How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

Different people
pronounce pho different ways. Some people say fo,
some say, you know, fa or however it may be. But the real one is pho. Hi, my name is Mike Kha,
and this is my dad. Hi, my name in
Vincent Kha. I’m the owner of Pho and
Cafe Ahn Hong. And we’re going to teach
you how to eat pho. Pho is composed
of rice noodle, different cuts of meat. The most important thing about the pho
is its broth. We put a bone first, then
we put the beef belly, then we put brisket, then you have to cook it
at least seven hours. I put scallion
on top of this. And I put cilantro, culantro, and green
onion on top of this. And that’s it. That’s a bowl of pho. When you eat pho, I,
you have, before you, you eat,
when the bowl come out, don’t pour this thing and
this thing in. If you put them in then
you cannot take the pho good or not. But when you try couple
spoonful then you know pho is good or or not. What kind of tastes
are you looking for when you first
try the soup? I had to try if they
cook, you know, with bone or. How do you distinguish
between the two? How do you know if
there’s bone or not, like? I know because I cook
it for long time. Okay.
You want a sweet, beef broth flavor. Some good stuff,
you know. So what do we have here? That brisket. We have. Beef ball. Beef balls. And rare beef steak. Rare beef steak. This is flank. Yeah. And here we have tendon. Now these are all
preferences. So you have beef,
flank, tendon. And we have strip. And then we have
tripe here. Yeah, tripe. A traditional way of
setting up your pho is to put your hoisin sauce and
hot sauce on the side. To me, I never put
this thing on my pho. I will put this
all on the side. The right way to do it is
put it on the side and whenever you want
to dip put your, pick up and, and eat. And then you. So you dip it in? Dip it, then yeah. Then eat it.
Yeah. What, what would you
say this is like? It’s, it’s sweet. You know,
you know carrot, you know what carrot and
corn is, Chinese ketchup. When you eat pho, this,
this thing, the basil, in Vietnamese we call it this is the number
one to put in it. Your pho will taste more
better, a lot of better. It will taste
more better? Without this, without
this one, the pho not, you know, it’s not. So, so why do you put
it on the side if you need it? Because, I put on
the side because if you, you put it in here this
will turn, turn black. So when you eat,
you get to put it in, then eat right away. Okay. The rest of
the stuff here, minus the basils are all
preferences whether or not you like bean sprouts
or jalapeno peppers. And, you know,
lime for sweetness. Yeah, squirt the lime. After you have all
the side dishes in, you just wanna mix it up. You know, get, spread out your noodles,
get it going here. Mix up different flavors. Generally, it’s, they, we use chopsticks
almost for everything. Yeah.
For everything. The only time you
would use a spoon is for the soup. When you eat pho, right,
and after you eat and when your mouth
get thirsty, that mean a lot
of MSG in there. That thing will kill you. There you have it. That’s how you eat pho. Ciao.
Ciao. Bye-bye.

100 thoughts on “How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

  1. Now the hipsters think Pho is a fast food thing and chains are opening up destroying the true art of a classic dish. All good things take time care and love to be delicious. Not Mcdonalds style noodle joints selling overpriced garbage calling it cuisine in a hurry.

  2. How's the Pho here? I live near by, but have a pretty great Pho place near my house already. I'd try this tho if i knew it was good

  3. I'm a Black American…..girl ..lady of 44 ha ha…I love me some Pho..I will fight any female over some Pho if she tried to take it from me or get in the way of me and my😘😘😘😘 🍜..Pho..just kidding…no I'm not…like it spicy..I wish I could have some of Vincent's Pho it look absolutely delicious…Thank you Vietnam for my wonderful Pho…til the day I die …greetings from Orlando, Florida!😚

  4. As a vietnamese born back in Nam who grew up eating pho almost every mornings, there are no correct ways of eating it. You eat it however tf u want, the important part is enjoying the broth :>

  5. A few questions if I may. Based on my very limited research on the history and origins of Pho…..its originated in the late 1890's to early 1900's …..Sriracha originated in the 1930's but didn't become a staple in Pho restaurants until the 1980's when it was commercialized by Huy Fong foods. Hoison sauce…the history there is a little cloudy. Anywhooooo, my question is, if the "proper way" to eat Pho involves "sriracha and hoison" what did people do before these two very important condiments? (Which of the leading producers of both are American based companies).

