving, you know,
with a sirloin or a forerib it’s very, very tender. You know, with a topside it will be tender but it is a little bit leaner so
we want to go nice and fine. You need to invest in a nice, long carving knife. So get the carving knife and do nice, long strokes. Go as thin as you can. So you can
see this beef is nice, juicy and blushing. If you cook it 15 minutes less, you can
go medium-rare. This is medium. Look at that. What a joy. Absolutely beautiful. And of course no roast is finished
without potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. This is the kind of food
that just makes you so happy. I’ve got some horseradish sauce,
which is one of my favourites. Beautiful. And then hot gravy. Gorgeous, dark, rich
gravy. So good. It’s not right unless you fill up the Yorkshire pudding with gravy,
come on. So, look at that, guys, the most incredible roast beef with all the
trimmings. If you want the recipes for the Yorkshire puddings, the perfect roast
potato, the horseradish, then go where the recipes are and
thousands more. There you go, guys. Fill your boots. Get cooking.

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