How to Eat Less Meat

How to Eat Less Meat

OK. Come here. Are you ready. Wait, you want to eat less meat? I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. Seriously it’s so awesome. I’m so thrilled to hear that you want to eat less meat and a couple of things before I tell you how to eat you less meat. I want to tell you that that’s how I did it. I don’t eat any meat anymore. Really none. But it was not a conscious decision. I just kind of started to eat less. I think going cold turkey, pun intended, is a horrible recipe for making a big change. So great choice to go about it gradually. The other thing is if you tell people that you want to eat less meat, people are going to say two things. One, they’re going to ask about protein. “Oh, how do you get enough protein. Well here’s the reality. You don’t need as much protein as you think. Protein has been marketed to you by the meat industry and by other big powerful forces. You need less than you think. And the other thing about protein you can get all that you do need from plants. So how do you do it? What’s the easy way to actually eat less meat? For me it was it was an emotional tie to what it meant to eat meat. A couple practical ways that worked for me. One. A movie. Watch a movie. This movie, Cowspiracy, it totally changed the way I look at the meat industry. Cowspiracy. Go watch it. How about follow a Twitter account. This Twitter account, Mercy for Animals, changed the way that I look at the factory farming industry. Press follow. The third way to eat less meat is Instagram. We have an awesome Instagram feed with food that is delicious, that doesn’t have meat. When you surround yourself around these wonderful things that we’re making and other people like us are making, you’re going to be inspired and motivated to make the same thing. So watch a movie. Follow a Twitter account. Follow an Instagram account. Those are easy. Those take no reading or thought at all, OK? And then in practice what can you do? Make some stuff at home. Dinner is the time where you’re sort of trained to think oh we should have meat and vegetables and a starch. Well dinners. Make some awesome soups. We have a creamy wild rice soup. Phenomenal. Balsamic butternut squash soup. Amazing. We have a lentil chili. And then out. When you go out, there are so many wonderful restaurants that serve food that doesn’t need meat. Asian restaurants. We love Thai food. Even Chinese food. We just get the fried rice and delicious Chinese flavored vegetables. Indian food. So many vegetarian dishes that are made to be vegetarian. What else. Even at the bar. It’s so much easier than it ever has been to eat less meat. Every bar has a veggie burger and make it the way that makes burgers delicious for you. Grilled onions, mushrooms, avocado. Put all sorts of junk on it. Onion rings? Look, my wife Shalva, she’s behind that camera right there. When she became a vegetarian in third grade and when she would go out, this was 20 some years ago, the only thing that she could order was grilled cheese and maybe a Caesar salad. Today, there are so many delicious options that are meat-free at restaurants. Other thing I want to say is there are lots of meat substitutes now. That, that world has changed. Maybe before there were some weird soy nuggets that you could get at home. Now companies in the Bay Area developing investing tons of money in meat-free meat. Or, you know, meat made from plants. That’s delicious. But I’m not even saying to do that. Don’t even try and replace what you know is meat. Go for things that are delicious on their own meat free. And look, Shalva and I, like, we work, our job is to sell the Vitamix machine. And so that is helpful for us. So I will say that we use our every day to support this lifestyle. And if that’s something that you are considering doing please help us. We would love to help you. We can set up a phone call you go to our website, we have a ton of resources. And when you check out at our promotion code. That we make sure that we get credit for the sale and we’re able to continue doing things like this. I’m kind of at a loss for words. I, I’m really passionate about this meat-free stuff because really I just I just love animals. It’s an animal thing. For some people, it’s about saving the planet. And it’s really true, the less meat you eat, the better off our planet is going to be. And obviously the better off your health is going to be short term and long term. For me I just I just want good. And I’m so compassionate. I just I want welfare for animals. So, thats, that’s my reason behind it. For you, you’ll probably lose weight and feel really good. But you’re already there. You already know you want to eat less meat. So go do it. Do it now. Go make something delicious. Order a veggie burger with all the fixin’s. And thank you for watching. That’s a good girl. Is it recording? She wants to leave. Maybe explore the

2 thoughts on “How to Eat Less Meat

  1. Steaks and BBQ are too good to ever give up. Chicken is good. PETA rules!!! Perfectly Tasty Edible Animals!

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  3. Well I'm sorry but I feel like one of those people that feel excluded I thought this video was going to be more about what I can cook and eat at home but I am 19 and have no social media I feel like you are excluding so many people due to you pushing your ideas to much I just want to eat less meat like once every 4-7 days

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