25 thoughts on “How to cook tomato rice / Tomato Pulav / Tomato Biriyani – Kitchen Recipe Episode : 8

  1. like 1 very delicious tomato rice mouthwatering recipe plz sty ctd always god bless you dear

  2. Full view , Great video. We're new friends here. Come and visit mine. Let's stay connected. Sub and like #5

  3. Olha eu chegando por aqui para
    Para conferir meu apoio a este vídeo
    E desejar uma excelente tarde de quarta feira

  4. Curd capsicum… New for me in rice.. I want to try this recipe… Because its look very yummy 👍Abeed🤗

  5. Was just exploring your channel And came across this recipe. LOVE it! Tomato rice looks delicious and the recipe Looks easy to follow too 👌

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