How To Make A 7 Layer Bean Dip – Appetizer Dip Recipe – Chips and Dip

How To Make A 7 Layer Bean Dip – Appetizer Dip Recipe – Chips and Dip

is Lyle don’t hippie BBQ and when I’m be knocking out today is going to be a seven-layer bean dip mine’s a little bit different just a tad bit different than the normal 7 layer bean dip see and we’ll get into that a little bit later anyway here’s the ingredient remember using I have some sour cream and some taco seasoning mix we’re going to be mixing these together here’s kind of where I make a change on this is we have our avocados for our guacamole but instead of adding salsa or slouch or things like that I really want this to stand up like a dip I don’t want it to be kind of getting mushy or anything like that so I’m just going with avocados some dried cilantro leaves instead of fresh and we are going to hit it with a little bit of line but just very little if you’d like and salsa to this that’s what some people do like I said I want mine to stand up firm we have a couple cans of black olives some green onions the tomatoes what we’re going to do is DC these which is something I normally don’t do but like I said we don’t want this getting all mushy so we’re going to DC to and dice those up we have some mexican-style cheese which is a blend of Monterey Jack cheddar queso and then some other kind of cheese I can’t pronounce anyway we have that and then I have some homemade refried beans if you have time to make those I can’t miss it store refried beans I just can’t do if you’d like a recipe for those are refried beans i’m going to put a link to that in the description and the iCard above but much better with homemade refried beans anyway those are the ingredients what I’m going to do is get our vaca moly made I’m going to dice up these tomatoes and slice up these green onions and we’re going to slice these black olives as well this up the first thing we want to do is season are sour cream like I said I’m just using a basic taco mix usually whatever you want to season that I think a chili powder would be fine and we’re just going to kind of give this a good stir all right let’s take a taste that is good to go let’s set that aside now for our pseudo guacamole what we have is we have some avocados in there i’m using the dried cilantro leaves just going to kind of eyeball that looks good to me now we’re little going ahead with a little kosher salt ennio regular salt would work and just a dash of lemon or lime juice and we are just going to match this in now that we have the avocado oil mixed up we’re going to set that aside time for us to start building this seven-layer dip you want to have a pan that is deep enough so we’re going to go ahead and start it with some refried beans at the bottom and these layers can be as thick or as thin as you want now I want to have that I’m going to come back over it with them with avocado and the reason I’m putting on the avocado before the sour cream is that this avocado is pretty thick so it’d be hard to spread on top of the sour cream all right now our sour cream right it looks good to me let’s see if I can stop getting it everywhere now we’re going to hit it with the tomatoes and I want a good layer of tomatoes on here it’s one of my favorite parts all right let’s give our green onions in here again I like green onions we’re going to go with the heavy layer on that then our cheese let me go medium heavy on that not too crazy and then we are going to top it with our black olives now I like black olives you can put as little or as much as you want now if I was making this for myself I would also have some jalapenos or serrano peppers but this isn’t just for me this time or my family so I’m going to leave the peppers out no no let’s taste it taste this I did have this in the refrigerator chilling out for about two and a half hours so we should be at a good temperature anyway I’m going to come in here and pull something out get this little chip see what’s up definitely got to use homemade well not definitely I would suggest homemade refried beans if you have time but that sour cream has some good taste too I never used that seasoning before somebody gave it to me didn’t one could be a little hotter like I said whenever it was originally making this I wasn’t expecting to actually be able to keep this to the house so I did make some and give that away so what I do have instead of salsas I do have some homemade hot sauce which will go good with this Thanks for watching my homemade 7 later bean dip recipe. This bean dip is perfect for super bowl parties

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  1. Hey Lyle, I really like your take on the 7 layer dip….you are really hooking us up for the holiday party season….tfs and take care 😊 👍 💕

  2. Hey Lyle !!! What is Up Brother !!! Please say Hey to the Lovely Mrs.Andrea , Mr.Mason , Miss.Penny , Miss.Frankie , and your Wonderful Family from Me , Mom , and ole Sarge !!! OMG in HEAVEN , I Would MOW that DOWN with the QUICKNESS !!! Lyle ALL your Recipes ROCK Brother !!! yum Yum YUMMY … I Got the Tony's we were Talkin bout on the Phone the Other Day , but All they had was the Creole Butter , can't Wait to Try It !!! I'm on the Hunt for the Praline !!! EXCELLENT Video , and a Taste Treat EXTRAVAGANZA Very Festive Party Dip !!! See ya Soon Lyle …

  3. My bud in Colorado
    Looks really good!
    I can see you like it when you start to nod your head before you speak while tasting it..

  4. Mmm … I know the taco mix in tbe sour cream made allll the difference… im going to try that… Im with you on adding jalapenos lol… #Yum

  5. Lyle, right off the bat I loved the idea of flavoring the sour cream with chile powder! I wouldn't have thought of that! Man does this layered dip look wonderful!

  6. Lyle, I am going to check out your refried beans recipe. I make a version which is just mashed cooked pinto beans. I love seven layer dip, but my seventh layer is jalapenos rather than black olives. I need to make this for the next family outing.

  7. I always love making a bean dip similar to this also. it's funny because I was planning to make a seven layer bean dip video also. Great video

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