How to cook rice perfectly -How to cook Rice in a pot – Rice with reduced calories / dieter’s choice

How to cook rice perfectly -How to cook Rice in a pot – Rice with reduced calories / dieter’s choice

I have soaked the rice for about 1 hr. Based on the size of the rice , the cooking time may vary. Add water to one fourth of the pot, Boil the water. When you allow the water to boil well then the rice will get overcooked and mashed up Once you see bubbles in the water then you can add the soaked rice. As you can see there are bubbles at the bottom of the vessel Now add the soaked rice. Leave the flame in high When you see the froth , reduce the flame to low Stir the rice in between so that it does not get stick to the bottom of the pot. Check in between whether the water content is sufficient for the rice to be coked . If not sufficient then you can add a glass of water If the water is not sufficient then the rice and the water will get mixed and the coked rice will be moist and a bit watery. To check whether the rice has been cooked , if you press and see it should be soft. Cover the pot with a lid. Even you can use the lid that contains holes. Using clips, clip it on both the sides. Drain the water from the pot completely. The water collected by this method when cooled down is used for preparing “Neeragaram” Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates!!!

59 thoughts on “How to cook rice perfectly -How to cook Rice in a pot – Rice with reduced calories / dieter’s choice

  1. I was looking for this video and felt soo lucky to witness how to do rice in pot by you mam. am ur fan. ur receipes and methods r simply traditional and very healthy

  2. can u pls share how to wash fish? I buy fresh fish and use rock salt turmeric and vinegar to wash them.. still the smell stays for one day if I cook fish at home.. kindly help

  3. is this a good way of making rice? Because this way you remove all the water content that has carbs. Is this rice healthy? I am a person who is not looking for weight reduction.

  4. Hai healthy food,I never cooked Rice by boiling in pot.After seeing your video I tried.It came out very well.Thanks for posting 😊

  5. Stainless steel Ultra Diet Cooker is available now in big stores. I bought it. Very nice. No mess. No strain.

  6. Hello Mam,
    I am working woman and it is hard to cook in pot…is anyway to cook healthy in pressure cooker..i am cooking in cooker now…pls give your suggestion.

  7. Mam, thanks a lot…..nan ninga sonna madiri than sadham vadichen. Sooper ah vandhuchu…..tastum super…

  8. Very useful video but couldn’t get what ur telling so Could u please do the same video in ur English Channel..

  9. weight podathunu solrapave romba santhoshama irukku madam.. thank u.. yen enoda satham udaiuthunu therinchidichu.. will follow ur method..

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