  6. I've been putting sriracha directly in my pho for like 6 years. They'd always frown at me. I don't care, love my soup spicy af. Love all my food spicy

  7. Wrong !

    I just came back from Laos 🇱🇦 and Thailand 🇹🇭. When I was there put your hot sweet sauces in their to our personal taste. I never seen anyone dip their Pho is sauce this before

  8. Proper steps in eating Pho.
    1. Place head directly over Pho to clear sinuses and achieve maximum peace.
    2. Taste broth before adding anything to it.
    3. Eat it how you want it can be messy.
    Pho is so much better than ramen. No contest

  9. It's ok when a Vietnamese person tells you how to eat pho.
    When a white person tells you that the sauces "destroys the pho", the interner freaks out

  10. i didnt know there was a perfect way to eat pho. i thought we can eat anything however we want with no judgment. but i love pho, i know a pho place in orlando florida that i fell in love with pho for the first time, no one cared if i used a fork or dipped my steamed dumplings in the broth, it all tasted the same to me. the last pho place i went to i was using chopsticks but it was too late when i realized there was forks near the cashier.

  11. This was a throw back for me. I lived in this place when I lived in Philly. The best Pho I have ever tasted. The whole video I was thinking to myself that this place looks really familiar then I look at the description and tada I was right.

  12. I always get rare steak with meat on the side. IMO the hot broth over cooks the meat. so I wait and add it at the perfect time where it is slightly pink but not tough and chewy. Mmmm good

  13. Sooooo I've been eating it correctly all this time then. But if someone likes to put the sauces in their soup who cares …. we all have different preferences.

  14. I like to pile a bit of each ingredient on the spoon to get all the flavors at once. I get weird looks from Asians and the staff but I find it tastes best this way.

  15. The thing I realized about pho in the US is that the noodles look more like “bún” than actual pho. No offense tho

  16. Idc who you or what you are. If you eat pho without fish sauce you are not eating pho. They had it sitting on the table but didn’t even mention it. And sadly at my local pho restaurant I’m the only person that uses it. Except for the Vietnamese folks that work there. Being married to a Vietnamese woman for 25 years has made me an expert and I eat pho almost everyday. I LOVE IT! ❤️🍲 ❤️

  17. When you get pho at restaurants that serve it with that huge garnish plate of basil, sprouts, etc. – so huge that less than half the items end up in your bowl; I can assure you this; ……..They recycle those garnishes after you leave! They'd be stupid not to. Just think of how many people sneezed, belched, and farted on those garnishes before it goes down your throat.

  18. When I started eatting pho as a child i always put the sauce in and every since 10 yes ago I start putting it on the side. Putting the sauce in kills the broth

  19. 2:50 "More better" … "More better?" Typical stupid fu>k millennial. They come in all shapes and sizes, and ethnicities.

  20. I had no idea. I’ve been doing it wrong for so long, not sure this old dog can learn this new trick 😊. However way you eat it, it sure is yummy. I loved both the dad and son. Such sweet dispositions.

  21. I must be a devil eating my beef pho just as it is without anything on the table added. I never liked lemons in my pho, nor bean sprouts because I just do not like bean sprouts besides it being in spring egg rolls.

  22. I love pho.. but please you can keep the tripe and probably the Flank… everything else I'm good with.. Pho is my Favourite soup just after laksa. But I can eat a lot more Pho than I can Laksa… For every 500ml of Laksa you put on 2.5Kgs of fat… don't know how.. but you just do…

  23. I always taste the broth first before I put ingredients in, that’s how you determine if it’s good is from the broth

  24. i eat my pho without hoisin, siracha or a spoon. a lil bit of fishsauce n thaichili sometimes vinegar or lime and finishing the broth with some leftover rice will do the trick for me.

  25. I cringe when people do that. I used to do that too, but I was a kid who didn’t know any better. I only use it on the meats to give more flavor.

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