How to Install a Kitchen Soap/Lotion Dispenser

How to Install a Kitchen Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Hi, this is Carolyn from,
and today we’re going to show you how to do one of the easiest kitchen upgrades you can
possibly do. This is a kitchen soap and lotion dispenser. I used to think these were really
fancy, I’d go to people’s houses and they’d have them in their sinks, I thought it was
like a built-in feature that came with their sinks, and their plumber installed it. These
are really simple, they don’t cost a ton, and they can actually save you money. If you’re
like me, and you like to buy in bulk, getting one of these and filling up the bottle over
and over and over again with your big jug of soap or lotion is way more cost effective,
and way more environmentally friendly than using up a bunch of plastic bottles. When
you get your soap and lotion dispenser, it’s going to look like this out of the box. You’re
going to want to unscrew the bottle off of the bottom. Then you’re going to unscrew this
piece, called the lock nut. Don’t lose this. Normally, whenever you’re doing any kind of
kitchen or sink remodel, anything around the sink where you have small parts, it’s a good
idea to put a rag or a stopper in the drain of the sink, just in case you accidentally
knock one of those parts into the sink, you don’t want it to go down the drain. So, one
thing you’re going to want to check out before you buy a soap and lotion dispenser, is how
many faucet holes you have in your sink. Now, we’re going to pretend there is a faucet here,
taking up these three holes. And sometimes when you go to your sink you’ll see a little
cover on the sink you’re not sure what it’s for, this is a faucet hole cover, and it just
sits over these holes like this, just to cover them up so you don’t get water under your
sink and because it looks prettier. Now, if you have an extra one of those or if you’ve
put a new faucet in lately, you have an extra faucet hole, and you want a soap and lotion
dispenser, all you have to do is – for this kind, this just snaps in – so all you’ll have
do is take a screwdriver and pop that right out. And there’s another kind that screws
in. So, for this kind you’re going to want to get under your sink and unscrew this, and
then just pull that out. Now, the first step in installing this is we’re going to take
the dispenser and you’re probably going to want to put just a tiny bead of silicone caulking
or plumber’s putty or some other kind of sealant, right here underneath the flange, because
once you put this in here you don’t want any of the water that comes from your sink and
getting up over here on your countertop to get underneath here. That can cause problems
not only is it going to erode fittings under here, but you’re also going to get water underneath
your sink and you don’t want that. So all you need to do after you put your sealant
under here is just drop this into the faucet hole, and then we’ll get under the sink and
finish the job. Now we’re under the sink, and this is probably way easier for us than
it will be for you because we don’t have a lot of stuff under here to get in the way.
So, be careful and don’t hurt yourself while you’re climbing under the sink. Here you can
see our soap and lotion dispenser coming down through the faucet hole. We’re just going
to take the lock nut and just slide it up over that, and start tightening. And you can
kind of hold on to the bottom of this to help you get it started. Don’t pull too hard on
that, because this little tube will come out, but just keep tightening all the way up until
you get it up here. So through the magic of TV we’ve got this securely tightened in here
in no time at all. You want to make sure that it’s tight against here and that this isn’t
going to move around any. Then you’re going to take your bottle and slide that up over
here, and just thread it into the bottom of the dispenser. Make sure it’s secure, but
don’t tighten it too much because this is plastic and you don’t want to cause any cracks
that could cause your lotion or your soap to leak out underneath the sink. So once you’ve
got it all installed, what you’re going to do is just pull up this little part and you
can put your soap or lotion in here, just squeeze it down in there, it will fill the
bottle up. You probably want to not do too much right at first, and then get under and
check it until you kind of get a gauge of how much it takes to refill the bottle. Then
you just slide this back in there, pump it a couple of times to get your flow started,
and there you have it – you have a brand new kitchen soap dispenser for your sink. Once
again, this is Carolyn with Thanks for joining us.

9 thoughts on “How to Install a Kitchen Soap/Lotion Dispenser

  1. I've been looking for a dispenser like this as a replacement. Do you know the brand and model of the dispenser in this video? Thanks!

  2. I bought a house with this installed . …….the problem is the plastic bottle wasn't screwed on….I've tried an to screw it on….it seems it will screw in some…but when I continue to screw so it w
    I'll be a tight fit….it falls off …any suggestions

  3. everything is installed except the bottle . ….I can't seem to keep it connected . ….when I try to tighten it ……it will just fall down …any suggestions

  4. This was a great video. Precise and to the point. No rambling on with pointless rhetoric. Thank you so much!!!

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